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A LUXOR Light Distant Healing includes visionary guidance and energetic support, aimed at aligning your inner world or your spiritual self with your physical life.


Together, we work energetically to clear and balance your chakras, clear the emotional body of baggage, clear the clutter from the untamed mind and allow you to find your true inner guidance. Releasing blockages as we go.


My focus is always for your Spiritual Health and development. The purpose of a LUXOR Light Healing is to help you to awaken and raise your consciousness.

I help you develop your masculine and feminine chakra system.

Each healing session helps you to progress in your development and then you begin to balance and harmonise your masculine and feminine within each and every chakra.

Ultimately you come into full union within your own inner self.


These healings assist you to awaken to higher aspects of yourself and to grow and mature spiritually until ultimately you reach Universal Consciousness. It is a journey and not something that happens over night. But you can choose just one session and receive balancing and alignment, or you can choose to embark upon a journey with me as your energetic coach helping you to rise in consciousness and into full Union accessing your full potentiality.


Each session includes spiritual guidance, helping you to understand your own unique journey back to full consciousness and back into the pure state of Love.


I have a unique way of showing your how you are progressing with your healing and how well your consciousness is rising. You know through my thorough reports the degree of growth you are achieving. These are like energetic soul growth healing sessions.


Powerfully transformational and the visions and messages are always aligned with your highest spiritual good.


This fee is for a subscription to regular sessions

LUXOR Light Distant Visionary Healing subscription

Price Options
Distant Healing Pack
10 Empowerment Sessions
$61.00every month for 10 months
Power and Grow
6 months of distant healing to help you rise in consciousnes
$72.00every month for 6 months
6 Weekly Boosts
6 Power Packed Boosts
$39.00every week for 6 weeks
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