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LUXOR Light Ascension
is the journey of Returning to the Highter Self and therefore
Returning to Divine Love

What is LUXOR Light Ascension



LUXOR Light Ascension is a transformative meditation system designed to harmonize the divine masculine and feminine energies within us, leading to a profound union of the self. It is a journey of awakening, where the dormant power of the kundalini is stirred, facilitating deep physical and emotional healing. This process releases blockages from our current life and past incarnations, ushering us into a state of equilibrium and elevating our consciousness.

Through the practices of LUXOR Light Ascension, individuals engage in a self-healing quest that not only raises their vibrational frequency but also anchors the essence of their Higher Self. It is a path of enlightenment that transcends the ordinary, addressing the wounds of trauma, loss, illness and all concepts of separation, while guiding the soul through the multi-dimensional layers of healing and consciousness.

The ultimate goal of LUXOR Light Ascension is not just to heal the present ailments but to achieve a comprehensive healing that spans across all dimensions, lifetimes, and realities, culminating in the ultimate ascension of the spirit. It is a gateway to a higher realm of existence, where one’s true potential is realized, and the soul sings the harmonious song of its divine origin.

LUXOR Light Ascension is not just a course, LUXOR Light is an embodiment, a gift of the Divine and it was through diligence and commitment to my own spiritual path that I received this most powerful and divine gift of energies to share with the world. 

ChristinA Ritchie
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LUXOR Light Ascension is the journey of  Returning to the Highter Self - Returning to Love

Understanding Ascension

Ascension is The Art of Spiritual Evolution

Ascension is the dance of the soul as it spirals upward into the light of higher consciousness. It is the sacred journey of becoming more than we are, of transcending the mundane to embrace the divine within.

Through the LUXOR Light Ascension system, we harness Divine energies that beckon us to release the wounds of the past and step fully into the now. As we heal, we ascend to higher planes of existence, where our chakras—both masculine and feminine—harmonize into a singular, radiant vortex of energy at the heart’s core.

The LUXOR Light Ascension Program is your guide to serenity and self-mastery. It is here that the Kundalini awakens, uniting us with our divine essence and unlocking our spiritual gifts. Our life’s mission becomes clear, and we begin to walk the path of our true destiny.

In awakening both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within, we prepare for the sacred union with our Twin Soul. This alchemical transformation sets the stage for the magnetic pull towards our Twin Flame incarnate, igniting a connection that transcends time and space.

Embark on this transformative journey with LUXOR Light Ascension. Discover your soul’s song, awaken your inner gifts, and align with your divine mission.


The path to Ascension awaits.  Embrace the journey to Ascension with LUXOR Light.


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