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Twin Flame Coach and Healing

“Harmonising Souls, Illuminating Paths – Your Journey to Twin Flame Unity”

  • 2 hr
  • 189 US dollars
  • Phone or Video Call

Service Description

Unlock the Mysteries of Your Twin Flame Journey Embark on a transformative path with my Twin Flame Coaching and Healing services. As a visionary and intuitive guide, I possess the unique ability to connect with your energetic essence, offering profound insights into the union of your twin flame connection. My approach is tailored to help you understand the dynamic of your twin flame connection, bringing a deeper understanding of the spiritual bond you share. Personalised Guidance for Inner Union Through these sessions, I provide personalised guidance to navigate the journey towards inner union. This sacred process not only elevates your own consciousness but also encourages your twin flame to ascend alongside you. By aligning with your inner self, you pave the way for a harmonious convergence of souls. Healing for Harmonisation These sessions are designed to facilitate healing for both you and your twin flame, cultivating greater inner harmony. I will explain the current state of your energy field, pinpointing areas that require healing. Together, we will explore the extent of your energetic union and unravel the significance behind it, empowering you to embrace the full potential of your twin flame experience. Embrace the Power of Connection Allow me to guide you through this sacred journey, where every step is an opportunity for growth and enlightenment. With my support, you will unlock the secrets of your twin flame connection and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and unity.

Cancellation Policy

Retreats have a no refund policy for the deposit and cancellation policy is minimum 8 weeks prior to the Retreat.

Contact Details


Luxor, Egypt Healing and Meditation LUXOR Light Ascension, Al Bairat, Luxor, Egypt

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