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8.8 Lion's Gate and Reunion of the Beloveds

Sirian Lion's at the portal of Lion's Gate
8.8 Lion's Gate Portal

8.8 Lion's Gate

8.8 Lions Gate is a Sirian Portal opening that occurs every year between 27 July and 12 August. It peaks on the 8th August when we pass through at the most potent time. When the sun is in Leo, the Earth, Orion's Belt and the Star Sirius all line up together and are activated by the rising of the Star Sirius.

The 8.8 Lion’s Gate brings us a powerful down-pouring of positive energy that showers upon us higher frequencies pushing us to awaken that little bit more and helping us to realise our goals, manifest abundance, align with our highest pathway and receive these most powerful light codes of wisdom to upgrade our spiritual energies.

Sirius is Isis

The Great Central Sun

In Ancient Egypt the Lion’s Gate was seen as the dawn of a new year. Ancient Egyptians revered the Star Sirius and called it the Holy Star of Isis.

All their ceremonies were connected to Sirius because they believed Sirius to be the Gateway to Heaven and Higher Wisdom. At this time of the year Sirius and Orion’s Belt are aligned with the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Sirus is sometimes called the Greater Central Sun that showers us with the high frequencies that accelerate our consciousness through our spiritual bodies. At this time of the year, many people begin their ascension and those who are already on the ascension path accelerate their already higher levels of consciousness.

Sirius Light Codes Transmission

8.8 Lion’s Gate is the perfect opportunity to sit and receive a new light transmissions that amplify us to new heights and shift us into a new way of being.

During this Light Codes Transmission, I had lots of visions. The visions unfold as if telling a story. As a visionary mystic, I see in pictures, and I need to understand what I am being shown. This is not unlike interpreting the "dream-scape" and it is very much a part of the awakened mystic. I share the visions with you because it helps to explain what the energies are that we are given during each Lion’s Gate Portal. I read through the energy field and in that way, we can understand even more about what the energies are doing for us.

Twin flames
Divine Counterparts Kissing in Heavens

The first vision that I had as I closed my eyes before we even went into the meditation, was a divine masculine and a divine feminine kissing in the heavens. Sometimes I have visions that are familiar to me, meaning I know what they mean because they are regular. This expression I have never seen before. This set the theme of the downloads.

When we entered Alpha, which is the Divine Masculine chakra that governs our soul’s purpose, mission, and direction at any given time, I saw two hearts interlocked within each other. To the side of the two hearts was standing a masculine and feminine. This is fairly obvious that it symbolizes the union of two hearts.

Lion's face
Sirius Lion

The Lion of Sirius

The next vision was that of a lion that filled my whole screen of my vision. The lion always symbolizes Sirian energies in this context. The Lions Gate is a Portal to Sirius.

We moved down into Omega, the Divine Feminine Chakra. She governs our soul’s pathway and helps to integrate the gifts that are held in Alpha awaiting to be brought down and integrated into the earths grid so we can make them manifest and move into our purpose anchored on Earth. Again, I saw the Lion. So, in both chakras of divine masculine and divine feminine, purpose and pathway, was the Lion. The Lion of course symbolising the Sirius energies in both Alpha and Omega show us that our purpose and mission at present is to anchor the Sirius energies to amplify and bring our masculine and feminine into union.

Following this vision, I saw a masculine and a feminine standing opposite each other. In between them, was a package. They appeared to be unwrapping the package. This would symbolize that the gifts, the gifts have come down from the heavens, come down from Alpha and into Omega and now the masculine and feminine working in unison to open to these spiritual gifts and integrate them into the Earths grid to make them manifest.

Hermes Staff
Figure 8 Cobra

The next vision was like a figure eight, but the top part of the figure eight was the two heads of the of the serpent meeting at the top and forming the shape of a heart but the body was one. The never-ending eternal union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. The fully awakened kundalini unifying the masculine and feminine or the Alpha and the Omega into the heart space.

Here I also saw a large outline of light outlining a butterfly. The butterfly symbolizes freedom, resurrection, rebirth, fertility, and transformation. The vision of the butterfly was large signifying a big transformation that's taking place as the masculine and feminine are now unified in the heart space.

Into the Emotional Body

yellow and black bumble bee
Bumble Bee of Creation

As we began to expand the energies out through the energy field, I saw a large bumblebee. And the Bee is representing the sacred feminine, creation, divine love, spiritual awakening, purity awakening within you because of all that hard work that you have done.

We expanded out and into the emotional body, and the Bee was still very present there, bringing all that hard work, healing through the emotional body, healing through all those levels all the way out there, bringing forward the creation, the energies of the creation through the emotions, being able to define love. This is activating spiritual awakening through the emotional body also.

Into the Lower Mental Body

divine masculine and divine feminine holding hands

We continued to expand out into the lower mental body, where I saw the two hands belonging to the masculine and feminine, they were holding hands, crossing over suggesting the solid connection between the two and being on the same mind plane… a meeting at the level of the mind plane. You are now on the same page so to speak.

Following on from this was a vision of the palm of a hand cupped as if showing something being held in the hand. I looked closely and saw a little sprig or seedling suggesting the beginning phase of new growth and opportunity.

Higher Mental Body

standing cobra

As we moved out into the higher mental body I saw very prominently, a cobra with curled tail and he was standing up as cobras do. The cobra represents wisdom, knowledge, transformation again, and power. There was a mantra coming through at this stage and it was “Mana ha tae” meaning to ground or anchor the wisdom of the great mind or Universal Consciousness. We were in the higher mental body, this is the intuitive plan, so this is about being open to receiving from universal consciousness. The cobra is often seen in the brow chakra, so again we can see the connection to the meaning of the vision.

This was followed by another vision of what looked like two pewter tops on top of each other in mirror image form. As above so below. It felt like a sacred vessel. To the side was a large being who appeared to be spinning this vessel as if to speed up the energies contained therein..

The Spiritual Body

By now we have expanded again, and I am looking into the Spiritual body where I saw a white quartz cluster. This is to do with spiritual awareness and enlightenment and opening the bridge to higher consciousness for ascension. This is the purpose of the 8.8 Lion’s Gate and if you remember, on the eve of the Lion’s Gate opening on 27 July, we had the Crossing Bridge to Sirius. The white quartz brings unification to all chakras which we know is needed to attain ascension.

The next vision still in the spiritual bodies was of a double Isis with her wings outspread. The two Isis energies were facing each other with wings touching, two pointing to the earth and two pointing to the Heavens and in the middle is a space that symbolises protection and union creating sacred space. The divine connection between divine masculine and feminine unifying the energies of Heaven and Earth.

Full spiritual union
Full Union of Divine Masculine and Feminine

Following this were a lot of Enochian Keys bringing the lost wisdom codes and Sacred Sounds of the Sirian Masters and a vision of the Heavens and a beautiful vortex in the most beautiful colours of pinks and blues spiralling, spiralling, spiralling as we continued to expand and in the very centre of the spiral was a divine feminine and a divine masculine in full embrace, reunited in the spiritual at the entrance to the Lion’s Gate….

Thank you for reading along. You can purchase this amazing transmission here

on my shop and welcome your reunion with your Twin Flame.

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