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8:8 Lions Gate 2023

July 28 to August 12 Lions Gate
8:8 Lions Gate 2023

What is the 8:8 Lions Gate Portal?

The 8:8 Lions Gate Portal is an opportunity given to us every year from July 28 to August 12, peaking on the 11th day on August 8 (8:8) to receive higher frequencies into our energy fields. With these higher frequencies we are able to enter a stage of re-birthing into a new identity of a higher consciousness. The old is cast away and we welcome the new phase of new galactic light frequencies that also uplift Mother Earth. This is one of the most powerful opportunities given to us every year to awaken our abilities to receive greater downloads of light that enable us to shift into a higher dimensional consciousness than we were previously operating from now.

The Lions Gate Portal is activated by the Star Sirius as it rises in our skies every August. This takes place over a period of 15 days from 28 July to 12 August as mentioned above, and the interesting thing is that the peak, which takes place on the 8th day of the 8th month coincides with the Sun reaching the halfway point of 15 degrees of the Leo zodiac. This means we also have a 15:15 portal opportunity. The 15:15 signifies the opening to the frequencies of Sirius where we are able to bring greater healing to the inner child, mother self, grief and fear. These powerful 15 days are an opportunity for us to release and receive all at the same time. I will talk more about the 15:15 below.

On 8 August, Sirius, the Sun and the Earth all move into perfect alignment with the pyramids of Giza. They appear as two suns in the sky activating the Sirius Gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds. When it reaches its peak on August 8, Orion’s Belt moves into direct alignment with the Pyramids and the 8:8 Lions Gate Portal opens. The planet receives a powerful downpour of supercharged light codes bringing us the opportunity to access powerful frequencies for manifestation and healing.

Isis Returns to Osiris

In Ancient Egypt they believe that the Star Sirius is the Goddess Isis and that Orion is the God Osiris. On 8:8 Lions Gate, Isis returns to meet with her Beloved Osiris and as they align we also align more fully with our own masculine and feminine and in some cases with the twin flame. Isis and Osiris come together and fertilise the Nile with their seed of love and so the journey to new and abundant life begins. This is the gift they offer us as they shower us with their powerful love and light that is activated for us through the alignment with the pyramids that act as activators sending the energies out over our planet.

Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the sky and is known as our Spiritual Sun, it is here that great learning of the Ascension is given to us from the Ascension University of Sirius. Our earthly Sun illuminates our physical world and that which we perceive to be real, while our Spiritual Sun brings us illumination over the lower self, so this alignment helps us to see that which is real and that which is only perceived to be real. So we can see that the portal of the Lion's Gate is a powerful portal for healing and manifestation.

During 8:8 Lions Gate Portal, our awareness begins to rise and you may begin to feel a rise in anxiety, or anticipation, an over active mind and restlessness which is a sign that the activation is taking place. Be in allowance and acknowledge the powerful light frequencies you are receiving. Treat this time as sacred and nurture yourself both physically and spiritually.

Crossing the Bridge to Sirius

Every Monday we receive Light Codes that relate to the energies available to us from the Cosmos at that particular time. I am given visions and receive messages through thought transfer and "knowing" that describe to us what is taking place and what light codes are presently being downloaded to us. Below I share with you the messages as they were received to me and some of the members of the group. They specifically relate to the opening of the 8:8 Lions Gate and Crossing the Bridge to Sirius.

Still in relation to the 8:8 Lions Gate Portal we look at the significance of the number 8. Number 8 symbolises infinity and suggests as above, so below, or in other words the bridge between the spiritual and physical world. On 8:8 Lions Gate we have a double 8 which suggests we have a Double Infinity Gateway.

What is the Double Infinity Gateway?

The Double Infinity Gateway is activated when we reach the level of consciousness of the 11th dimension. What happens is from the 6th dimension we, as individuals activate the Infinity Gateway and our development of the masculine and feminine chakra system is complete. From here on, we begin to balance our masculine and feminine energies and at the 9th dimension we enter the University of Sirius to begin our deeper understanding of ascension. At the 10th dimension, we have come into full inner union with our own inner masculine and feminine and then we begin to merge with our twin soul. Once the merger takes place with the twin soul at the level of the 10th dimension, we transition into the 11th dimension now with our twin soul and the Double Infinity Gateway opens. At this stage you are now ascending with your twin flame and as you transition into the 12th dimension you complete your time in the University on Sirius with your twin soul and the two energies merge into the 13th dimension at the Godhead and continue their journey together to the 24th dimension where they attain the quality of god/goddess dancing in full union in Oneness.

If you would like to reach these levels and gain understanding through the experience, please consider the LUXOR Light Ascension Program that guides you every step of the way helping you anchor the higher frequencies and embody the higher dimensional consciousness within your chakras.

This weeks light codes offer us healing for crossing the bridge to Sirius in readiness for the 8:8 Lions Gate.

What is the 15:15

The significance of the 15:15 brings with it the Sirian Energies. At the level of the 15th dimension we begin to work with Isis as the Divine Mother and Horus as the Divine Child. These energies help us to heal the mother self, and the inner child. We are both mother and child at the same time. 15:15 reminds us of the story of the battle between Osiris and his brother Seth. Seth killed Osiris and scattered his body all over the universe. This relates to our battle between our higher god self and our ego. If we go into battle with our higher self, it can only be because our ego is living in fear, and if we allow our ego to win over our higher self we will suffer a great deal of grief at the loss of such a divine love. The battle that scattered our beloved Osiris all over the universe suggests the scattering or fragmentation of our soul that we must gather back up before we can return into the Oneness.

On 8:8 Lions Gate Isis reunites with Osiris and together they are able to come into union and create the third energy and this is the mission to bring the frequencies of a Higher Consciousness to the planet. This higher consciousness is Christ Consciousness. There is more to write about the Lion, the Christ Energy and Sirius, but I must leave this for another time..

You can purchase the Light Codes Healing Activation for Crossing the Bridge to Sirius Here and of course this activation can be taken at any time you come across it. The right time is NOW time.

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