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Finding Bliss

Pasiphae and the bull
Pasiphae and the bull

This is week 139 of Light Codes Transmissions and messages.

The Visions

Today the Keys given to me for the Light Codes messages of the week were firstly the vision of the Greek god Apollo, then I heard the name Dionisius and following that I saw a fair maiden with a bull who was wearing a bridle and carrying a cart.

The Greek God Apollo

Apollo is a sun god who represents the side of us that always finds a positive solution. He represents spiritual growth, enlightenment, and insight. He evokes inspiration and is the light of the rational mind!

The Greek God Dionysus

Dionysus, however is the opposite, who used to use intoxicants such as alcohol and other things probably like halucigenic mushrooms to take him out of his mind and into a state of sedation where he could tame his crazy side and help bring himself back to his natural state or true nature.

The Greek Goddess Pasiphae

Pasiphae was the Greek Goddess that fell in love with her husband the King's most prized bull. She was seen stroking his face or "pacifying" him to bring him into a state of peace.

The bull was bridled which drew me to the feeling that she was his bride or lover, before I discovered that she was indeed in love with him. I then heard the words "unbridled affection, or love", meaning there was no limit to her love, it was pure and unconditional, accepting him even though he was a bull.

As the myth goes, Pasiphae and the bull had a son, who was known as Asterios. The bull and Asterios are both associated with the constellation of Taurus and this reminded me of the visions I had a week ago in one of my meditation classes. Again I was bringing through light codes. The visions were all flames, blue and orange ones, alive and dancing. One vision was that of the thumb and forefingers of both hands interlocked like an infinity symbol and the other fingers pointing upward in a prayer-like fashion. Infinitely entwined and always striving heavenward and I knew this was to do with the divine masculine and divine feminine and the twin flames.

Following the visions of the flames I saw the constellation of Sagittarius, which we are in that zodiac now. Then that was followed by the bull constellation or Taurus, he was on fire and then I saw the constellation of Pisces. The bull is masculine and can sometimes be stubborn. In my vision today, he was carrying a cart, suggesting he still has some heavy loads to carry. But Pasiphae was pacifying him and showering him with love, having great patience as she waits for him to release his bridle and his burdens. He is still a little conditional in his ways, still wearing the bridle and she would love to "unbridle" him but instead uses her patience to allow him to come to that state on his own.

So here we have opposites, a little like last week, with Horus and Set, now we have Apollo and Dionysus. Apollo is already the Light, the sun god just like Horus, and Dyonisus has to work hard to get past his shadow, just like Set. So, Dyonisus uses external means to induce the state of peace to help him rise and find the god within. Apparently he also used sex as a means to induce his state of intoxication and to help him awaken to his intuition. Maybe he stumbled upon the rising of the kundalini which will certainly stimulate the pineal gland and induce a state of euphoria and bliss.

Dionysus is extreme in his madness to receive these intoxicating ways. Apollo is more controlled. The two are bringing us into balance. And Pasiphae known to be skilled in witchcraft knows the spells to pacify the most stubborn into a state of peace and induce the state of unconditional love, seeing beyond the form. When balance of rational mind and crazy mind are attained the state of pure bliss brings the quality of unconditional love. With unconditional love will come patience in allowing for the burdens to be healed in their own time. The stars are showing us that during the month of Sagittarius, the constellation of the bull will be aflame in transformation, awakening to the state of pure intuition as seen by the constellation of Pisces.

The Light Codes

While doing the light codes sacred sound transmission, I wondered if Dyonisus also used marijuana to help him escape his madness and return to his natural state of being, because I was feeling stoned. While doing the YouTube reading, I was feeling more and more stoned as I began to tap into this energy that Dionysus was activating. By the time I finished the light codes transmission I was totally stoned!

I couldn't find the words appropriate, but as the day went on the energy of love expanded my heart wider and wider and wider. I changed the name to the blog about 3 times and settled on bliss. The bliss took me to the deepest most powerful connection of love, may it do the same to you.... the elixir of life is released through the pineal gland in this activation...

Twin flames this is very powerful for you.....

These light codes awaken in us, "unconditional love, positivity, intuition and the return to our natural state, pure bliss heart openings". ... the return to love...


I changed the name to today's post about three times because the energies moved so powerfully through different stages from the moment I brought the message through this morning. Particularly I began to feel not quite here while I was doing the reading on YouTube and then during the Light Codes transmission, I became totally stoned. I needed to sleep because I was not functioning humanly. After waking I was still stoned, then through human interaction I became more drawn to the physical world and started to become more aware of human emotions of what we call love, then my heart began to expand, expand, expand beyond human love and through connection, I settled on the awareness of bliss and the movement in and out of bliss, love, bliss, love, bliss, love..... these light codes available to us today are beyond what the blog can explain. The balance of light of the rational mind and the human who needs external stimulators to reach a state that emulates bliss.... to light beyond anything we can comprehend. The state of being naturally stoned brings absolute balance and peace, outside of that we are aware of emotions. Love, pain, happiness, sadness and so on, but in the state of bliss, we just be... bliss.....words cannot describe, nor express the truth of real bliss of true connection...

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