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Let's talk about Light Codes

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Sirius dolphins between earth and Sirius opening gates of infinity
Dolphin Light Codes

What are Light Codes?

I had never heard of light codes when it happened to me. After my first trip to Jerusalem back in 2006 I ran a meditation evening for my group. I always did this after my trips to Egypt to bring what I had gained back to my groups. I had just returned from 22 days on a pilgrimage I called the Divine Triangle. I was following a path of the Essenes to three of the main-stem communities where the Essenes used to live. I flew to Cairo and went to Alexandria to the first location that my Higher Self had guided me to. From there I flew to Damascus, the next location. From Damascus I took a car with a driver and drove to Jordan and then took a bus over the Hussein Bridge into Israel and into Jerusalem. The 3 mainstem communities were Alexandria, Damascus and Qumran. From there I went down through the Taba border between Israel and Egypt to Dahab to Mt Sinai and then on to Luxor, to Tel el Armana, back to Luxor and on to Cairo before flying back to Perth, Western Australia. I knew I was on a journey to reconnect with my soul fragments, but I didn't really know what that meant. At each stop I connected 22 people with 22 different locations through a system that I was shown by my Higher Self that reconnected them with places they had a soul affinity with. I was energetically exhausted when I got home, but a few days after arriving and before I settled to rest, I ran my meditation group to pass on the energies.

Dolphin Codes

When the meditation was complete, and I tried to open my eyes, they were forced shut again and I was drawn back into a deep hypnotic state. My teeth started to chatter and continued in a Morse-code like fashion for about a further 15-20 minutes. The group were also drawn back in and one participant started with a similar type Morse-code teeth chattering communication. It felt like dolphin energy, although I had no idea why I thought that, but that was strong in my mind. This was the beginning of many awakenings through different types of Light Codes that continue to awaken in me even to this day. I will write more on this in future blogs. I am a vessel of experiences of light codes, light language, sacred sounds and galactic transmissions of many kinds, that is too vast to write in one article.

Morse code is a form of telecommunication with dots and dashes and that is what the teeth chattering communication sounds like. Like much of what I have awakened to, I have had to stumble upon what it means, and mostly I have gone on my feeling nature to help me understand the truth of what was awakening in me. It felt like dolphin energy, or dolphin communication, that was the inner knowing I had. I was also aware that dolphins are thought to originate from Sirius B and are highly evolved beings that bring the frequencies of Joy, Freedom and Unconditional love to our planet.

Keys to the Infinite Gateways

This Morse code communication felt like Keys opening gates. The Gates of Joy, Freedom and Love, all Keys to Higher Consciousness. I was like the dolphin, a "Keeper of the Keys" bringing transmissions of how to awaken to Joy, Freedom and Love just as the Dolphins do. They were opening the door or the Gates of Infinity; to "the Return to Love".

The participants were all drawn into this deep state of meditation through the transmission and were left with a feeling of deep inner peace and love. We were experiencing a universal language of love that all souls understand and recognise.

Many years later, in Luxor, Egypt, I was visiting a local Sufi Holy Man named Sheik Jabir. Sheik Jabir is a little old man who was blinded at a young age. He told me that when his eye sight was taken from him, God gave him other gifts. This gift was that of "inner sight" and wisdom. I asked him, if he knew what the language was that I spoke. I had someone with me to translate because he does not speak English and I do not speak Arabic. He asked if I also had teeth chattering and said it was a language from the stars. This was the confirmation I needed.

Wisdom Keys of Sirius

These Keys of Wisdom come from Sirius to assist us with raising our consciousness and moving through the ascension. They help us to understand at a level far beyond our ego what the truth of Love, Joy and Freedom are. They heal us at the level of the DNA because they change our DNA to a higher frequency. We cannot understand them with any human language, but we can "feel" them. We can feel the transmission and the transformation taking place within us. We can feel the peace, the joy, the freedom and the pure unconditional love.

Dolphins send out a frequency that bounces of objects and that helps them to receive a vision so they know how to navigate their way through the deep dark waters. These Keys or Light Codes also do this for us. They help to awaken our brow chakra, so we can see with our inner eye. Often when I am bringing through these Keys, they unlock my inner eye and I am shown visions that I have learned to trust, just like the dolphin trusts in her super sonic senses. So they help us to learn to trust in our own inner guidance and to follow our intuition, so we can navigate our way in our lives with more ease. They are in tune with the waters and of course this is also helping us to heal our emotional state and helping us to learn how to heal our emotional baggage and make it to calmer waters to where we can feel the joy and freedom of having returned to the pure state of unconditional love.

Thank you so much for reading my post. Please sign up to my site to follow along with more of my blogs, so I can help you to better understand what is happening to you in your awakening. I will write from my experience so you can "relate" and may the energies "relay" to you as you read them. Comment in the box below and let's all add to the energies of sharing.

You can follow me on YouTube to receive and experience the Light Codes that transmit through me, or join my Monday Light Codes Transmission through my Facebook group. Alternatively, you might like to purchase some light codes or even have a personal transmission.

Til next time, I send infinite blessings of Love, Joy, Freedom and Light!


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