• Christina Ritchie

Let's talk about Light Codes

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Sirius dolphins between earth and Sirius opening gates of infinity
Dolphin Light Codes

What are Light Codes?

I had never heard of light codes when it happened to me. After my first trip to Jerusalem back in 2006 I ran a meditation evening for my group. I always did this after my trips to Egypt to bring what I had gained back to my groups. I had just returned from 22 days on a pilgrimage I called the Divine Triangle. I was following a path of the Essenes to three of the main-stem communities where the Essenes used to live. I flew to Cairo and went to Alexandria to the first location that my Higher Self had guided me to. From there I flew to Damascus, the next location. From Damascus I took a car with a driver and drove to Jordan and then took a bus over the Hussein Bridge into Israel and into Jerusalem. The 3 mainstem communities were Alexandria, Damascus