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Free Ascension Program

The Great Awakening Light Codes Ascension Program

The 14 Stations of the Cross Light Codes

A powerful series of healing Light Codes to heal your deepest inner wounds. We walk as Jesus walked, each and every one of us. This Light Codes Program enables you to go through deep inner healing. You must treat it sacred. Set aside time to honour each Station of the Cross that represents your own personal cross to bear. Walk it with courage, love in your heart and hold your head up high. Stay true to you, nurture yourself and know that you are on an inner journey of becoming the Christ Conscious being walking into harmony through calming your own inner conflict.

The Light Codes also help you to heal the DNA and strengthen every strand to the 12 strands of DNA into full consciousness.

With Love in my Heart, I offer you this program Free. Use it often, but don't listen while driving.

Stay tuned for the Resurrection Light Codes .....

Please leave me a comment in the box below with feedback and also let me know what Light Codes you would like me to bring through and I will do them...

Infinite Blessings of Love and Light on our journey on the Return to Love

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