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How did I Awaken

woman sleeping with portal opening
Preparing to Awaken

I Shall Awaken Not Once, not twice, but forever.

One thing I have come to realize is that being awake is not something that is ever finished. We are always awakening to greater degrees of consciousness all of the time. There is always something still sleeping inside of us and there is always a moment, a person, or a trigger that will start to awaken that within us.

When did I first begin to awaken?

This is the short story!

I sat on the step of the little bait shop in front of the beach I grew up on. I was only 11. The skies were red, the sea was choppy, the water was splashing over the platform we used to swim off. I loved those cyclonic days. They were exciting, they stirred something within me, and I loved to rush down to the beach to swim in the warm cyclonic waters. The tide being high and over the platform made it kind of spooky. They waters were not clear when it was like this, they were stirred up which made it even more exciting because you couldn’t see what was “down there”.

I’d been swimming and, on my way, home. I’d stopped to sit for a moment because I had a throbbing headache. I gazed out over the waters, looking deep into the red horizon, and I don’t remember how I got home. I have an absolute blank from there. I don’t even remember getting home.

What I do remember is being half awake and half asleep in our family fishing shack 55 kilometers from home and my mother and my aunt standing at the foot of the bed looking over at me in a panic. I remember that bit as if I were still in my body, and then nothingness again.

I remember as if it were yesterday and yet there are big pieces missing.

Time passed and I remember looking down upon my parents' car, I could see my body lying in the back seat and my mother, my aunt and my uncle standing arranging me in the car.

And then nothing again.

I remember again, looking diagonally down upon the car by now back in my hometown 55 kilometers north of our fishing shack and the town nurse examining me.

Again, nothing.

I remember waking up in a hospital bed 63km north of my hometown and a doctor explaining to me that I had had a lumbar puncture and I needed to be still. I remember my parents standing beside me speechless.

My father, a rock lobster fisherman, had been an hour out at sea when it all happened and my mother told me many years later when I was an adult, they had no idea how he arrived as fast as he did.

I had encephalitis and a very close call. Could you call it an NDE? I don’t know, but I was not in my body, I was watching from above and I slipped in and out of consciousness.

I was not the same after that. The doctors had told me I was not to go in the sun much in my life, because my pineal gland was abnormally enlarged. I don’t remember anything else they said about that.

My pineal gland was enlarged, and this would have been a concern because an enlarged pineal gland often indicates the presence of a cyst or a tumor.

I did not have a cyst or a tumor.

An enlarged pineal gland was normal in the times of Atlantis, because of the higher degrees of light and consciousness of that time. It is said that our pineal gland shrank to the size of a pea after the Fall of Atlantis as did our consciousness to which humanity has been striving ever since to return to.

Now I’m a 60’s baby, so I may have been a little before my time, but in the 1980’s there was an influx of kids born that gained the label of “Indigo” children. Indigo children were the New Kids on the block that were incarnating to stir things up and bring change to the world. They grew up seeing the world from new eyes and wanted to bring change. They were the forerunners of the changes we see bringing us a more spiritual and alternative perspective to our World.

There have always been the occasional Indigo that incarnated to bring change to the world, and it is said that Jesus was the first of the Indigos because he was already a 5th dimensional being.

The older Indigos are different to those born in the 80’s. Apparently, we need labels to fit into this world, it makes things fit into a category, it makes us fit into a category. So, let’s continue…… As consciousness rose, the diamond children, the crystal children, the rainbow children and so on began to incarnate, all part of the Indigo clan but with a higher consciousness and a different purpose. Evolution is such that our kids are born at higher and higher levels of consciousness. As parents we need to be on the ball to understand them. That means, continuing to raise your consciousness.

I’m getting to be an “elder” sounds weird, but I guess I am. So, I’ve been around a while, I’ve seen some stuff. In the 80’s sadly many parents were not prepared for their Indigo child. I saw many an 80’s born teenager, leave this world because they were misunderstood. My eldest kids were born in the 80’s but lucky for them, I was awake and knew they were different and what they were here for and how to handle it. They also awakened at a very young age.

An Indigo child is born already 5th dimensional. This means they already had both masculine and feminine chakras. They were already androgynous. Indigo children have enlarged pineal glands because they are bringing in larger degrees of light, they hold larger degrees of light, awakened or not.

The pineal gland is our “light meter”, our “third eye” or the seat of the soul. It’s associated with enlightenment and higher states of consciousness and is our gateway to inner realms and higher consciousness. In spiritual terms when we refer to it as a “light meter”, it means spiritual light and when awakened, activates our psychic abilities and strengthens our connection with the divine.

So, I had an enlarged pineal gland, and my 11-year-old self, experienced my awakening. My “first” awakening. Of course I have never stayed out of the sun, like the Doctor suggested, you can see that by the amount of sun damage I have. My father was a rock lobster fisherman, (we call them "crayfishermen") we lived on the beach and on the sea!

Of course I did not understand back then, all I know is that my parents told me that I was never the same after that experience. They used to laugh at me because I was “different” and blamed it on my “brain damage”.

So, apparently, I was different. I didn’t really feel different, but in my 50’s an old school friend told me one day. Are you serious Christina? Didn’t you know that you were always different? No, I didn’t know, at least I didn’t think about it in that way. I did wonder why drinking; partying and all that kind of stuff was just not a turn on for me.

I wondered, what was “wrong” with me? I wondered why people gravitated to me to hear my stories, why they thought I was so fascinating and why did they come to me to talk and to listen to them? But I did not consider that I was different.

I did well at school, but I had no idea how. I never studied, rarely did my homework and yet I always got straight A’s, was in the advanced classes, and yet I didn’t really take any of it in. But to go on to university was not my thing. I was to “be different” in that and wander off into life and let that be my university. I tried the real world for a while, but it just didn’t work for me. I didn’t fit in, I was the driver for the drinkers, to one everyone looked up to, the one who everyone thought they could come to, and I would fix everything and make it right. But again, I was just sailing through life, biding my time…. for another awakening!

The next awakening came when I was, believe it or not, 33 and I was ready to leave my husband, but chose instead to travel with him and the kids and then I had a close call with cancer and a “miraculous” healing and with that I embarked upon my “conscious spiritual journey”. I opened a New Age shop selling books and crystals and became the local drop-in centre for like-minded awakening people.

The next one was massive when I was 44 when I woke up in a full-blown activation, which would have appeared like a “fit-like” state that continued all day and on and off for a year while I was being shown by the divine how to assist others to awaken.

I have written about that in my book “Birthing a New Reality, the Search for the Beloved” available on Amazon. This experience was the “reward” for passing through the dark night of the soul after a broken heart.

I had continual smaller ones awakening me to 13 different light languages, Sound Keys, encodement keys and unlocking codes, all through my voice, and new divine inspirations for healing, psychic visions and divine inspiration after divine inspiration.

The next full-blown awakening was when I was 50. This one came out of the blue after another relationship betrayal and another dark night of the soul. This time, I birthed even more new frequencies from deep within me which expressed as Sacred Sounds that come from ancient and galactic aspects of me. When this one happened, I felt and heard the angels bellowing with me as I saw my soul as if it was defragmenting all over the Universe.

All the work I had done to piece myself together, was shattered in one soul destroying betrayal.

But there is always a Gift…….

From these powerful sacred sounds I birthed another healing modality, an extension of the first that awakens the gifts of the Brow chakra and brings shifts of consciousness through the sacred sounds of light that come through my voice, awakening others to light codes.

The next awakening has probably taken the longest. It began when I turned 56 when I began to come into physical union with my twin flame. This awakening is more about me. This one is about Self-Love, about my life lessons and coming fully into the empowered me. This one has been hard in a different way, because it’s about me, the human, me the woman, me the one who came to learn how to be physical because the spiritual is easy for me, it’s my natural state as an Indigo, to bring my gifts with me. But, to learn to be a human, to learn to have and receive as much as I give. And my twin flame has taught me through very rough trials to choose me.

What caused my awakenings?

Obviously the first one at 11 was just my time, I don’t think there was anything major going on in my life, but the age 11 is very significant. If you are a parent, observe your 11-year-old.

I had many close calls to choose if I wanted to walk this life. My first choice point was as a 4-month-old baby with pleurisy and shingles, too young for me to remember. My second, was at 11 with encephalitis. My third was at 33 with cancer of the cervix, my fourth was just recently with Covid, double pneumonia and pulmonary embolism.

It is often the case with those on the ascension path, that they will experience a choice to live or leave and it often happens when you have completed a significant milestone on your journey. We can make this choice on a conscious level, but ultimately it happens on the inner world where our Higher Self truly knows if we are on track or able to achieve what we said we would come to do.

Sometimes if you are too far off track, like say someone with a severe drug addiction that can’t get off and can’t fulfill their life mission, or someone who is so sick or severely injured where they can’t heal the physical, their soul may choose to leave and come back quickly so they can start again.

The Awakening that I refer to mostly was in 2004 on my 44th birthday. The one where I awoke in the fit like state. That is the one where I birthed a new frequency through my body where I was shown how to develop a new system of meditation to enable participants to rise to higher state of consciousness and awaken their kundalini. It is a system for those who are ready to step into mastery to claim their birthright, their soul’s mission. That is the one I refer to mostly, because all others that follow are extensions to that.

How did I awaken to birthing a new frequency?

I worked diligently with light and color. I studied a two-year diploma of Light and Color working with the ascended masters and all variations of how color is in and is everything. I then created a color therapy school and taught for another 5 years. For 7 years I was immersed in light and color on a daily basis, and then life threw me my broken heart that sent me into a dark night of the soul.

I was ready and then bang I really woke up!

And I have not stopped waking up. We do not stop waking up!

There is always something sleeping deep within us that needs to awaken to take us to the next level. Ascension is eternal. The journey is eternal. Even Ascended Masters are still striving higher.

Just as the flowers on the trees in nature, we fall, and we bloom again.

Awakening is eternal, there is always more. The infinite consciousness of our amazing Universe will Call us when we are ready to serve and to be all that we can be for the Greater Good, for the Awakening of Humanity. We are all a part of that.

Would you like to book a session with me? Visit my Services Page

I hope you enjoyed reading and I look forward to sharing with you again.

Infinite Blessings to you


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