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How to Connect with your Higher Self

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Higher Self

How to Connect with your Higher Self

It's always an amazing experience to enter into meditation and connect with my Higher Self to bring through the Light Codes that are the most prevalent for us each week. To receive these channeled messages that come to me through visions, I need to step aside from my ego. That's easy for me these days because I've been doing this for a long time, but many people come to me to ask how to connect with their Higher Self. That's the gift of the Light Codes. The Light Codes help us to open to our Higher Self. Through the sacred sounds and light languages that come through, we bypass the ego and an amazing opening of the third eye happens and we are shown visions that portray messages from our Higher Self. Of course there are many different ways that you may come across on how to connect with your Higher Self, but this is the way that has been given to me and those who use my Light Codes regularly find they open their third eye easily and visions appear and from that they learn how to interpret the messages shown to them from their Higher Self.

Connect with your Higher Self
Universal Consciousness

Each week the Portals to awakening to Universal Consciousness open for us and we are showered with a new opportunity that helps us to awaken that little bit more. It takes commitment and alignment and that is all. Commitment comes from you, but the Light Codes Transmissions help you with alignment. If you are not yet "seeing", then you are not yet aligned to that level and all it takes is commitment and perseverance to align with your Higher Self for the purpose of doing good in service to others and the portals open and the visions begin. I'm not one to encourage "learning" how to open to the Higher Self, because I am a firm believer in the need to be spiritually ready or rather to spiritually awaken to them. You will awaken when you are ready and the Light Codes assist you in your readiness.

What does it take to be spiritually ready?

Awakening to Higher Consciousness
Spiritual Ascension

Commitment to your own healing journey and a readiness to embark upon a conscious journey of ascension is what it takes to be spiritually ready. I have been teaching ascension concepts since the year 2000 and what I have seen is that you do not have to be someone who has been doing spiritual stuff for a long time. Sometimes it is the new person or the one who thinks they are a beginner who opens faster and the reason for that is they do not have pre-conceived ideas and so are not stuck in patterns that may hold them back.

The beauty of working with the Light Codes is that we are already bypassing the ego because you cannot understand the sounds or the light language with your mind and so you let go and allow yourself to be bathed in the purity of the sound frequencies. This enables you to "step aside" from your ego and the light frequencies purify your energies and lift you up in your own frequency so you can connect with your Higher Self and your third eye opens and visions begin to appear. Understanding the visions is the next phase and if you follow along with my blogs, you will learn how to understand what you are seeing. If you join my Monday Light Codes group you will be able to put that into practice.

Visions tell the Story

When I open to transmit the Light Codes, I am given a series of visions that explain what the ascension energies are offering us week by week. The visions are kind of like a story unfolding.

Ladder of Consciousness with Chakras
7 Chakras

This latest transmission began with a vision of divine masculine and a divine feminine walking together holding a basin between them with golden flaming energy of Christ Consciousness in it. I saw this vision while I was in the base chakra. It's important to note where the visions appear so you can understand what the vision means. Depending on where you see something in the aura, helps us to understand the meaning. The Base chakra is the first rung on the ladder of consciousness. In this context it is showing us that we are about to begin a new journey, and now having fully developed and balanced our masculine and feminine in the base chakra we are able to carry that new frequency of Christ Consciousness forward with us.

Carrying Christ Consciousness

Ring of fire
The Transformational Ring of Fire

We carried that golden frequency of wisdom and enlightened essence up and into the Sacral chakra where I saw a vision of a golden flaming hoop or ring of fire.

The ring of fire symbolises transformation from one state of consciousness to

another as we pass through the fires of purification. This is an activation bringing alchemical transformation from the denser darker energies to the higher light frequencies of higher consciousness, shifting us from one reality to another bringing massive changes to our lives and helping us to remember our purpose.

Whirling Dervish
Twirling like a Dervish

As the energies rose higher up into the Solar Plexus, I saw a vision of someone twirling like a whirling dervish building that energy up and pushing it upward. The Solar Plexus of course when fully healed helps us to step forward into our missions. We become confident and in our own right power.

Connecting with the Higher Self

The energies moved directly through the Heart Chakra with now visions here, only Sirian Master Sound Codes of Christ Consciousness. It moved directly into the Throat Chakra and between the Throat Chakra and the Brow Chakra I had a vision of someone lifting their small self, or the child self up and into the higher branches of a tree. This is the Tree of Wisdom. The Mother Self resides in the higher octaves of the Throat Chakra, and she was lifting the inner child who resides in the Sacral Chakra, up and into the higher branches of our own inner wisdom toward our Higher Self. She is offering up the ego and the ego is now connecting with the Higher Self.

Witnessing the Higher Self

There were no more visions as we expanded out through the aura until we came to the Spiritual Body. Within the Spiritual Body I saw the Higher Self.

The frequencies that were strong throughout this transmission were the Sacred Sounds of the Sirian Masters. The Sirian Master Codes is a frequency language that comes through an unusual whistling sound and it carries the wisdom codes within it that are of a very high order. They are Christ Consciousness.

Remember the first vision in the base chakra showed us that we are now ready to carry the golden frequencies of the Christ Consciousness up through the chakras. As we climb in frequency and Higher Consciousness we begin to fully embody the Higher Self. Through regular use of these and my other Light Codes you will in time also witness the vision appear of your own Higher Self.

How to work with the Higher Self Sirian Master Codes

  1. Purchase the Higher Self Sirian Master Codes.

  2. Download the recording and save to your computer or phone.

  3. Set aside sacred time just for you.

  4. Find a comfortable place, free from distraction.

  5. Light candle and burn some incense.

  6. Sit or lay down and prepare for meditation.

  7. Bring your awareness into your Heart.

  8. Listen to the Higher Self Sirian Master Codes.

  9. Journal your experience after you come out of meditation or sleep.

  10. Repeat for 7 days for optimum experience (optional).

Sometimes using earphones makes for a better experience. Do what works best for you. You might drift off to sleep and that is ok too. You will still receive the benefit while sleeping and sometimes more so because you are totally removed from your ego.

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Sep 07, 2023

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