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Kundalini and Procreation with the Divine

Updated: Feb 13

divine feminine and divine masculine awakened kundalini.
Creative representation of awakened Kundalini

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is often symbolised as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. It is a Divine Feminine energy that's origins begin in Hinduism. In the Hindu religion they considered kundalini to be a form of divine feminine energy known as Shakti that resides at the base of the spine chakra, known as the Maladhara chakra in Sanskrit. Through different spiritual practices this dormant energy is awakened and guided upward along the spine. As Kundalini rises, it passes through the chakra system which can lead to mystical experiences and profound shifts in consciousness.

When Kundalini reaches the crown chakra, known as the Sahasrara in Sanskrit, it creates a deep transformation of consciousness.

Creation and Procreation

divine masculine and divine feminine dancing
Dancing in Oneness with the Divine

Kundalini represents the union of divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy. When these two energies merge, they create a powerful alchemical force signifying the union of opposites, the masculine and the feminine, earthly and cosmic. This is the dance of the masculine and feminine within us - our inner divine lovers!

Creative Potential

Kundalini energy is like a creative force, that when awakened, fuels our creativity, passion, and purpose and birthing new realities is possible. Just as the serpent sheds its skin, Kundalini helps us shed old patterns, beliefs, and limitations and births a new self, aligned with the divine.

Living without Attachment

birthing within the cosmos
Birthing a New Reality

Kundalini Yoga connects us with the divine and encourages us to let go, releasing attachments and ego driven desires. When we surrender to the flow of Kundalini we align with the universal energy and experience Oneness with the Cosmos. It is the path to inner transformation and a way to co-create with the divine and then you are able to dance with cosmic energies and birth new realities.

My kundalini awakened in the late 90's but I experienced a full-blown kundalini transformation into a new reality in 2004 when I birthed a new frequency that we call LUXOR Light.

What does Kundalini energy feel like?

woman with electrical kundalini energy
Electrical Kundalini

Kundalini energy can feel different depending on the method of spiritual practice used by the individual. Some people report sensations of heat, tingling, buzzing vibration, full body or even parts of the body quaking, or electricity in their body as they awaken Kundalini energy. Some people may not even feel anything at all, and others may experience it as bliss, joy, peace, ecstasy, sexual arousal or some other positive emotions. For this reason, there is often a lot of confusion about the whole kundalini experience, and it is a common question to me from some of my clients and students.

The purpose of awakening kundalini energy is to achieve spiritual liberation and enlightenment. It is not a goal in itself, but a means to an end, so the focus should not be on the physical sensations as such but on the inner transformation that occurs as the energy rises through the chakras and reaches the crown chakra where it merges with Universal consciousness.

woman praying and activating kundalini
Running Kundalini

I have personally experienced all of the above at different times including a feeling of drunkenness or stoned sensation that had me laughing for more than 14 hours! That was in India and the experience was during meditation when Sri Ramana Marhashi came into my heart and blasted me with his energy.

In the late 90's and early 2000's, I had an occasion where I had the feeling of sexual arousal that lasted three days, that was my first experience and another time where the sexual arousal lasted two weeks! That nearly drove me insane! For me personally kundalini energy presents itself in different ways and I feel it is because each way is to achieve a different purpose. I'm working with kundalini on a daily basis, so I see it as having a different purpose for different needs for each individual's healing or my own transformation.

Kundalini energy is very powerful!

beautiful cobra energy
Kundalini shedding

Kundalini energy is very powerful and can have positive or negative effects depending on how it is used. Some people may not be ready and experience headaches, insomnia, psychosis, anxiety or pain in the body. For this reason, it is not something you should push to happen. If it's not opened yet, then you are simply not ready, and it is far more important to focus on deep inner healing. Kundalini will rise when you are ready, don't force it, be respectful of it.

This transmission was very powerful, and the kundalini energy experienced today was of a sexual arousal nature. It was powerful all through the transmission. This tells me that it is time for procreation! If you have been following along with the energies, you will know that we are being prepared for birthing missions or birthing new realities! When mother and father decided to have a baby, they need a little bit of "getting together" to take place. It seems that is exactly what today's transmission, and the Universal Light Codes are bringing forth for us now! The Light codes will help you to prepare for procreating with the divine!

Happy procreation! Here is your link to the Light Codes Transmission. don't forget to watch the video below also!

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