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333 Ascended Masters with you

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Image of different ascended masters
333 Ascended Masters are with you

Ascended Masters are with you

So you glanced at the clock and you noticed it was 3.33 and you just knew there was a message for you, what does it mean?

Number synchronicities are a way for our Higher Self and the Universe to nudge us forward. When you notice different sequences of numbers, be it on the clock or on car number plates or on our laptop or phone, we can be certain that our Higher Self is trying to direct us in a certain way. Some people call these Angel numbers. They can be from the Angels, but noticing them is showing you that you are listening to your Higher Self. Well done you! It is an awakening sign that you are ascending.

What does 333 mean?

When you see multiples of any number, it amplifies the energies of the single digit number. In this instance it is 333.

The threes are powerful reminders of power and mastery. Triple threes usually mean the Ascended Masters are with you and supporting you with your mission. They could be encouraging you to focus more on your ascension. Whatever it is you are doing right now or thinking, please take note because there is a clue in there in relation to your soul purpose. It could be reminding you to "remember" your mission and not go off track!

333 Christ Consciousness

Triple 3's suggest the energy of Christ Consciousness is helping to awaken you to your mission; your Christed Mission.

333 is an amplified energy of the third chakra; the solar plexus. The Solar plexus when mastered becomes our power centre and our opening to our mission/purpose. 333 is reminding you or giving you a nudge toward your spiritual mission.

When we look at the energy of the 3 we become aware that it is a yellow frequency. Yellow is the most luminous colour there is, therefore once it is multiply by 3 we can see that it can become an enlightenment frequency. Yellow is the colour, that leaves no stone unturned. That means that it tends to push you toward finding clarity about something, so when it is multiplied by 3, 333 shines the light upon the confusion or the shadow and brings it into the light. In other words it enlightens you!

Because the number 3 and it's luminous frequency, and it's ability to draw us into looking deeper so we "leave no stone untuned", we can see that it is a very special number with great mystical significance. In fact it is one of the most sacred numbers of all. 3 and 7 are the two most mystical numbers of all.

It is the number of a triangle that seeks to remind us to anchor our energies on earth as we forever strive upwards toward the Godhead. It is the number of body, mind and spirit reminding us of unity with the great light of God. In the Christian tradition, it is The Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. We are reminded that the age of 33 Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, so we can see within the 333 lies the energetic codes of death and resurrection into a new way/life/body.

Seeing 333 is a sign from your Higher Self, the Ascended Masters and the Universe that powerful forces are being put into place to assist you with your mission and purpose. You are therefore totally supported by the Masters.

Are you seeing the number 333?

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