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Opening your Stargate Chakra

Stargate opening light codes

Claim your Mastery

A very interesting opportunity was given to us today during this weeks Light Codes Transmission. As we entered the Alpha Chakra, also known as the Soul Star, I had a vision of a Galactic Gateway. The doors swung open and I saw a Galactic Being standing there. The Light Codes began and it was as if he was welcoming us with great joy. He showed me a Pharaonic mask worn by the Egyptian Pharaohs. These masks were made in the likeness of the Pharaoh to help their souls recognise their own body and return to it so they could be lead by god Anubis who would weigh their souls and allow them to pass on to through the underworld. Ancient wisdom was being offered to us.

The above vision was followed by an Egyptian holding a Septre. The septre was thin and long and was being held tightly by the carrier. The message was about taking your septre and wearing your mastery.

Union of Masculine and Feminine

A golden Ankh appeared. The golden ankh symbolises mastery over all aspects of life such as the physical life, eternal life, immortality, death and reincarnation.

The Ankh also symbolises the union of the masculine and the feminine. Being known as the Key of life, it opens doors or Gateways to higher consciousness and can also be seen to represent the eternal union of divine masculine and feminine always reuniting no matter how often or far they are separated. It is therefore also a symbol of "Reunion".

The Ankh vision was followed by a Great Light or Sun possibly Ra the Sun God casting rays down upon us and then the vision of both hands being held of the masculine and the feminine. I see this vision as one of the masculine and feminine having attained or attaining union and walking forward on their mission.

A seemingly unlikely vision appeared as I saw a sewing machine and I knew the message was about "mending" any rift between the masculine and the feminine and placing our awareness on this in a "conscious" manner. When consciousness is brought to the fore, triggers cannot happen and great healing can take place.

Wisdom of the Ancients

The visions unfold like a story and all I have to do is understand what I am being shown. The next vision in this mystical story was of the Great Sphinx sitting proud and strong. The Sphinx symbolises our connection between the human and the Divine and having access to that wisdom. In other words, we are being offered the opportunity to have access to all the wisdom the ancients offering us the ability to connect and know. Some say the Sphinx holds the Akashic Records and I guess in a sense it does represent us having that connection to all the wisdom of our past, present and our future. The Sphinx is a portal to higher consciousness.

The next vision was of an ancient Egyptian Priest and he appeared as if he were blowing a kiss, only I knew it was not a kiss but that he was blowing a wisdom or an energy into us. Close your eyes now and imagine receiving that energy as he blows it into you. As I do that myself now, I see a Pharaoh and I see the Nile glistening in the night with the lights of the metropolis as we see it today. The ancient and the present all uniting for us if we are willing to receive.

The Merkaba

And then, the vision that unfolded from the Light Codes next was the Pharaoh taking the hand of his Queen, or maybe he was choosing his Queen. From her hand glowed a great light and so it was as if he had chosen her because of the light she carries. This was followed by an image of the Merkaba. Mer means light, Ka means spirit, and Ba means body. The Merkaba is a vehicle of light that is said to help us to perfectly balance our energy field. The Merkaba is connected to the Solar Plexus and when fully activated helps us to rise into our purpose and mission, from our earthly purpose to our spiritual mission. It brings balance between the physical and the spiritual and is a vehicle to take us to higher consciousness while giving us equal or balanced connection to Heaven and Earth.

Welcome the activation of the Merkaba as you soar upward in consciousness toward the next vision of Egyptian Priests carrying some kind of large tubular vessel. It was black with golden ornate decoration and felt like it was a vessel that carried something very sacred. This was followed by the vision of the front of the Sacred Barque. A Barque was a ship of the Gods and the common denominator between all of the Sacred Barques was that they linked the mortal with the divine. The Barque of Ra would sail across the sky each day as the sun sets with Ra apparently not satisfied with humanity and so boards his great barge and sails away into the heavens. Because he cannot completely separate from the world he returns each day as the Sun, shining his light and awaiting the awakening of humanity.

The light codes transmission completed with a vision of a beautiful Lion with a great light beaming from his forehead and his crown.

Opening your Stargate

Opening your Stargate which is the Alpha Chakra / Soul Star / Divine Masculine chakra, you enter the Stellar Gateway and are then able to download wisdom keys and codes to assist you with your mission and purpose. You find your direction and you have a greater sense of purpose. You become aligned with your Higher Self and everything seems to then be on fast-track. You release negative thought patterns and old conditioning and are able to reclaim your true self and the reason for incarnating this lifetime.

You can purchase your Light Codes transmission for Opening your Stargate on the link below

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