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Revealing our Truth

The Visions

Every Monday we receive the messages of the Light Codes for the week. Today when I went into meditation I was shown a mask. The mask was only partly visible. Behind the mask appeared pillars from the colossi hall of a Greek or Roman temple.

Removing our Mask

I felt very much that the mask being partly on the face and partly missing was showing us that our masks are being removed or more aptly, what is behind them is being revealed. Instead of a face behind the mask, there was nothing, it was as if you could see directly through the mask to the temple pillars, suggesting seeing into our temple.

Our Inner Temple

The symbolism of the temple is vast and too much to go into for this purpose, but to give us a general idea of what this vision is trying to show us is that as we remove our masks and reveal our inner essence, or the court area of our temples, our purposes will also be revealed. This could also be significantly symbolic of what is going on in the world right now. Everyone is wearing a mask. Not the same sort of mask but symbolically it is the same. When we as a collective, heal the fears that we hold within, we will reveal our true nature, the temple of truth and wisdom within. The court area of the temple is the solar plexus area. This temple has an open court, where the sun can shine in, it is a sun court, or a solar plexus. In the solar plexus or sun court we are exposed to the heavens and the light of God can shine down upon us. We are drawn to look up to the tops of the pillars. The pillars, we can now see are bridging our world from the Earth to the Heavens.

The Temple of Truth

On this temple were striations, or grooves that were from top to bottom. This is like the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a physical replication of the Etheric Temple of Truth. We will take off our masks when we are ready to be seen, when we are ready to be the truth, to fully embody the fifth dimensional level of consciousness and be seen and heard for who we truly are.

The Temple of Truth had been designed and perfected at Inner Levels, just as we are the architects of our inner temple and in the same way we must master our inner temple. Today it is the Parthenon that reminds us of the Temple of Truth.

Phidias to Serapis

The Parthenon was the mastermind of Phidias who was a past incarnation of our beloved Serapis, who was also in embodiment in one life as Amenhotep III and the temple of Luxor. The original temple was in Crete, but that one was destroyed at some point, just as we destroy our own inner temples when we fall in consciousness.

Since the time of Atlantis humanity has fallen in consciousness and struggled to rise again. Now we are being shown that it is time to confront our fears, remove our masks and reveal our truth. It is time to contemplate our own inner perfection and come into service to life and humanity.

The Solar Court of the Temple

As we heal our Solar Plexus we heal all our fears and anxieties and come fully into our power. This is what drives us forward on our missions. We begin to have an inner drive to move forward, to be of service, to love, to act in accordance with the plan of the divine to create a Heaven on Earth by anchoring our True Selves on Earth.

Just as the Temple of Truth is a meeting place for Great Intelligences who draw forth the Truth of Life from the Heart of God, so too is our temple of truth a place of pure intelligence.

We push forth from solar plexus and into the heart and upward and into the throat. The Solar Plexus is the place when healed that brings forth pure expression of joy which is the essence of Soul and Love from the opened heart and Truth is then able to be revealed as the True expression from the throat chakra.

Light Language of the Soul

It is here that we begin to awaken to the Light Languages of our Soul’s past incarnations from other existences on other planets and star systems and when we have fully re-membered ourselves through this, we awaken to the Truth of our Soul and our Language of the Soul will begin to awaken, bringing forth Truth unhindered by the ego.

Removing the Mask

How do we remove our masks so we can re-awaken to our true expression of our Soul Essence and be the Light of the World? We do this by recognising our fears that are rising. By feeling them, by knowing they have arisen so we can release them and continue to climb up into the higher realms and into the Temple of Truth. Here we can join with the Ascended Masters to help others to awaken to their Truth.

Today, I am very excited to say, that we are being given the Activation Light Codes to remove our masks and to reveal our inner temples so we can begin to shine our Truth to the World and step into Service to Humanity. Imagine standing in the Sun Court receiving the Light of the Temple of Truth... feel the Joy, feel the Love, awaken your Truth….

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