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Saints and Ascended Master Retreats

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Image of St Paul in his Cave in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, near the Red Sea
St Paul the First Hermit

Saints and Ascended Master Retreats

In August 2022 I was meditating and an Egyptian Saint appeared in my vision and blasted my heart open. The tears ran down my cheeks, my heart was expanded and my body arched back and my arms flew open. I knew this Saint, I had felt a connection to him the first time after seeing a photo of him in a little Nunnery at the back of the Valley of the Queens on the West Bank of Luxor. He was Saint Paul of Thebes, known as the first Hermit or the Anchorite. He lived in a cave in the Eastern Desert not far from the Red Sea from around 250AD until he died in 341AD. A week later he arrived again during meditation and I had just as intense reaction. I'm going to write more about this later, but I knew I had to go and so, I did and while there I offered healing sessions which opened up a series of what I can only call pilgrimages to different Egyptian Temples to receive the Light Codes from the Temples. From Temple to temple I went from August until February 2023 working with an online group to bring through the temple codes. 17 years I have been involved in Egypt and living there full time for 7 years. I had done a lot of Light Codes work, but had not been called to really focus on the temples in such an intense way before. We worked with each temple for up to two weeks and I knew it was leading me out of Egypt, but I did not know when or where I would be going. I was stuck, rooted, my roots so deep in Egypt I could not pull myself out. I had not left Egyptian soil since pre-covid which was now 4 years since I had left the country.

The Golden Buddha and the Blue Buddha

During a light codes transmission in the Temple of Thoth I had a vision that was nothing to do with Egypt. Instead, I saw a Golden Buddha in my Alpha Chakra which is to do with spiritual direction. The Golden Buddha is to do with enlightenment. And I saw a Blue Buddha in my Omega chakra, which is to do with Spiritual pathway. The Blue Buddha is the medicine Buddha. I cried so deep it blast my heart open, so I Googled the golden and the blue Buddhas I had seen and what came up was the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, Bihar India.

Golden buddha in one of the temples in Bodhgaya
The Golden Buddha

When my eyes met the Mahabodhi Temple, I began to cry and my heart blew open again. I knew I had to go there. This is how I travel. I don't choose, I wait for the Calling and I knew I was being Called.

It was strange to see the Buddha while working in Thoth Temple. We were actually doing the Light Codes of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth when it happened and I was reading Dr Joshua David Stone's book "The Complete Ascension Manual" and he suggested that Buddha was an incarnation of Thoth. This was a powerful sign for me; an amazing synchronicity.

Dr Joshua David Stone says Buddha was also Hermes-Thoth
Excerpt from The Complete Ascension Manual by Dr Joshua David Stone

Again, not long after that I received the words during meditation, "the Pharaoh and the Buddha". It didn't make sense to me, but it kept pointing me in the direction toward India. I noted the messages and just kept working through the Egyptian Temples. The final Temple Codes I did were the temples within Karnak Temple complex. It was February by the time I finished Karnak Temple and I was tired, because it had been a long journey and a lot of Light Codes. and knew I was winding down on Egypt. I had been trying to find accommodation in Tiruvanamallai in Tamil Nadu, South India and I just wasn't having any luck. I was also stuck between keeping the house I was renting and letting everything go and just wandering with no plans to return unless called.

Seventeen years of Egypt, could I really be moving on? I was still stuck; still swinging and not able to make a decision. Then I received a phone call to say the house I was living in had sold! There was my sign. It was time to put everything in storage and just go, no strings attached, let go and let God direct me from here on. Everything opened up and fell into place and before I knew it I was on the plane to Chennai. My first stop would be Tiruvannamalai because my daughter lives there. This part of my journey would be to just unwind and spend valuable time with my daughter, who I had also not seen for over 4 years. Tiruvannamalai is also a very Holy place and I had been called there in a similar fashion back in 2017, so I was already aligned with Arunachala and Sri Ramana, so it was so nice to just "be" for a few weeks before my pilgrimage started.

Bodhgaya and the Mahabodhi Temple

The day arrived and it was time to go to Bodhgaya. I only planned to be away for 10 days and come back and stay in Tiruvannamalai, but that is not how it happened.....

The Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya, Bihar, India
The Mahabodhi Temple

I arrived into Gaya and my hotel driver picked me up from the airport. As we drove into Bodhgaya, I could feel a sense of joy and this began the "sensing" of the different energies as I would travel. My first morning in Bodhgaya, I arose early morning a 5am and walked to the Mahabodhi Temple. I could not have possibly imagined what I would feel at this most auspicious Temple. At first I was awestruck at the beauty of the Temple and then the energy started to touch me. Tears flowed and I felt ever so humbled that I was in such a place. The Buddhist monks were chanting and the energy was like a warm comforting shower of love and compassion. I've never felt anything like it before. I sat under the Bodhi Tree where Buddha became enlightened and the tears flowed, my body gently shivered and my heart was filled with joy.

The days that followed I visited many temples but I kept coming back to the Mahabodhi Temple. The energy here is always present and feels like it washes away all pain and suffering. It's like a Soul Cleansing. Bodhgaya means Buddha Gaya or Buddha land and is a maze of different Buddhist temples from different Buddhist raditions from all over the world. Such an amazing place! This is not Buddha's etheric retreat, but the place where Buddha became enlightened and the "Holy City" for Buddhists.

You Can purchase the light cods from Buddha Gaya here....

The Etheric Temple of El Morya

When it was time to consider going back to the South of Inida, I felt a strong urge to go to Darjeeling, a place that had been calling me for many years. Darjeeling is the physical location of the Etheric Retreat of the Ascended Master El Morya and the Etheric Temple of "God's Will".

El Morya Master of the Etheric Temple of God's Will
Ascended Master El Morya

I decided to go. While in Bodhgaya, I kept getting many visions of Tibetan monks in their deep saffron robes, and I felt this was Calling me to stay with the Tibetan theme. Ascended Master El Morya is a Tibetan Master of the First Ray, the Blue Ray. He works with the Great White Brotherhood to transform the aggressive human from domination to the will to good and the Will of God and his etheric retreat is over Darjeeling.

Ascended Master Retreats India

The Etheric Retreats of the Ascended Masters always have a physical focus, firstly over a particular area of the world and then narrowed down to a physcial place like a physical temple. I didn't know where the physical focus was, but I stumbled upon an article online that described the journey up a steep hill moving away from the town of Darjeeling.

The Governor's house in Darjeeling is the physical focus for the Etheric Temple of God's Will and the Ascended Master El Morya and the Great White Brotherhood
Physical location of Temple of God's Will

It described a building like a small Taj Mahal with lush gardens and oppulant rooms inside his grand house. I had a vision in my mind and a direction to follow. I asked the host at my Homestay and he said there was no such place. I thought maybe the article was someones vision during mediation and let the idea go. Then when I was in the mall area of Darjeeling at the top of the hill I had a cup of tea in a small hotel and I asked the owner if he knew of such a place. He said no there is no such place. I said what about any white domed building? To which he said, yes, the Governors house 200 metres from here, and he said come and my heart lifted with the idea that maybe, just maybe here was such a place. We walked the short walk to the Governors House and there it was hidden down a long pathway lined with lush green gardens. I couldn't see the house very well and I leaned over the gates trying to get a better look, but the guards wouldn't let me in. No one is allowed to enter. The young Tibetan guy beckoned me to walk further and he took me down hill along the fence line to get a better view of the white domed building peaking through the trees. My body began to shudder, my teeth began to clack and here I was standing on the side of the road in busy wet and raining Darjeeling receiving the Light Codes of the Temple of God's Will / good will. This was my first day!

I was gobsmacked that I found the phycal focus for the Etheric Temple of Good Will on the very first day of my visit. Of course I was disappointed that I couldn't go on the property, but still in awe of the fact that here I was, I found it! I didn't stay more than 4 days in Darjeeling because the G20 Summit was taking place and it would have been difficult to get around. The energy was not like Bodhgaya, it was quite thick because it is not a location of prayer and meditation but rather a busy polluted town. When I return in the future, I will stay further down the mountain, because there was a lot of pollution due to the steam train passing buy several times a day. I'd stay further down the mountan near a monastery. That's my recommendaton to you also. The Ascended Master El Morya works with Governments, so the fact the G20 Summit was taking place here was very interesting indeed. But the energy of Bodhgaya was calling me for a cleansing of the thick heavy pollution.

Why was I being pulled back to Bodhgaya? I was confused, but along with my group, we started to piece things together. Darjeeling was teaching us about self-governance and now we could place our awareness in that direction. We looked at the lives of Ascended Master El Morya

  • Abraham, father of all religions married to Sarah also thought to be known as Brahman married to Saraswati in the East.

  • Melchior, one of the three wise men at the birth of Jesus.

  • Arthur, King of Camelot attributed to the Holy Grail and the Inner Myseries of the Christ.

  • Sir Thomas Becket and Thomas More, both martyred

  • Akbar the great Mogul Emperor

  • Guru Gobind Singh of the Sikhs

  • Rishi Dush Daman of Hemjunt Sahib

  • Vairochana of Tibet, the Great Yogi who broought forth Ati Dzogchen teachings of non-dual nature.

  • Shams Tabrizi, a Persian Muslim, the spiritual teacher of Rumi

  • El Morya Khan, a Tibetan Mahatma who founded the Theosophical Society in the late 19th Century with Master Koot Hoomi Lal Singh

We started to piece together connection in the Buddhist line with Ashoka and so I continued the work we were doing with him back in Bodhgaya and then on to Amritsar and the Golden Temple to connect with his final incarnation as Guru Gobind Singh. In this last earthly incarnation, Morya was born a Radjput prince named Ranbir Singh and in 1858, after his father’s death, he became a Maharajah of Kashmir, Guru Gobind Singh. He ascended in 1898.

El Morya is head of all the esoteric schools and helps those who seek to achieve self-awareness or Self-governance so they have confidence in expressing their deep inner thoughts and feelings.

The Etheric Retreat of Ascended Master Kuthumi

This lead us to Kashmir coincidently. Kashmir is the physical location of the Etheric Temple of Kuthumi (Koot Hoomi, El Morya's long time friend).

I had always known that one day I would be called to Kashmir because, if you trace the trail of the missing years of Jesus' life, you will find that he spent time in Kashmir. In fact it is said and recorded in many ancient Buddhist Monastries, that Jesus did not die on the cross, but he escaped the Roman persecutors and came to Kashmir where he continued to teach and heal. He became known as the teacher of healers and the healer of the healed. He was the revered Saint known as Youza Asif - son of Josheph.

He died in Kashmir at the age of 80 of natural causes and his tomb is here in Srinagar. Kashmir is not Jesus etheric retreat, that is the Etheric Temple of Resurrection, above the Old City of Jerusalem. I will write about the concpt of the ressurrection in another post. You can watch the Jesus in India series here with Paul Wallis

Now, what makes this even more interesting, is that Jesus works with Ascended Master Kuthumi as World Teachers and Dal Lake, Srinagar is the location of the Etheric Temple of Kuthumi, known as Temple of Illumination or the Cathedral of Nature. The physical focus of the Cathedral of Nature, is ShaliMah Gardens.

So at the time of writing this article, I am staying on the majestic Dal Lake and it truly is like paradise. Kashmir is said to be Paradise on Earth and it really does feel like it staying here on Dal Lake, the Jewel of Kashmir.

Ascended Master Kuthumi is a second Ray Master the ray of Wisdom and Divine Love. His past life incarnations were

  • Thutmose III

  • Pythagoras

  • Balthazar one of the three wise men at the birth of Jesus

  • Saint Francis of Assisi

  • Shah Jahan, builder of Shalimah Gardens and grandson of Akbar the Great and builder of the Taj Mahal

  • Koot Hoomi Lal Singh 19th century Kashmiri Brahman and co-founder of the Theosophical Society with El Morya to help mankind find with the ancient wisdoms behind all religions again.

Kuthumi has another etheric retreat over Shigatse, Tibet. He sends healing and peace to all souls in transition guiding them to the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood so they can be prepared for their next incarnation. He inspires souls to harmonise with the geometries of the stars awakening them to remember their true mystical nature.

This journey is not over, I simply want to publish this article so I can share some light codes. Please come back for more later. I am still to visit the little Shiva Temple known as Shankaracharya Temple on the Zabarwan Mountain overlooking my guest house and house boat the Highland Queen. I haven't been up there yet, but I'm told by my hosts that there is proof up there that Jesus was there. It's one of the oldest shrines in the Kashmir valley standing 1000 metres above the lake. It's not allowed to take photos or to take phones up there, so there is something very special if that is the case!

You can purchase your Light Codes meditation with Kuthumi Here.

Please join my site and follow my blogs!

Other Etheric Retreats I have been to and written about are

  • The Etheric Temple of Ascension in Luxor - Serapis Bey

  • The Etheric Temple of Resurrection in Jerusalem - Ascended Master Jesus

  • The Etheric Temple of Truth in Crete - Ascended Master Hilarion

And coming soon

  • The Etheric Temple of Comfort in Sri Lanka - The Maha Chohan

  • The Etheric Temple of the Maltese Cross - St Germain and Master Racoksy

  • The Etheric Temple of Chateau de Liberte, Southern France - Paul the Venetian

Where did I stay in Kashmir?

Of course I wanted to be in the portal of the Etheric Retreat of the Beloved Kuthumi and the Temple of Illumination and Cathedral of Nature and this is over the Dal Lake with the physical focus being the Shalimah Gardens. I stayed in a guest house between two house boats owned by Gulam Nabi Gagroo, and his son Jan. They are a wonderful famiy that looked after me famously and all delicious meals also provided. I am always divinely guided on where to stay and where to go. What I discovered when I got here was that it is near impossible to get entrance to Roza Bal Shrine where Jesus tomb is located, since a woman from Europe came here some years back and started to try to open the tomb to get the DNA of the body inside so she could prove she is related. Since then they have guarded the tomb

exessively and don't let anyone inside. However Gulum, my host is one of the few people that can gain access for those who are pure of heart and with no agenda other than to honour the Beloved Jesus. It pays to have the divine on your side, guiding you to the right people.

Both Gulam and Jan have websites to help take the hassle out of trip planning. I really enjoyed my stay with them on Dal Lake so I want to show my gratitude by sharing the links to their websites. Here is Jan's site called Vacation India Tour and you can find the House Boat website below.

Contact me if you would like to join me in 2024 to the Etheric Retreats of India.

You have the choice of houseboat or guesthouse right on Dal Lake so you can soak up the energies of the Etheric Retreat of the Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi.

A majestic house boat on Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir
Highland Queen House Boat

Or if you are doing your own trip, I recommend you contact Gulam on the numbers listed above, or visit his website

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