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The Ascension Temple of Luxor

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Have you ever heard of the "Etheric Temple of Ascension" and did you know it is located in Luxor, Egypt, superimposed over the actual physical Temple of Luxor? Maybe you also didn't know that the Pharaoh Amenhotep III was in incarnation of the Ascended Master Serapis Bey. Many people don't know this and therefore miss a very important opportunity to their Soul's evolution when they visit Luxor. Of course everyone will still receive something when they visit Luxor and visit the Temple of Luxor, but couple this with the knowledge of the super sacredness of Luxor Temple and the opportunity to give sacred purpose to your visit to Luxor Temple will reward you exponentially.

On the physical level the Temple of Luxor was built like a plan or body of the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh saw himself as a god on Earth. That small piece of information holds a very large Key to the purpose of the temple itself. You see Amenhotep III was an incarnation of Serapis Bey. Serapis Bey is the Lord and Master of the Fourth Ray Path. The Fourth Ray Path is the Path to Sirius. The Path to Sirius is the Path most of Humanity are walking for their Soul's evolution. The Path to Sirius is about finding Harmony through the Chaos or conflict. Humanity must come into Harmony and through all the conflict and chaos out there is how we get there. Firstly however, we must heal the conflict within, because the chaos of the third dimensional world is only an outer reflection of what lies within each and every one of us. Therefore, we each have a responsibility to heal our own inner conflict so that Humanity has a chance of coming into harmony.

What has this got to do with Luxor Temple and Amenhotep III?

Luxor Temple was built on the concept of the Temple of Man. Amenhotep III was a Pharaoh, an expression of god on Earth or a man who had attained a high degree of spiritual attainment. That is actually what Pharaoh means. A Pharaoh was recognised as a god, he was strongly connected to the divine. A king however was just a mortal man who ruled a particular territory. A true Pharaoh would become an Ascended Master or as the ancients would have said, a god. So we can see that Luxor Temple was designed as an earthly place where man could rise in consciousness. It was a Sacred Place of Ceremony where each year during the Opet Festival, the regeneration energies were imbued from the Cosmos to recharge the god Amun who would then charge his light into the Pharaoh.

Serapis carrier of the Flame

Serapis is known as the Greek name for Osiris. Now we have to go back further to the time of Atlantis where at the time of the fall, Osiris as the God Serapis carried the flame of Ascension to Luxor to safe guard and it is still here to this day. The flame of ascension is also known as the White Flame of Purity which ignites in the base of the spine chakra when an initiate is awakening to the divine within themselves. This White Fire or Flame is housed in the Etheric Temple of Luxor, which is superimposed over the physical temple of Luxor. If you are sensitive to energies and aware of the opportunity, you will feel this purity during your visit to Luxor Temple, or you may feel it after a visit. Or you may even feel it on arrival into Luxor. It purifies the lower three chakras and opens the heart and continues to surge upwards purifying all chakras on the ascension to the Divine. Of course, you don’t have to visit Luxor to receive this purification, you simply have to be spiritually prepared and ready for such an initiation. …

The light or flame of the Cosmos through the god Amun purifies the energies of the Pharaoh. This is the very same flame from ancient times until now, purifying those who have prepared themselves spiritually so they too can prepare for ascension just as a Pharaoh did and become in the likeness of a god.

This is the significance of Luxor Temple, the temple of man. As we align with the temple of Luxor, we align our own temple, the divine house (Pharaoh), our sacred temple within.

Luxor Temple Codes of Ascension

So, on 12.12 (2022) I began a Light Codes journey with a group of 14 people from around the world who travelled with me in the etheric. I visited the temple on 12.12 and connected the participants with the temple, through meditation and sharing of photos as I wandered for 4 hours through the temple, soaking up the energy of divine love. I cried my way through the temple as my heart was so overwhelmed with the Love the Divine were showering upon me just like Amun igniting the Pharaoh with the blessings of eternal life.

(Ankh blessing as seen on the walls of the temples).

Following this, every day for another 15 days, I brought through a Light Codes Transmission passing the Light Codes through to the 14 participants. We join as a group together on Messenger and everyone shares their experiences, their messages, visions and joined in union and harmony with each other on behalf of the ascension of Humanity. Flame carriers reigniting their own flames and powering them up for those who are not yet able to. Those Light Codes are now available for others to receive the blessings and to take their part in igniting the flame on behalf of the ascension of Humanity, here.

I look forward to sharing my next blog with you!


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