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Spiritual Retreat in Egypt

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The original location for the Isis Temple in Philae.
Isis Temple, Philae

Spiritual Retreat in Egypt

I have been connected with Egypt since 2006, coming here on average 2 or 3 times a year until 2016 when I moved here. I never planned to move to Egypt, but Egypt planned it!

Egypt and me are aligned, or should I say Egypt and my purpose and mission are aligned, or my mission is aligned with Egypt! Whichever way, it is all about alignment!

My purpose is to assist individuals into alignment with awakening to higher dimensional consciousness and that requires the building of your personal pyramid or you embarking upon the ascension!

Ancient Egypt held the answers to a higher consciousness and the pyramids and the temples are still here reminding us to continue searching for wisdom and knowledge of that Higher Kingdom that leads us into eternity. The sacred and the secret is held with in us all, within our own physical temples, but we must build our personal pyramids of consciousness strong and eternal. This is the work and purpose of LUXOR Light Ascension.

Have you been considering traveling to Egypt for a spiritual purpose but didn't know how to go about it, or haven't yet stumbled upon the right way to go about it? You know there are many spiritual tour groups coming to Egypt, but not every group is the right group for you, so I'm not going to try to convince you to come on a trip with me, for that reason. Maybe I'm not the right person for you. But if, maybe, possibly, my words, my energies speak to you, then you stumbled upon this page for a reason. This might be the very sign you needed that I am in fact the right person for you to come to Egypt with. Maybe, possibly, could be, hmmmmm or Yes! This is the right way for me; one of these answers is yours. Register and we can set up a call about it. Maybe, when we connect you will know, it's a yes, or it's a no.

So What do I offer you in Egypt?

My trip is unique. Ok, everyone's trip is unique, but why is my unique trip into Egypt for you and not with someone else? Good question and that is what I want to help you decide. You see, I've been doing these trips since 2007 and I also want the right group to work with. It's both of us, not just you and not just me. These trips are about bringing my mission into being and sharing that with those who are aligned with that purpose. Because I work that way, the Divine aligns those who are ready for this degree of work with me and with my trip. I'm always interested to hear how you found me because that gives me a clue as to why you are coming to Egypt and then I can serve you better. When you come to Egypt with me, my focus will be to be sure you receive what you came for. I am a Code Carrier, a Flame Carrier, an Awakener and I carry the Sound Keys that activate your latent Codes.

  • Maybe you are a Code Carrier, but your codes are not acivated. No problem, you are in the right hands, we will activate them.

  • Maybe your purpose is to be an Awakener but you don't know how to start. No problem, that's my purpose to awaken Awakeners! You came to the right page!

  • What if you are ready to receive the Keys of Enoch but don't know how to go about that? If you are ready, they will come through when you sit in a session with me and they will be activated. We can talk about that then if that is to be the case.

  • You might be a twin flame and you need help aligning with your twin and gaining undersanding about that journey. No problem, I'm a twin flame who can read your readiness and help you align and come into inner union so you are ready for the journey of union with your twin flame.

  • What if you just know you have a connection with a certain Egyptian God or Goddess but don't know how to fully awaken to that? No problem, I can help you open and align with the energies and help you to know how to work with them.

  • What if you had many past lives in Egypt and you want to reconnect with the wisdom you held then or heal any past life trauma from that time. No problem we will work with that too.

You see, Egypt holds many keys to our unfoldment into higher consciousness and Luxor is the place that holds the Flame of Ascension that was once in Atlantis and then was brought here to Luxor a the time of the Fall of Atlantis by a High Priest of one of the "Temples of the Sacred Fire". That High Priest was an incarnation of Serapis Bey. Ascended Master Serapis Bey was also an incarnation of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III who built Luxor Temple. The location of the physical temple of Luxor became the Etheric Temple of Ascension that is the home of the Sacred Fire and the Master is Serapis Bey. Luxor is a very Auspicious place to visit, a very Holy and Sacred Place and many people just don't know the significance of it. I want you to experience the Sacredness of Luxor and the connection to our Beloved Serapis Bey through the physical sites of Luxor Temple, the Colossi of Memnon, Malkata and of course the energies of LUXOR Light that connect us directly with the Ascension Flame.

When I say "the energies of LUXOR Light", I don't mean the energies of Luxor, although they are naturally connected. LUXOR Light is the name I was inspired to give to the frequency that was birthed through me in 2004. You will get to expereince those frequencies directly through meditation when you come to Egypt with me. You can't get that with anyone else.

Register with me now and the group will be brought together and the trip will unfold in accordance with the purpose of that group. I want to hear what you want from your trip in Egypt and then during this Spiritual Retreat, we will either be travelling on the Nile on a traditional Egyptian twin sail yacht called a Dahabieh or we will be doing a land trip or a mix of both!

Visits may include some of the below

Luxor Temple - dedicated to Amun

Esna Temple - dedicated to Khnum

Edfu Temple - dedicated to Horus

El Kab Tombs

Geb el Silsila - dedicated to Amun and other gods and the Island near by

Kom Ombo - dedicated to Horus and Sobek

Philae - dedicated to Isis

Luxor Temple

Karnak Temple

Hatshepsut Temple

Deir el Medina - the workers village

Temple of Thoth

Temple of Isis in Luxor

Temple Habu

Temple Seti 1


Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Queens

The Western Valley / Valley of the Monkeys

Temple of Hathor

Temple of Osiris

Western Desert Trip

Felucca on the Nile at Sunset

Walk in the Wadi of Thoth Hill

Camel Trek out to behind the Valley of the Queens

Monastery of the Nuns in Malqata

There is a pre-requisit when you travel with me, because we are working with specific energies and will be doing healing and meditation work and awakening your gift of Sacred Sound and Light Language. This requires you to be working with the same energy as the group and to understand the energies and purpose of LUXOR Light Ascension.

There is a non refundable deposit of $333AUD but this deposit will include LUXOR Light Ascension Level One, so if you do not go ahead with the trip, you will not have lost any money and you will have a powerful technique of accelerating your consciousness. LUXOR Light Ascension Level one is a 7 week ascension program helping you to clear away the baggage of your past lives and strengthen your personal pyramid.

If you have already done LUXOR Light you only need a $55 non-refundable deposit to hold your place and you will also receive a distant healing for this, so you too do not lose any money and your place is secure.

Please follow along with my blogs and join my website because I'm going to write on what the temples are about, how they are significant to you on your spiritual path and purpose and what we will be doing. So, contact me if you are interested in the next Spiritual Retreat in Egypt this 30 October - 12 November and secure your spot.

Email me to register

More details in my next trip blog!

Thanks for reading


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Jessica Harper
09 feb. 2023

Wow! I’m very much interested in your articles dear Christina And having a spiritual woman like you could definitely help me a lot!

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