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Sleeplessness and Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Sleeplessness and spiritual awakening
The Sleeping Buddha

Sleeplessness and Spiritual Awakening

Are you struggling to sleep? Feeling tired but wired? You are not alone! I'm sure you are aware that many people are complaining of no sleep, but if you are on a conscious path to awakening, then this is all a part of that. You are evolving into a higher consciousness and that leads you to "awakening". Each time you are moving into a new spiritual awakening to a new part of you, a new higher awareness, you will experience the sleepless phases. It's not insomnia, although if you are worried about it, then have it checked out with your naturopath or medical practitioner.

Awakening to Enlightenment

We are all still asleep to many parts of ourselves, the higher parts of ourselves, and when we begin to awaken to a new gift embodying a higher frequency, we tend to be awake! This as all a part of you becoming enlightened and in enlightenment it is impossible to sleep because you have awakened so much you are not unable to shut down into what we call sleep, where you dream and you toss and you turn. Most of us go through these phases, and it is all apart of becoming fully conscious. So what you do, when you have these awakened states, is to simply rest. Allow yourself to be in the rest phase or meditate. Sometimes, you can help these phases by meditating during the day and trying to get these higher states of consciousness and communications from the higher realms during that meditation. Sleep may then come easier or you may go into the deep sleep. In the deep sleep, we do not dream and in fact we do not move at all and can wake up in the morning in the exact same position that we fell asleep. Sleeplessness and spiritual awakening can be recognised when you are awake but your body is asleep. You are fully conscious and yet your body sleeps. For most of us, we are in and out of these states until we achieve permanent enlightenment, but if you are experiencing these states, then you know that you are achieving a higher state of consciousness. There is nothing to worry about, be happy and surrender to it. If you are dreaming, you are sleeping, but in the awakened state of enlightenment there are no dreams. When you dream you are still observing the world and dreams are usually bringing to your awareness what you need to heal, or what is healing within you.

The Deep Sleep

The deep sleep is the most evolved kind of sleep. When you go into the deep sleep your ego is gone and you become at one with pure consciousness. You are no longer observing because you have transcended the dreaming state and this is called self-realisation or enlightenment. If you are conscious while in this state of deep sleep, or even if you are conscious while dreaming, then you are enlightened. You can attain this state with the LUXOR Light meditation program. It helps you to access that deep state and the more you do it, the more you transfer that state of bliss to your waking life and your sleep time.

In the deep sleep there is no thought or visions of any kind. Often during meditation, you will experience this, even if only fleetingly. Sometimes you may need to be brought out of this state by someone calling you back or outside sounds or smells or someone touching you, or if you have the opportunity, you can stay there and come out in your own time, which can sometimes be hours. You will be extremely refreshed and alert after coming out of these states. Because of your ability to be in the deep sleep and still have full awareness, it is possible to call yourself out at any time. If you are new to the deep sleep state and deep meditative state, it is advisable to have a meditation teacher or someone with you for the first time. I remember one time where I had been gone for possibly 4 hours and my partner at the time had noticed that I had not moved and seemed to not be breathing. He went into panic and started spitting water on me and calling back. I could hear him and I could even feel the water, but I was still there. In the end I had to call myself back because he wasn't going to stop. I recall many of these experiences in my book Birthing a New Reality . So don't worry about the sleeplessness and don't worry about the deep sleep. All is perfectly normal when you are awakening the yogi in you.

Let me know in the comments if you are experiencing this or if this blog helped you.

Until next time....

In love and gratitude


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