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The Divine Feminine Ascends and takes the Divine Masculine with her

Ascending Together

The divine feminine ascends bringing with her the divine masculine. This is the message for today and I can confirm this is so. With all of my work I see how the development of the divine feminine or the counterpart that carries the feminine energy is the one that pulls up the masculine. First she ascends and then as she gain in strength, she pulls up the masculine aspect. It all requires a change of frequency and that message was coming through clearly in today's light codes. You were being given direction on how to lift and rise in frequency.

If you remember, last week, we were shown that it was time to re-evaluate our directions. This week we are reminded that to enable that shift in frequency, we must gain strength and rise up into our higher selves to receive the instruction for that direction. In the video I describe to you the visions that gave me that message.

Our Inner Teacher stands by waiting for us to enter that part of us that holds all the answers and knows exactly what it is we are to do and how to do it.

In today's Light Codes, we were given that very instruction and shown that as we work together healing the polarities we ignite our own flame. We are shown how we indeed are watching our own progress or we should be watching our own progress. If you are interested, my work helps you to be able to do that... watch your own progress.

Check in with me for a

Spiritual Progress

Healing Report

We really can watch our own progress and that is what our higher selves are doing as they watch us and our twin flames moving into union through the ascension.

What I found interesting today was that there is an angelic part of ourselves or an angelic guide that is trying to help us to bring those higher soul aspects that have already re-united at the level of the Soul as twin flames in union, to bring that same level of union back into the physical. I can help you with that by the way...

check in with me

it's my specialty

As we prepare and ready ourselves, a portal is opened for us. So for those who are ready, you are now able to traverse between soul and physical. You can now bring the twin flame / divine masculine and divine feminine aspects back here to the physical and into union. But it must happen at the level of the soul first... I can show you how that works too.

Book a Twin Flame analysis with me and I will show you exactly where your divine feminine and your divine masculine are at.

Don't forget to get the full reading by watching the Video

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