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Right Time, Right Direction

Updated: May 11, 2021

Ascended Masters

This is our second Light Codes Transmission message for May. It began with a large group of Ascended Masters approaching, suggesting they are around and supporting us in readiness for the great downpouring of Light Codes being offered to us during the month of May. In case you don't know what an Ascended Master is, they are spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans just like you and me, but who have spiritually transformed through their many lifetimes. They are human beings who have taken the sixth initiation (I'll talk about another time) and so are able to reside in the 6th dimension.

Right time Right Direction

What I saw next was the form of a masculine and feminine hand in hand. I don't know how to describe it except it was in "strong form". What interested me was they dropped hands and walked apart for a bit then reached out again and dropped again. My explanation for this is that this is a message for twin flames. Twin flames need time apart to grow and expand before coming together again. I really feel this is the message for now, so if you are feeling a letting go between you and your twin, embrace it and be in allowance to go with the flow and grow, expand and become even more of you. Grow into Love because the Return to Love is not the return to a lover, but the Return to the Divine, a return to you and having the Great Self Love enough to know that you never walk alone, but hand in hand with the Divine. You have grown a lot and are in strong form, now it is time to go it alone for a while to grow even more. Do not be concerned for how long this separation will be, don't buy into the romance, focus on the growth, the love of the Divine and the purpose of mission and Soul Power you are attaining. This is not separation, but an opportunity to become more whole within yourself, without co-dependently thinking you have to have the other half to complete you or your mission. Let Go and Let God do the rest.... this is Ascension!

This is the right time and right direction!

Ascended Master Serapis Bey

As the Light Codes continued, I saw Ascended Master Serapis Bey. Ascended Master Serapis Bey had many lifetimes in Egypt and is sometimes called "The Egyptian" and this is how he appeared to me, wearing a white garment / galibeya and white turban on his head. His head then took on the image of a white diamond. The White Diamond Light that appeared as his head represent the white flame of ascension. The White Flame carries the qualities of all colours or all flames. Because it is an ascension flame it opens the heart to unconditional love and compassion. This is a very high frequency energy carrying Light codes for DNA upgrades leading us to our full potential or mastery. This frequency leaves no room for darkness to exist and we are able to cut through the falsities and see only the Truth. It releases our energy blocks, increases our ability to self love and enables us to understand our emotional blocks. It is a purification frequency, clearing our mind of clutter so we only come from the heart space finding inner peace and harmony. This diamond frequency is so fast it repels negative emotions coming your way and therefore increases our physical, mental and spiritual power allowing the new to enter our lives. It can slow our aging process as it speeds up the frequency of every cell in our bodies allowing us to come grow closer to the spiritual realms and divinity.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey is the main Ascended Master of LUXOR Light. We work with many ascended masters as we ascend through the LUXOR Light Ascension program, accelerating our consciousness, but Ascended Master Serapis Bey is our disciplinarian, taking a no nonsense approach to helping us get there. The Ascension Flame is housed in the Etheric Temple above the physical temple of Luxor. He is asking us to take it seriously, to get with the project and focus on raising our frequencies to help heal the DNA and rise in consciousness.

Ascended Master El Morya

After this I saw another Ascended Master approach that I recognised as El Morya. Ascended Master El Morya has been popping up a lot lately, and only a couple of months ago, gifted me with a new Light Codes Mantra. He is the Ascended Master of the Etheric Temple of Good Will or God's Will that is in Darjeeling, India. He is also quite a disciplination and takes no nonsense! The mantra he gave me is "NaRuHa" and it means something like "calling forth the breath of God". This is to intend and affirm "Thy Will be done". He and Serapis make a great partnership!

Goddess Astarte

The next vision given to me was a a Divine Feminine Master. I did not know who she is, but she is easy to describe. She wore a white garment which appeared to be ancient Greek or Roman and she wore a garland in her hair. I head a name that sounded like Astar. I did some research and found her to be the Graeco-Roman goddess Aphrodite or Venus Astarte, the beautiful goddess of love. Venus of course being the planet that rules Taurus and we are in the sign of Taurus now. She personifies universal love. In Ancient Egypt Astarte called "Lady of Heaven". Her symbols were the lion, the sphinx, the horse, the dove and the star within a circle symbolising Venus. She is often deified as the morning/evening star. At some point she became assimilated with the Egyptian goddesses Isis and Hathor, and in the Greco-Roman world with Aphrodite, Artemis, and Juno. She does remind me of the statue of Isis in the little Serapis Temple in the Luxor Temple grounds, only she has her head cut off.

The Lion, the Sphinx and Astarte

However, the next vision given to me was that of a lion sitting in sphinx pose, so this is great confirmation that the name I heard as Astar was indeed Astarte. The lion or the sphinx's head was what drew my attention because it was just a brilliant spark or flame of light. The Lion is sometimes symbolic of God, the Sphinx of course holding so much wisdom and I do feel the symbolism here is about us awakening our god-self.

The Blue Pearl of the Illumined Mind

Following the sphinx/lion was a vison of a pink-peach colour clam shell and inside the clam shell was a blue pearl. The blue pearl is said to be the seed that contains the entire universe. It is known as "nila bindu", a tiny point in the crown chakra within the pineal gland that is the seed of Consciousness, or the higher Soul. Swami Muktananda called it “the light that illuminates the mind, that illuminates everything.” The colour peach is associated with the quality of compassion and the clam shell represents Mother Mary and means the divine conception of Jesus Christ in her body.

Summing it up

So, to summarise the visions and messages today, we can see what great Light Codes are being offered. The Ascended Masters are offering us the diamond light of ascension, reminding us to follow Divine Will, to awaken to the qualities of Universal Love (Christ) and compassion (Buddha) as we fully embody our Higher Self (god-self) and awaken the light that illumines our mind.

And this is all happening under the new moon. The new moon in an opportunity for a spiritual reset wiping our internal slate clean, allowing us to start over. Let go of baggage from the past and allow the new moon to guide you toward a new beginning. This new moon in the month of May is offering us an amazing opportunity for to be clear and ready for greater illumination coming on the full moon on 26th May.

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