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Twin Flame Missions Now

Transmission 163 Light Codes Messages

During today's Light Codes transmission the visions were all related to the development of the masculine and feminine within, the healing of the rift within our own masculine and feminine and all the way through to the healing of the rift between twin souls in readiness for missions to take place.

There are two missions to take place, or in fact three missions to come through. The first mission is the mission or purpose that each of us awaken to when we have fully developed and come into harmony within with our own inner masculine and feminine and come into full union within ourselves. This enables us to embark upon our own missions and purpose. If you have a twin flame, then you can see it must also happen with them, so that is two missions. Then when the twin flame or twin souls come into harmony with each other and ultimately into full union in the physical, they then begin awaken to their combined missions. To get to this stage, first and foremost, you must be in harmony and in full union within yourself. This is the work I do with the LUXOR Light Ascension program and is the most important ingredient for each of us to achieve.... our own unique mission, not giving our power away to another individual whether it is twin flame or not. I can't stress this enough. The union must be within first and foremost and too many twin flames are still giving their power away to their twin flame and therefore holding themselves back and holding their union with their twin flame back. This union takes place in Heaven/spiritual and on Earth, but not at the same time. That is a development that must take place. Connect with me for a twin flame analysis to help you with that and to establish where you are at.

This union takes place in

Heaven/spiritual and on Earth,

but not at the same time.

Today the Light Codes messages were reflected as a heaven and earth concept with the Divine message coming through the Light Codes and the more physical or Earthly message through the card reading that you can see on my video below. This is the first time I have actually seen it this way, or at least the first time I have been aware that the two messages are the same but mirroring from Heaven and Earth.... I like it!

The Light Codes began with the presence of the masculine and feminine hand in hand and in front of them, meaning what's coming up, was a vision of an ultrasound / scan photo that one would have when they are having a baby. The baby symbolises the mission coming forth. The mission of the masculine and feminine or in the case of Twin Flames, the mission of the twin flame if they have done the work to be fully in mission within themselves first and foremost! At the point where their hands joined there was a deep red energy being emitted. This deep red energy suggests the pain they have experienced from being separated. It hurts still as they join, but I can tell you, that the wounds do heal, you do find peace, you do find healing, you do find union!

Then I saw a feminine leaning against a tree soaking up all her true wisdom and a masculine offering her a hand up. He is ready to walk with her.

He is ready

to walk with her

Following this was a close up vision of the v shape formed formed between the shoulders of the twins. This was shaded and represents the healing of the rift between souls or the rift between the masculine and the feminine. This is bringing to light the fact that this rift or wound is in the process of deep healing now.

the healing

of the rift

between souls

The visions shifted to that of a great body like an Ancient Egyptian statue of one of the pharaohs standing in the temples. This great being would represent our God self or Higher Self. The pharaohs saw themselves as gods on Earth, therefore this would suggest our Higher Selves in our great eternal everlasting body. There was a small child holding the hand of the great pharoah. This child could be you, but my feeling is it is to do with the purpose or mission ready to be walked now. Walking alongside your own Higher Self.

It's time to walk your talk!

It's time to

walk your talk!

There was a crystalline pyramid at this point stipulating the union or joining of body, mind and spirit and the completion of the personal pyramid. This is the message of what we have been given through the Light Frequencies of the full moon in May. The Wesak Full Moon.

Of course not everyone will have reached this pinnacle, but it does mean the light codes came through, so when you are ready, you are able to fully activate them within yourself.

What followed the crystalline pyramid was a masculine and a feminine each holding the space of the shoulder of a great being. Their heads were aflame! The Great Being's head was aflame! This Great Being would be the Soul of the United Twins, signifying twins making that union in the Spiritual now. If you are interested, I am able to tell you if you have made that degree of union yet, and the degree of union.

Following this was another crystalline pyramid, but this time it had another pyramid inside it. Two crystalline pyramids totally in union!

So how do they get there. That was the vision that came next. I saw a sarcophagus and someone pushing it forward as if to go into a tunnel. Just outside the tunnel waiting the arrival of the sarcophagus was the Great Sanat Kumara, awaiting you to pass through the initiation of becoming the Bodhisattva that assists others to awaken. This is the purpose of Twin Flames!

This is the purpose

of Twin Flames!

The final vision was of a golden bridge and we are invited to cross it. At the other end of the bridge was a deity, I can't quite remember exactly, but it was either a Buddha figure or a Hindu deity, I only remember the head part and almost forgot this vision altogether! I'm more drawn to say it was a Buddha because we are just leaving the month of May, the month where we are offered the opportunity to become the Buddha.

Masculine and Feminine coming into union and awakening to their missions. These light codes are likely to activate your kundalini, so be prepared!

That's it guys! Please watch the video for more details and for the reading with the cards. I hope you stick around and I will be back next Monday!

Thank you for all your thumbs up on my YouTube channel, it really helps me to get seen. I'd love it if you subscribe so I can get these messages out further. We really need this information to get out there. I would also love it if you have been experiencing something similar, please share in the comments below.

Love and Infinite Blessings to you all!

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