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Transcending the Emotional Body

Transcending the Emotions

Transcending the emotions doesn't mean not having any, but rather it means gaining mastery over them. When we gain mastery over the emotions, which is a fourth dimensional initiation, we are able to transcend the fourth dimension and begin the journey into the initiations of the fifth dimension. We ascend into higher states of consciousness and the transcendence of the emotional body is the most important step.

What is the fourth dimension?

In my teachings in the LUXOR Light Ascension program, I discuss this, but briefly, the fourth dimension is a watery realm, an emotional realm. In the fourth dimension we carry all our baggage. It's heavy, and often a hard realm to transcend, but transcend it we must if we wish to ascend. Before the fourth dimension, we are focused only on material things, we are filled with fear and operate from a fear based mentality. Fear grips us and holds us back. Some of those fears can be not having enough, it could be not feeling safe and pretty much a place where you have very little faith in a higher power and feel like life is "what you see is what you get" and then you die. Some people get stuck here and find it hard to move forward. This is a third dimensional state of mind where focus on money and materialism is the main stay. It's where we recognise the physical but little attention paid to the non-physical.

At some point at the top end if you like, of the third dimension, you start to realise there is more and try to find a way to get there. To do this you have to transcend fear to enter the fourth dimension. When you arrive in the fourth dimension, you tend to become more of an emotional being. Prior to this you had little connection with your emotions. I think we can totally understand why some people find it hard to step up, because facing our emotions can be a very scary thing. It can be even worse than facing our third dimensional fears!

The fourth dimension is a bridge that we need to cross to get to a higher world. In order to do this we must master our emotions. Sometimes when you are working through your toughest fourth dimensional tests, you will dream about crossing a body of water, or you might be helping others to cross a body of water. We have to cross this body of water to get to the other side. In other words we have to go beyond our emotions. We have to master them. We have to walk on water so to speak. If you dream or see in your meditation any visions of walking on water or still waters or floating on water or any means of crossing a body of water, it is most likely that you are are transitioning from the fourth dimension and into the fifth.

The Collective Crossing

The messages in recent days are showing us that a greater number of humanity is now ready to make the crossing and so we have been given the light codes for this. Today we were given the "Activation Keys", and if you are here reading this, then you are ready to activate them.

Ascension Keys are sound activated. The Keys sound a bit like a Morse Code and come through my teeth as they chatter through the process of the transmission. Funny ha? When they first started coming through me way back in 2006 I wondered what on Earth was happening, but very quickly Spirit popped the answer into my mind and they have awakened so many other gifts of healing and awakening in myself and others through these sound keys ever since.

The Activational Keys are passed down to us by Enoch, they hold great wisdom, and unlock our hidden potentialities, they heal the DNA, and enable us to embody our gifts and anchor them into the Earths grid for full manifestation.

This Activation is very powerful and focused on the emotional body. The emotional body is the bridge between the physical and the mental realms and represents our feelings and our relationship to all things. It activates "connection"....

I love doing the Light Codes Transmissions because I love seeing the messages that the Cosmos sends us to embody and to activate within us. They are gifts of Spirit / Divine that awaken us to parts of ourselves we have long forgotten. They amplify our energy frequencies and prepare us to embody higher Light Codes and frequencies so we awaken to our fullness, to our missions, our purpose and our Soul driven directions.

This week the Light Codes brought with them an opportunity to transcend the emotional and gain mastery over the emotional body.

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