• Christina Ritchie

Transition to Buddha Self

The Light Codes This Week are showing us how we are transitioning into our Buddha selves. This month, the month of May is the Month of the Buddha. On the May full moon on May 26, we experience Wesak. The Buddha was born on the May full moon. He was also enlighted sitting under the Bodhi tree on the May full moon and he also died on the May full moon. This is a significant time of the spiritual year when forces of enlightenment flow from the higher worlds into the mind of humanity.

The Buddha is known as a great Revealer, bringing clarity to our minds so we can see the reality of Oneness. The Buddhas techniques of dispassion, detachment and discrimination help to remove all veils that hinder this reality. Before we can truly see the Truth, we have to free ourselves from the many forms of desire that hinder our vision.

During the Taurus full moon there is an unusual inflow of life and of