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Venus Love and the Perfected Human

It often happens on waking on the day that I am to bring through the message for the light codes of that week. Today on waking I saw a bright star. This star was a 5-pointed star with the Christ on it, like the Da Vinci man. The light was beaming brightly and then suddenly flashed at me was the 6-pointed star. For a moment it confused me, was it the 5-pointed star or the 6-pointed star or both? It was both and the thing that stood out to me was the brilliant light that was emitted from this vision.

To me the 5-pointed star symbolises the perfected Hue-man, that is one who has crossed the rainbow bridge and ascended into the fifth dimension. Hue-man is one who has imbued all rays. The man appeared as the image of Jesus and over the years I have seen this vision many times during healing sessions and meditations. For me it represents that the individual has made it "over the rainbow bridge" and into the ascension.

The 5-pointed star also symbolises the pathway that Venus travels during it's transit around the Earth. April just happens to be the month of Venus and what I didn't know until I went researching, is that April 28 (today), Venus achieves it's "greatest illumination" for this year. Venus is the planet of Love and I feel the key words here are "greatest illumination".... or illumined love being bestowed upon us today.

Apparently, on this day, Venus shines more than 9 times brighter than the nearest planets and outshines Sirius, which is 20 times brighter than all other stars. That is simply amazing, especially because I saw the star shining so brilliantly and with the Christ overlayed upon it. The Christ Light of Love and Illumination.

Today is also full moon in Scorpio which again brings illumination. It is one of the most extreme moons of the year because Scorpio can bring out our darkest shadows and our most enlightened side too. It's a good time to review what events happened that are trying to illumine our lives at present. According to the Panchang (Hindu calendar), today is one of the most auspicious days of April.

While I was bringing the Sacred Sound Light Codes through, I had a vision of a very straight and long bridge. It was not a wide bridge and I knew it was a bridge to be crossed for ascension. However, the bridge was not in colour, it was in a black and white or sepia colour. This often refers to past events or something that is likely to be a lonely walk. The vision that followed this was of a masculine and a feminine standing either side of the bridge holding both hands, but the bridge had changed. The bridge was now a rope sided bridge with wooden slats to cross. It was not stable, it was moving as those who would cross it moved. They stood looking up the bridge and the sense was one of hesitancy about their ability to cross safely. If they did it would be with great difficulty. On the other side of the bridge I could see a thick growth of trees, but I could not see into the trees. This vision stayed with me for some time, representing humanity and our readiness to cross into the fifth dimension. The man and woman represent the masculine and feminine within, because the process is representing the crossing into the fifth dimension. The bridge was wobbling and the two sides of self, masculine and feminine held hands supporting and balancing each other as they contemplated the crossing. I did not feel fear, just hesitancy.

It is time to make a decision. This is a choice point for many right now.

Sacred Sound Healing

As the Sacred Sound and Light Language continued the vision began to change. The bridge became straight and strong and the colours were the brilliant colours of the rainbow, symbolising having conquered the fourth dimension and ready to make the transition to the fifth dimension. I could now see an entrance through the trees, but I could not see where it led. It appeared like a dark shadowed mysterious portal, a portal to the "unknown".

There is an opportunity through the Light Codes gifted to us today; an opportunity to cross over to a higher way. To let go of hesitancy and fears and know that once you make that decision, the path along that bridge will be very supportive of your journey. Of course you don't know what lies ahead, but that is not important. What is important is being in the now and being willing to make the transition.

The 6-pointed star was also amidst the vision of the brightly shining star. The 6-pointed star to me, symbolises "as above, so below" and having made that transition. After ascending to the fifth dimension, we bring our Heavenly aspect of Self back to Earth as part of the collective mission of creating "Heaven on Earth".

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