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Guardians of the New World

Leading up to our 156th transmission was a very interesting process indeed. I knew I was bringing through new energies, and I also knew that the transmissions that were coming through were related to our missions and the directions we may need to change into. What I didn't know was that I was also being guided to change direction.

On Saturday I was guided to cancel all my work and retreat into myself to receive further guidance and by the end of the day I knew I had to cancel my Saturday meditation classes and change direction. I'm not shy to change direction, I'm used to it. I call it doing a 360.

While this was my personal change being shown and I knew it had been coming through in the recent transmissions in my Monday Codes Classes and in my Saturday Meditation class, I didn't realise how big a change was coming through.

Winds of Change

The Universe always sends us direction through messages in nature, but we have to be open to receive. On my Home front in Western Australia, Cyclone Seroja came through. Causing great havoc on Some Mid-West towns. Neurologically the name Seroja suggests a destiny of change. It becomes a 23/5 which suggests a shift into creating a new world of light and mission and purpose, a world of Peace and Liberation and expansion. There are no coincidences. Western Australia has been quite free during the times of Corona, other than closing borders for people to enter, but they have been free of the Virus unlike other areas of the world. Maybe it suggests that Western Australia is ready for the changes. Remember I have talked before about Virus's being here to bring us to the awareness that we need to create a change in the way we think about something, in other words, to heal a virus we need to shift or rise in consciousness. Rising in consciousness will eradicate Virus'. This is needed the world over. Because it hit my area of birth, I knew there is a message in it for me also, a message of change in direction. I consciously wait, feel, watch and be in allowance for the changes to take place. Winds of change can create chaos as it has done in Western Australia, but out of Chaos rises the Pheonix... wait and watch the beautiful new world they will create in the Mid West of Western Australia. It is a gift for them, if they see it, feel it and embody it.

Change is Upon Us

I could feel an angry energy around me, maybe it was the brewing of cyclone Seroja approaching my home land. She was bringing a message for me too even though I am not there. I knew I needed to change and my mind kept going toward my meditation class. I made the decision to cancel and I took immediate action on that. The moment I took action of that, the stormy energy around me, ceased and drifted into a quite calm. The next day, the cyclone hit the Mid West of Western Australia. The category three storm brought gusts of up to 170km/h (105mph), creating devastation in it's wake. This type of storm does not usually go this far south and has happened only 26 times in the past 5,000 years. This shows us how significant this storm was.

Change Brings Peace

A sense of peace came upon me when I made the decision to change direction. I had been bringing through some very significant messages in Light Language, and now I am directed that Saturday must be dedicated to Global transmissions and so I will begin bringing Live Transmissions through on Saturday's on my YouTube channel.

Monday I opened my Zoom class, but no one was there. Most were in amidst the Cyclone. I decided to do the transmission anyway and then one person from Queensland came on. It was a strange feeling. A feeling of something very different, something I had not experienced before.

The Silver and Diamond Energy for Union

I stopped and started the transmission again, for the individual to take part. The visions began immediately. The first vision was of a silver diamond ring and I was guided to do a healing for the collective. I already knew this was a message of Union that needed to be transmitted to the collective. Silver enhances and amplifies the qualities of the gemstone that is with it. In this case the silver ring was amplifying the energy of the Diamond as we are entering a world where the diamond heart is awakening. Silver is also known to enhance the powers of full moon and new moons.

The Guardians of Oneness

The next vision I had was as I was working in the Heart chakra. I saw a masculine and feminine with a Sphere of Red Granite cupped between their hands. Red Granite is said to

be a "guardian stone", because the rock enhances the ability to be practical. It disperses negative energy and helps overcome skepticism and brings balance to relationships. Here I saw the masculine and feminine balancing the granite sphere between. The sphere itself suggests Oneness and so we see how we are being shown the balance of opposites coming into Oneness.

"We are the Guardians" of Oneness....

A Beautiful New World

The third vision I had was at the crown chakra. This vision was magnificent. I saw a beautiful world, a city with a beautiful river with little islands in the middle. Everything was serene, the sky was clear blue, not a cloud in sight, it was lush and green and the river was still and calm. It brought a smile to my face when I knew this was the world we are entering, that we can claim now if we truly want it. Let go of the old dreary baggage that creates stormy seas. Embrace the changes and see only the beauty before you. This is the world we are entering.... it's already here, you only need to see it.... believe first and you will indeed see it.

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