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Travel Tips for Luxor

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Looking from the East Bank of Luxor to the West Bank of Luxor
The River Nile and the Theban Hills

Where to Stay in Luxor

Of course I recommend you stay on the West Bank of the Nile; that's where I live! The reason I recommend you stay on the West Bank is because it is so much quieter and far more relaxed, most of the temples are on the West Bank and of course the famous Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. You can hop on a boat to the East Bank to visit Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple and that is so easy, refreshing and fun! The rest of the time you should stay on the West Bank. I'm recommending near the Nile simply because of the convenience to everything and the relaxed atmosphere of all the little restaurants on the Nile Front.

You don't have to stay in a hotel, it's just as easy to stay in a self-contained apartment and do your own thing, but I'm recommending a mix of hotels and apartments below. Depending on the time of the year, you will definitely need a swimming pool in the hotter months, but not so much in the cooler months, it really depends how busy you are going to be and if you want to throw yourself in for a dip after a hot day out site seeing. The reason I'm recommending these tips for Luxor in the places below is because I know them; the people and the place, so I can confidently recommend them and because I live near them or have lived near them, so I'm also familiar with the area.

Let's take a look at why I'm recommending each place. They are in no particular order by the way, I wouldn't like to do that to my friends in Luxor. Just click on the links and you will be taken directly to I'm doing this to help you and help my friends in Luxor, not to get any benefit from it, although I wouldn't mind you telling them I recommended them simply because it helps me earn more respect from the locals.

Great place for small groups to retreat on the West Bank of Luxor
Sekhmet Retreat Centre

Sekhmet Retreat Centre is out of the main area in the location of Gabawy. It's not far from all the temples and the Valley of the Kings, but it's not walking distance to the local restaurants, it's near the mountain, so it's a different atmosphere. It's certainly quiet and has a great swimming pool. It's a great place for a small group so you can take the whole place and have a private retreat.

The most well known hotel on West Bank Luxor, Gezira Garden Hotel
El Gezira Garden Hotel

El Gezira Garden Hotel is probably the most well known hotel on the West Bank. It's really close to the Nile and has a brilliant restaurant and terrific swimming pool. On Sundays they feature a Thai Menu with a Thai Chef set in the garden restaurant. I know you are probably looking for authentic Egyptian food, but you can find that everywhere and here too, sometimes it's nice to have a change. For those who need a "drink", they have a licensed bar.

New Modern Flats with views to die for
New Modern Flats, West Bank Luxor

New Modern Flats I used to live here, so I know how big and beautiful the flats are. Three bedrooms so you could have your own mini retreat here and a swimming pool on the roof with 360° views to die for!

It's a fab location being just walking distance to everything. They're popular so be quick. There's a belly dance teacher in the building next door.

Djorff Palace is spectacular! What more can I say, this place was the dream of an English

Wow look at Djorff Palace!
Djorff Palace, West Bank, Luxor

woman and wow what a mission. This is one of those places that will become famous not just because it is well known, but because of its majesty. They have a great organic and vegetarian restaurant and a great pool. The rooms are amazing. It's not close to the main area in Ramlah, but if you are staying long enough, it's a great walk, it takes about 40 minutes, but the location is perfect for those who just want to chill.

Villa Sunrise Luxor
View from Villa Sunrise

Villa Sunrise this is above one of my favourite restaurants, it's like home away from home eating here and is directly in front of the Nile.

The view is amazing and Hamdi is a fantastic chef cooking you everything from Traditional Egyptian cuisine to a really great English menu. He also has some Vegan, Vegetarian and gluten free options.

On the Nile front Luxor Hofni Palace
Hofni Palace

Hofni Palace directly overlooking the Nile with stunning views. There's no pool but it is a fantastic location and you can just jump on a boat right out front and go over to the East Bank for some shopping in the Souq or to go to Luxor Temple. There are big windows looking directly over the Nile. Just stunning.

Rose Villa, West Bank, Luxor
Rose Villa

Luxor Rose Villa this place is beautiful. I really love it. It's tucked away and yet it's still close to everything. It has soft lush lawn which is not something we see very often in Luxor. It's just a couple of minutes' walk to the Nile and then you can wander down to all the little restaurants.

Al Humbra Hotel, West Bank, Luxor
Al Humbra Hotel

Al Humbra Hotel is a stunningly designed hotel located walking distance from the Nile and Ferry boats, shops and restaurants. I've stayed here in the past and will be using this hotel for my upcoming tour group, so I can give you more feedback then. Meanwhile it has a lovely feel to it and I'm really looking forward to my group staying here.

More Tips for Luxor Site Seeing!

Me and Bec at the Tomb of Ay, my favourite power site
KV23 Tomb of Ay

Everywhere on the West Bank is close to the Temples, so you don't need to worry about being too far away from anything. Just grab a local driver with a tourist licensed car, of which I'm going to recommend below also. Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple, you need to jump on a little boat called a "motorboat" and you can be ferried across to the other side for a very minimal price. I'm not putting prices in because things change regularly, but if you are worried, I'm happy to help by telling you what not to pay! We want you to come back, not scare you off.

You can even get a tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) to take you shopping instead of getting a car or if you have trouble walking too far. You can get a treadley (bike) if you want to ride around, and you can even hire a motor bike or a scooter too these days. And best of all you can walk to the shops and restaurants. This area is called Ramlah West Bank and is near the Ferry Boat if you really need to keep to a low budget.

I'm going to be adding to this page with lots more helpful hints for Luxor, so I ask you to comment in the comments below if this blog has helped you. No hate speech please, this blog is a spiritual site, and we are here to help people. All communication should be loving and compassionate (give me a heart) and then we are sure to be part of the bigger plan to help each other grow and evolve! Oh yes, please ask questions in the comments too, that way I know how to help you and others more!

Meanwhile please check out my upcoming Egypt Spiritual Retreat

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