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Lady Nada and Serapis Bey

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Ascended Masters Lady Nada and Serapis Bey
Serapis Bey and Lady Nada

Three days prior to the Wesak full moon in May.

The Day of Buddha’s birth, Buddha’s enlightenment and Buddha’s death and of course the most powerful full moon of the year also being a super full moon and lunar eclipse. Three days prior to any cosmic event the windows are open as we are lead up to the pinnacle of reception of what is being offered to us.

I woke in the morning with visions of domed temples from places other than earth. Every morning I received these visions and during healing sessions with my clients, the visions were psychedelic, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. On the day of the Full moon I awoke in the morning again with visions of etheric temples or temples from somewhere in the heavens. During the day, I went into meditation to see if there were any light codes activation to be offered to humanity. I was taken on an incredible journey as I brought the healing light codes through. The visions were out of this world, but what happened was someone tried to call me on my phone and I had not turned my phone onto airplane mode and it cut the recording off. I didn’t know and of course I continued. There are no mistakes as we know. I posted what was recorded on YouTube but unfortunately the rest was lost. "The rest" was a journey into the Heavens, meeting with Great Energetic Beings and visiting Great Etheric Temples. I was taken to the top of the Himalayas where a Great Master stood with his staff but I don’t remember the rest. I only know that we were being given a glimpse of what lies beyond our imagination. Maybe the visions were just for me and that is why the recording was cut, it really doesn’t matter, but what matters is that I can tell you that there is far more than we can possible imagine waiting for us when we are ready.

Thursday I was tired but I managed to get through the day. Friday I managed to get through my online LUXOR Light Ascension class in the morning, but as soon as it finished I was drawn into the deep sleep. I slept for some hours and then woke and ate only to be pulled back into sleep again. I cancelled my evening sessions and continued to sleep until 9.30 am the next morning. I woke sometime early morning with an awareness that I was receiving a new energy. This is something that happens to me and is always brought to my awareness by these very long periods of sleep. I drifted back into sleep and had a dream. The dream was showing me a story-line about a great love and the gifts that come or are offered to us when we come from a space of great love. The story-line of the dream is not important because it involved some of my family members and was really only to get me to understand the dream message.

Following the dream I saw a square shaped bottle of clear crystal liquid and then another bottle of clear pink crystal-like liquid. I awoke and realised I had been given a new essence or two new essences/energies. I lay with my eyes closed, still in the not completely awake state asking Spirit to give me clarity of what these essences were for. The pink I knew was about love, divine love, unconditional love, but what I did was imagine that the two essences were one essence and this drew my awareness to my colour therapy days and I remembered to look up the Aura soma bottles to understand the meaning of these essences/energies. At first I thought it was meant to be one essence and I came across a pink and clear bottle which is to do with the Essenes. I read up on it and it was indeed what I thought it was. But later I decided to have another look and found that there is indeed a pink bottle and a separate clear bottle. The pink bottle is Lady Nada and the clear bottle is Serapis Bey.

For about three weeks or so prior to the full moon, I was experiencing states of loneliness, separation and isolation. I was concerned because I knew the full moon of Wesak was coming and I wanted to be in the right space. Being in my humanness it took me a little while to realise I was releasing something so I would be ready. But it was getting closer and I was concerned. I was having three days in and then a break and back into these dark night type state for another three days and so the cycle continued. It was not until the Saturday prior to the full moon when my body was not functioning in this world and I was stumbling as if drunk, my body not able to hold me up and all I could do was sleep, that I realised it was a dark night of the soul connected to my twin flame experience. This can be called the dark night of the twin flame if you like, but I will talk more about that at a later stage. A dark night is simply to bring you to a higher state of awareness. In my awareness I began to know what to do and by the Sunday morning I was out of the dark night and I was receiving messages from the Divine. I know how it works, I know I have to experience something before I can bring the energies through and so I understand now what I was being prepared for and how I was to heal it so that I would be ready to receive these new frequencies. This could only happen at this specific cosmic alignment.

I looked up the clear bottle in Aura Soma, known as bottle number 54 which is called the Serapis Bottle. I work with Serapis, through the LUXOR Light Ascension program, so I know his energy well. My purpose is to assist people to come through their own conflict and into harmony but of course I must do that myself first. I’ve done this many times during my ascension and each time I am given something as a gift to offer humanity. According to the system of Aura Soma, if someone should choose this bottle they are someone who has an understanding of conflict, pain, and suffering because they have been through that. They have a clear view of the many problems and have access to universal knowledge, which is what I was shown on the day of the full moon. Those where the visions that were stopped on the recording. Vicki Wall, the lady who developed the system of Aura Soma calls this type of person a “rainbow warrior”, which means a person who has the potential and strength to awaken the rainbow within. And to “awaken the rainbow bridge”. This means fully awakening all the chakras and bringing them to their fullest potential. This is literally the work that I do through all my work. I studied under one of Vicki Wall’s original students, Margaret Noelle Leven back in 1997 and in fact my first encounter with my introduction to colour was with an Aura Soma reading in Perth way back in the early 90’s where I was chosen out of a crowd of about 100 or so people to have a reading in front of the audience. The reader told me I was still healing from the shock of being in the presence of Jesus at the crucifixion and that I was about to embark upon a powerful new spiritual journey. I was, it was only a week or so before I was to open my crystal and new age book shop, which was the very beginning of my journey that has lead me on incredible experiences on my soul’s mission.

This essence helps people on all levels. In the Spiritual body activates change, bringing in new energy and helps to let go of the past clearing you to such a degree that you begin to become aware of your own light and your own energy signature.

Healing the mental body, the light codes rip through thoughtforms purifying our mind, so through the mental body this energy brings clarity of mind, freedom and liberation to past understandings that may have brought with them conflict and painful situations. It helps to release any exaggerated painful memories and helps us to accept what is.

Through the emotional body, it helps to heal sadness and tears bringing a fresh perspective and clear emotions. It clears deep suffering and inner conflict giving you greater courage to overcome difficult life situations.

This energy is clear, pure and connected to the flame of purity, the white flame of ascension, purifying our energy field to amplify our ascension.

The other essence I saw was pale pink, so I already recognised it as an energy that would be able to heal through divine love and unconditional love. It is indeed about having a lot of empathy and being detached from materialism. It helps those who may be feeling unloved.

According to Aura Soma this is related to Lady Nada. Lady Nada is the healer of Twin Flames. The twin flame journey is one of Ascension. So we see the relevance of both Serapis and Lady Nada working together here and bringing both energies through. I have and am walking both journeys side by side; that of the ascension and that of the twin flame. My twin flame and I are now working side by side. Interestingly his specialty is more the healing of abuse and mine is the ascension. When you read below you can see how the two qualities have come together.

Through the spiritual body this pink energy/essence speeds up the process of awakening. On realising this, I also felt that what is happening for me is that I am now being given sparks of the original LUXOR Light flame and expanding on them. What I mean by this is, that way back in 2004 I was given what we call the LUXOR Light Ascension frequency. I had to live through this process of ascension in order to bring the healing through all dimensions to the 24th dimension propelling individuals into connection with the infinite realms. This enables you to claim your own mastery, or better put, claim your own frequency so you can work to your full potential.

Over the years, I have been given many new energies as I continue to work with the LUXOR Light Ascension frequencies.... I am constantly going to the highest of the high and therefore I am constantly claiming new higher levels of my own purpose. It always takes a while, sometimes years for me to understand what I have received, or what I am doing. I realise now, that each time I am receiving a new energy, what I am actually receiving is a flame within the flame or maybe a spark within the flame. That means where the flame of ascension is the pure white flame of purity, I am being given flames within that flame, to fully embody and access the qualities of each flame. This is the journey of all paths or all Rays.

My journey began as a colour therapist, working with all colour and light. The way to ascension is through colour, light and sound. I have awakened to all three and then we do it again. The journey never ends, we just develop more and more. So now I am bringing through the qualities of the ascension flames. I have been doing this for some years, but only now am I given that wisdom.

So the second quintessence in this instance is pale pink, holding the qualities of speeding up the process of awakening, so much needed at this time. It helps to ground the individual and remove illusions. Instead it facilitates and understanding of the Christ Energy which is Christ Consciousness within each and every one of us. I call it a quintessence because it will come through the light codes. The Light codes are sound activators which is the 5th element, the Quintessence!

Through the mental bodies the pink quintessence brings a sense of peace and stimulates intuition and the ability to hold the stillness of the mind for better concentration.

Through the emotional body level it helps us integrate the nurturing mother essence and helps to process the effects of abuse, be it physical abuse of all sorts including sexual, emotional, mental abuse and spiritual abuse. It heals the concept of unworthiness and helps to resolve this into the development of self-love.

I didn't know that Lady Nada and Serapis Bey worked together, but I do now. I like to be shown and not take someone word for it. I was shown and for this I am eternally grateful.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet said "Lady Nada was also tutored at inner levels by the master Serapis Bey, who assigned her to a branch of the Ascension Temple. There she was taught how to assist her brothers and sisters by meditating upon their divine plan. The outcome of her discipline was that she remained unknown in that incarnation whereas every one of her brothers and sisters became famous in their fields of endeavor because of her selfless love and discipline.

By her selfless service, Nada achieved her eternal victory. She stands with the ascended masters today to teach us the way of service as the means to the balancing of our karma and our return to the flame."

Of course it makes sense!

Work with me to help you heal through the Light Codes activations. Lady Nada also helps us to awaken to the gift of Tongues (Light Languages) and to heal the wounds between Twin Flames.

This is only the beginning of this journey. There will be so much more to come.

If you would like to receive a Light Codes healing session with me to help with healing of any of these concepts, please connect with me.

Meanwhile here is a Light Codes Transmission featuring the energies of Lady Nada for Healing the Feminine Wound.

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