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12.12 Ascension Gateway

Are you seeing 12.12 and wondering what it is telling you? When you see these numbers, it is your Higher Self letting you know what is happening on your spiritual path. It's a message to show you how far you have come and what to expect. It can be a way to give you confirmation on something that is happening in your life right now. Take notice, don't ignore these number messages. I saw 12.12 this morning and knew instantly that I was receiving a message relating to a recent decision I had made. I decided to start writing about the number gateways as they come up. As I had this thought, I looked at my laptop again and saw 12.21 letting me know, that I was indeed on the right track, the same message, just a different sequence. My message is in relation to a decision regarding my ascension pathway and my twin flame journey. Often you will see posts claiming these number combinations suggesting your twin flame is coming in. This can be true, but it's not really accurate in the bigger picture. This is because they are about your ascension, or if you don't yet understand the concept of ascension, it simply means your spiritual evolution and the rising of your vibration and consciousness. So these number gateways are not exclusive to anyone in particular, but rather to everyone who has embarked upon the ascension journey. After all, twin flames are just another category along the ascension path. I think it is important to point this out, because too many writers are leading twin flames on a very confusing pathway. In my writings I want to simplify things and bring everything back to the real matter here and that is "ascension".

Are you seeing 12.12 on the Clock

You might see 12.12 on the clock or on the computer or a billboard or any number of places. If you do see 12.12 flashing at you, it suggests you are entering an Ascension Gateway that brings you a deep healing related to your spiritual progression and you are moving into a new stage of spiritual growth toward enlightenment. This Gateway propels you into a portal of great change and that your frequency is rising to another level and that you are on the right path. 1 2 and next comes 3, so you see it is a number of order that leads to the third frequency that is a frequency connected to Christ Consciousness. This happens to everyone on the ascension path. You begin to develop your inner masculine and feminine chakra system and as you rise in consciousness and come into harmony within and union within, you create the third frequency. In the case of twin flames, if you have come into union and harmony, you will then create a third frequency, but you have to have done it on your own inner journey first. This has to happen for both sets of twins otherwise you will not have a pure match to create the third frequency. I've kind of diverted here from a simple post on 12.12 to a more complex post, but I'm going to go with what is flowing through me.

If you are a twin flame and you have achieved inner harmony and union within your own chakra system and you have birthed your own frequency and are working with that in service to the Greater good/God, but your twin flame has not progressed to the same stage as you, then you need to create change. That change can mean you need time apart, so the twin flame can have the space to heal and grow. This is what happens with twin flames when there is separation phases. If neither twin have achieved inner harmony and inner union then the separation phase will be longer. I will talk about how twin flames are not meant to be relationship focused in another post, but not this one.

Let's get back to 12.12.

12.12 is a gateway to creation. This is a powerful message to you that you have the power to create your life the way you want to live it with order, and naturally allowing the sequences of events in your life to lead you to your Creation Code. So, seeing 12.12 means you are on track to a better life with a higher purpose. For this to take place it is vital that you are positive in your thoughts because your thoughts are creating and energy follows thought. What energy do you want to create, a positive one or one that drags you down? This needs clarifying. Imagine you are thinking that you want to bring in a particular relationship into your life, because 2's are all about relationships; but you have placed a personality or a list of requirements to what you want to create, this is not the best way to go, because you might bring in someone that is not actually the best match for you right now. By watching your thoughts and your words to describe what you are creating you will attract a higher vibration into your life. Let go of outcome and trust in your own ascension path to bring to you exactly the ingredients needed for the next phase. Do not limit yourself.

12.12 reminds us to put one foot in front of the other and keep walking; be brave enough to step outside of your comfort zone so you can achieve the highest outcome in all that you do. 12.12 is a vibration or number sequence that brings with it manifestation, because it holds the Creation Codes.

A little on the 12.12 and the dimensions

When you work diligently on your ascension process and you raise your frequency to accessing and anchoring the 12th dimensional frequencies, you are ready for graduation of the ascension path. There is your Gateway. After the 12th dimensional consciousness has been attained, you begin to harness the Now moment frequencies; no past, no present, just Presence; God Presence. The journey begins again after this, but on another level, where you experience from a higher perspective and heal on a higher level and through higher awareness. And so the journey continues.

Why do I keep Seeing 12.12

There is a message that you are not hearing or taking notice of from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the highest part of you, that knows all and it will keep nudging you until you get the message. It's a bit like having a re-occurring dream; you need to take notice of the message. This is what it means to be "awake"; you are fully conscious of what the Universe/God is trying to tell you.

12.12 is about family, love, purity, courage, unity, virtue and so these are the creation codes that are trying to work through you. To receive them, you need to act in accordance with the message. You may need to spend time with your family, or some time out to cleanse and clear your own energy field, clean up your thoughts, be in integrity, or be courageous and take a step outside your comfort zone. It's a message about doing. "One two, buckle my shoe, three four walk out the door, five six, pick up sticks, seven eight, knock on the gate, nine ten, start again." It's a message about moving forward.

Seeing 12.12 wherever you see it is message from your Higher Self and God/Universe that you are in control of your life and you can bring your souls desires to fruition. You are on the right track, do not give up, keep walking so you can meet the third energy the energy of creation.

12.12 is a divine frequency, so you are creating with the divine. It is all about mission and purpose and so that is the Gateway you are walking toward; Your divine mission. Whatever you have been doing in your life, your divine purpose is now calling you. Drop anything that gets in the way of that and move forward.

I personally understand why I received the 12.12 message from my Higher Self today. It is time for new energies, new frequencies, new pathways to be forged and all that is holding me back from that must be put on the shelf or moved on from. In my book "Birthing a New Reality", I talk about "choosing God over man". That's kind of what this message is saying. Choose the divine pathway, not the material, physical limited pathway, choose higher, choose God, choose purpose and walk on into the next stage or phase of enlightenment. You will be surprised at what wonderful gifts await if you can step up to this message. This is a masterful message and might take masterful effort to achieve, but you wouldn't receive it, if you were not ready. Step up for the challenge and say YES to the new Creation Codes seeking you!

An Affirmation to enter 12.12 Ascension Gateway

"I Am in alignment with my Higher pathway, I choose to move forward and take the next step that my soul desires. I Am ready to receive the Creation Codes that propel me through the Ascension Gateway to my next mission. And so it is, Amen"

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