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How to Meet Your Twin Flame

Updated: Apr 5

Twin flame sharing the same energy
Twin Flames meeting in Spirit

Seeking your Twin Flame

The twin flame journey is the journey of ascension. While many may be seeking their twin flame because they are looking for the love of their life, what is really calling them is the return to their Soul, not their soul mate but the actual other half of their soul, their double, their exact opposite in fact. They are being called to "mission".

The twin flame journey has been one that started for me long before I even knew what a twin flame was as I am sure is the case for most twin flames. I want to share part of my journey because it just might help you to understand your own journey. You know, to see if it is normal in Twin Flame terms.

Sometimes the first meeting is in Dream State

I met my twin flame in dream state way back in 1997. During this dream state or altered reality or visitation or whatever it was, I saw a tall man, very other worldly. He appeared with an identical twin. They were tall and broad shouldered and not of this world. I noticed one twin had a symbol on his brow chakra. The moment that I noticed the symbol on his brow, the other twin disappeared.

I talked with this very magnetic being though a type of thought transfer. I remember this intense attraction that was also very sexual. I communicated to him that I wanted to make love with him, but he communicated to me with “no, because it would burn me”. As I received that communication and I felt disappointed, I began to wake up, but as I was coming out of the sleep state, I recognised that I was encompassed in this most incredible energy of love. It was love like nothing you can possibly imagine from this world. It was all around me, it was within me, above me, behind me, it was everything. There was nothing that this Love was not. I remember sitting bolt upright in my bed in so much awe and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep and go back to this being, to this love, but I knew I could not.

Strange Phenomena

woman sleeping with spirit orb near her
White Spirit Orb

I had many incredible energy visitations on nights leading up to that night. I remember strange things happening to me the nights previous to that night, waking up with a huge white orb in front of me. I didn’t know what it meant. I got up and checked everything in the house to make sure the stove was off; the iron was off, and the kids were safe in their beds. All was well and as I drifted off again, I heard my name being called by a voice I recognised but didn’t know who it was. It was masculine but not masculine. The voice of God maybe. And then the experience with the tall being that enveloped me in his divine love.

A lot of spiritual developments happened for me after that and in 2004 after experiencing a dark night of the soul, I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening. I talk about this in other writings, but what was happening to me was the embodiment of a frequency that became a transferable energy that enables others to awaken. From that came the formulation of an ascension program that enabled the transference of this most powerful frequency of ascension. I was guided to call that ascension program the LUXOR Light Ascension Program. I put that program out to the world, and I have been teaching it ever since.

I was already working my spiritual mission prior to meeting my twin flame in the physical.

Who Was my Betrayer?

Symbolic image of a masculine betrayal to his feminine
The betrayer

I always thought my Egyptian husband was my twin flame. In my book Birthing a New Reality I share the out-of-this-world things that used to happen that lead me to believe he was my twin flame. But he was not. He was a soul fragment and my closest soul mate. We had a very strong and powerful connection. He was in the way of my twin flame coming in and so in reality it was a blessing that he betrayed me, or I would never have let go. Looking back now, I know he was the other twin that I saw in my dream state; the one that looked the same as my twin flame but did not have the symbol on his head. He had to leave for my twin flame to come in and that was a message for me. Some might call this the "false twin flame", but I don't like that term, so I prefer not to use it. That relationship was very important to me and a big part of my journey. He was certainly a catalyst.

Even to this day, even though my betrayer moved on, he still tries to keep me and my twin flame apart.

That’s the short story.

Twin Flame Meeting

In 2006 I was led into Egypt. In 2008 I met a man who led my group up the mountain of the Valley of Kings. I didn’t take much notice of him at the time because I was married and very much in love with my Egyptian husband, but I did notice how handsome he was; it was kind of hard not to. I also noticed that when we were introduced, and our eyes met, he looked away and for the rest of the day, he would not speak to me, but look at someone else, avoiding eye contact.

That was it, I didn't see him again.

I Facilitate Spiritual Tours, Ascension Programs and Twin Flame Retreats.

Beginning of the Twin Flame Journey

In 2010 I came crashing down again with another dark night of the soul. I had been married to my Egyptian husband for 4 years. I was sure he was my twin flame.

One April night while in Egypt, I was guided to make some Twin Soul Alchemy Waters to heal the rift between twin flames. I thought it was perfect. I was in Egypt with my twin or so I thought. I had just finished teaching an 11-day intensive ascension program and a week-long retreat cruising on a traditional Egyptian yacht called a dahabieh on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. I made the alchemy waters through sound and light codes, and I took them myself that night and again the next day.

My Egyptian husband and I never used to fight or have disagreements. We seemed to have what I thought was such a sweet and pure love. Sure, we had our trials, but the love seemed so pure. Our coming together had been an incredible union that I have written about in my book “Birthing a New Reality”. Anyone reading that account would naturally assume this was a very typical twin flame connection because of the strange phenomena that used to take place. I had a lot to learn.

This all took place around the same time that the volcano erupted in Iceland. The next day I was to fly out for Australia. The day came to leave, and my Egyptian husband was acting weird, and we had conflict. I was so upset to leave in such a way. It was so out of character for him, and I didn’t understand what it was all about. I was shaky to say the least when I boarded the flight to Cairo.

On arrival in Cairo, I was met by an old friend who always guided me and my groups while in Cairo. One of my ascension students was with me. She was to fly to England but couldn’t because of the ash cloud, so she was waiting to go to a hotel.

star being sharing energy
A huge energy came into the space around us.

I had an intense experience in the airport that night. A huge energy came in. It was so intense that Hannah who was sleeping on the chairs woke up in shock and asked what the heck it was and why was she there to experience it. My friend Amro had gone into an altered state and his eyes had rolled back in his head. He was telling me about how he knew who I was from the first time he met me. Someone spoke through him and said “I see you ChristinA, I see you. I hear you ChristinA, I hear you”. He took my hand as his eyes rolled back in his head and he said to Hannah, what is in her is coming into me and then he fell asleep. I go into greater detail in my book, but that flight home, I slept in a deep sleep all the way from Cairo to Singapore and from Singapore to Perth. I was unable to open my eyes to eat or drink, I was taken so deeply into what I call the deep sleep state.

I always thought that was something else happening, and as I write I am wondering why I included it here and then the answer came. I feel now that it was my twin flame communicating with me through my friend Amro, letting me know he could see me. It was his energy that was surrounding me. He was with me as I was about to find out about the greatest betrayal of my life that would lead me back to my true twin flame. Some years later my psychic had told me that I had to be careful what I did, because my twin flame had Universal consciousness and was able to know everything I was doing. I was about to find out about my great betrayal and the energies of my twin flame were surrounding me for support. I had only the night before taken the twin flame alchemy waters.

Soul Fragmentation

On arriving at Perth things began to change. I was still taking the twin flame waters every day and I was to introduce them to my meditation group a few nights later. The morning after that meditation and the anchoring of the twin flame waters to my group, my whole world came crashing down. I could feel an intense energy coursing through my central column like a poison running through ever cell and I knew my Egyptian husband was with another woman. I don’t wish to go into the story as it was very intense, but finally two days later he confessed that he was indeed now married to an Egyptian and to cut a long story short, I become like a zombie, not functioning well in this world.

woman in deep grief the angels grieving with her
powerful sounds bellowing from deep within

The very next day after I dropped off my son to school, I could feel an energy rising

through me. I knew I was going to bellow and was holding it at bay. I knew I could not go home because my eldest son’s girlfriend was there. I went to a lonely beach and as I turned off the engine an almighty bellow came up from the deepest parts of me. I saw in my mind's eye what looked like a defragmenting of my soul scattering all over the universe. I could hear the angels bellowing with me and it kept coming so long I felt I would self-destruct. And then, I collapsed. My soul of my soul had betrayed me, and I was not able to withstand it.

I had been warned about a year before. I had felt this betrayal previously, but I didn’t not know what it was. It was shaking me to the core. I went to a psychic who told me that I had a huge connection with my husband, but that the cords were fraying and there was something I did not know taking place, and I could not stop it. I needed more information, and I always went to three psychics to get three views. I went to another psychic; she told me that my husband would betray me. She said my souls work required someone pure like Jesus and he was not able to do it this lifetime. He would break my heart, but I would need to keep my heart open, and God would give me something greater. I didn’t understand.

Soul fragmentation occurs when a part of our soul separates from ourselves due to unhealed trauma from this life or past lives. Emotional trauma has the potential to affect the entire soul. This is literally what happened. Soul fragments can incarnate like a soul of its own, a piece of your own soul. Soul fragments are not your equal like a twin flame, but they are a flame of your flame, and they can often be mistaken for your twin flame. When you are with them, they make you feel complete. My Egyptian husband was a soul fragment who had returned to me, but now he had split from me again. I imagined it as shards of a mirror, a mirror soul, scattered across the universe. When we fragment like this, we feel incomplete and disconnected and this is exactly what happened to me. I was like a zombie.

Common symptoms of soul fragmentation include:

  • Not feeling fully ourselves, as if we’re outside our bodies.

  • Recurring dreams of disturbing scenes or insomnia.

  • Loss of interest in things we used to enjoy.

  • Feeling split, empty, or lacking self-confidence.

  • Seeking approval from others or experiencing waves of emotions.

  • Depression, anxiety, or chronic health issues.

I went into a deep depression, the dark night of the soul.

After this second awakening, I brought through another frequency that came in the form of Sacred Sounds and I created a Sacred Sound Healing modality awakening others to Light Codes. The deep bellowing had brought a new gift. I was given the name Ametron of which I was guided was the name of my Higher Self and I named the modality "Ametron Truth" because it awakens us to our truth. This was the next phase after LUXOR Light that awakens the brow chakra. More about that another time.

Returning to the Betrayer

I returned to Egypt in October with another group, my Egyptian husband had been lying to me and had told me he had divorced. He was not, and he had a daughter. I coped, but when I returned, unfortunately, I did not keep my heart open. I crashed and I shut down. I could not work, I could not sleep, eat, or do anything. I sat on my couch like a zombie again not knowing anything. Things got worse, I could not pay my rent and I had to give up my house. I could not provide a home for my youngest son, and I was facing bankruptcy.

woman on healing table and angel above her
Being told to go back to Egypt

I lay on my healing table asking the Divine, what to do and I heard clearly, “go back to Egypt”. No! That was the last place I ever wanted to go. At that point the phone rang, and my mother spoke, “your father and I have been talking. We will give you the money to go back to Egypt. Stay for a year or however long you need to sort your life out. Taylor can go and live with his father. My head was spinning, no, this was not in my plan. Then I remembered years ago, I had been told by a very prominent psychic that I was supposed to let my youngest son live with his father and I was to be doing my spiritual mission work. I had refused. But when the Divine want you to do something and you don’t do it, the rug will be pulled out from under you.

At first my ex-husband, father of my children said no, but then he agreed, and he also gave me the money to get out of trouble with the bank. I paid my bills, moved out of the house, sold my car, and went back to Egypt in a daze. Everything happened like clockwork although I was personally a mess. I was angry. I was deep in the darkest parts of my being. Then Egypt went into revolution. Everyone left Egypt, rushing home to safety, but I knew I had to stay. I could not go anywhere. I too was going through my own inner revolution.

First Reunion with my Twin Flame

One day there was a storm on 29.1.2011=16/7, I was in deep need of healing. There were very few cars on the road because it was dangerous to drive. I decided I would walk 3.5 kilometres in the dark to get to the Holy Man so I could receive some healing to try to settle myself down. A minibus came as I was walking and picked me up and dropped me at my stop. I had no idea where I was going, I was fumbling in the tiny little Egyptian village, through the dusty streets looking for the old blind holy man. Some kids came along in their tuk tuk and picked me up and drove me around and around the village looking for his house. They didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Arabic, so we just drove around and around until eventually we found the house of the holy man. I went in, he is blind, he doesn’t speak English, but he knows me. I sat down next to him and said “Christina Ashraf”. Aah, he said, Sydney? Perth? I said Perth. Mother name? “Patricia”. Ok, he went ahead and gave me healing. I walked out of the little old house still feeling as low as I had when I went in. I couldn’t shift myself out of it. I began to walk home down the dark road, past farmland. There were no cars, no buses. I didn’t care, I knew I shouldn’t be walking out in the dark unlit road, but I just needed to walk, and I hoped the healing would kick in and I would get some peace.

A motor bike came and pulled up in front of me. I was about to give him some words to go away, when he turned around and gave me a big smile. I recognised him as the man from the mountain now three years previous. I decided it was safe and so the slow journey to finding out who my true and eternal twin flame had begun….

This was how I met my twin flame.

Do not seek, and in the midst of your journey when you least expect it, your Twin Flame will turn up.

Inner Revolution

That year, 2011, the year I went through my own inner revolution coinciding with the Egyptian Spring and a new adventure on the path of coming into union with the Twin Soul began. I still did not know he was my twin flame, but he saved me from my own inner demons that year. In fact, the further I go into the journey the more I remember this mysterious someone who would sit beside me in spirit holding me when times got tough. I could feel him as if he were right there. I never knew who it was but slowly the penny drops as we go deeper into the journey.

They often say Twin flames trigger an inner revolution because encountering them is a transformative experience. Their intense connection pushes you to explore deeper aspects of yourself, heal wounds, and seek spiritual growth. I was already going through an inner revolution when I met my twin flame, but because he is so much younger than me, I feel I needed a push and a shove. I was already awakened, but I needed to release some deep wounding that still lay deep within me, and I needed to do it before I met my twin flame, but our journey was already destined to be a difficult and slow journey.

We lost touch again after 2011 and it was not until 2016 that we finally started towards physical union.

Twin Flame Flow and Abundance

Divine masculine and divine feminine in a little boat
Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in the Flow

Coming into physical Union with your twin flame is nothing like meeting a soul mate, moving in and living happily after. Meeting your twin flame is the beginning to a very long and rewarding journey, one where you will learn so much about yourself. One that will drive you insane as you try to make it fit the box of soul mates. It will not fit, it is too big, too expansive, too all encompassing. You will come together, have time apart, come together, have time apart and so the cycle will continue even in full union, because full union is the phase where you have finally surrendered and you know your twin flame will never leave you, you cannot lose them, and you are able to be your complete authentic self and they will still love you.

When you come into union, you will open the doors to flow, and abundance will not stop. Where once you may have stopped the flow, you will always be in it as you travel the currents of the eternal river all the way back to Source.

How to Meet your Twin Flame

So how do you meet your twin flame? Focus on you. That is the essence of it all. Focus on your own spiritual growth, your ascension. This is paramount because it all depends on the development of your own inner masculine and feminine.

If you would like to know how far developed you are you can schedule a twin flame analysis with me and learn about how close you are to meeting your twin flame and how far into spiritual union, you are. You can actually follow your progress as you travel along on the twin flame journey.

Twin Flame Upscaling

I will guide you through the process of how you can develop the masculine and feminine chakra system culminating at the 10th dimension where inner union takes place and connection with your twin soul begins.

As I wrote this blog, my twin flame had just made another commitment to me. He had upscaled which is something that is also a continual thing. Twin Flame Union is a slow process, but when there is upscaling the doors to abundance open. It was 4.49am (mission of the heart) and no sleep, I was wired as is what happens when missions are forming.

Something to ponder if you are a twin flame. If you have gone into separation, it means the growth had become stunted and you need time apart to heal and when you have healed you will reunite, and the doors fly open again and you remember how it works. But reunion can be short, that's ok, make the most of it, this twin flame journey is always cycling!

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