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Coming Home

Coming Home

On waking I was given the message for the latest light codes transmission. Sometimes I am given the message on waking and sometime I have to meditate for it. Today was one of those weeks when the message was clear and unfolded like a storyline. I saw the vision of the arms and hands of the masculine and the feminine reaching out to each other. The feminine slid her hand down the arm before taking his hand. The vision unfolded and I saw them in the snow having a snow fight, throwing snowballs at each other. And further they began to ski downhill but as they skied they parted but only briefly and they came back together at the end of the downhill slope, pine trees appearing and a little house in the snow, a place to find warmth amongst the trees that stand tall, still and holding their growth.

It was hard to wake up today as I had gone to bed well after midnight. I knew this was why my higher self, had given me the message on waking, because I would be short on time and this week’s message is exceptionally important. Last week we were guided to protect our light and stay true to ourselves. This week’s message is important for all of us, but it is exceptionally important to the twin flame collective.

Healing the Conflict

Typical to the feminine nature, the divine feminine slides her hand down the masculine's arm before she takes it. This is a reassurance that she loves and cherishes him. There is a time coming to feel out in the cold. The snow to me always represents a spiritual plane. I have only seen snow once so it is not something I am familiar with as a life experience. This gives me a possible different perspective, to see it symbolically and not have any attachment to personal experience. To me it magical and wondrous. There is conflict between the masculine and the feminine coming. This can be between our masculine and feminine sides or it may externalise in the life of the twin flame collective. Either way each of us must ascertain how the next phase is unfolding for us. For each of us it is still an internal battle unfolding with a purpose of coming together as one, within ourselves. You must still remember the message of last week….. protect and strengthen your light. This snow fight is playful, that is also a strong message. We are playing with ourselves here. If you can see it for what it is, our higher-selves, the divine within us, setting up scenarios of experience so we can become more whole, we can remove ourselves from the blame, the shame and the rest, so we can always remember from the bigger picture that we are each experiencing exactly what we need to experience in order to heal and become one within ourselves. You can see it as a fight, you can feel out in the cold, or you can see it as a wondrous experience to be out in the snow building snow balls and having a play fight, with laughter being the expression of joy from our souls to be again to come together through healing the conflict within. You may go downhill into brief moments of ignorance, but if you do this fully conscious, you will not lose your light to such a degree that you feel the battle is lost. Even at the bottom of the hill, you can witness the growth, standing strong always striving upwards like the pine tree, always pointing to the heavens, always reminding us of the light meter within all of us the pineal gland. If you remember last week there was the message of the pineal through the headaches. The light was being turned up for us and this is why we were asked to protect our light, so we do not blow a fuse. And what is nestled at the foot of the hill, under the cover of the pine trees is Home, a place of warmth, a place of safety, reminding us, that no matter where we are, we are always in the right place, reminding us to always see the wonder.

Finding yourself after the fall

At the foot of the slope the two find each other again. skiing down-hill was fast, it happens in an instant and you need to stay focused, but in the end you come back together, Home. There are a multiple of purposes with the messages that are given to me. The first is so we understand the meaning of the light codes that are given to us each week. If we stay conscious and remember the message, we can see through our own experiences through the week, that exactly that has taken place. We can see that we need to be vigilant and aware of what unfolds in our lives so we can understand the deeper meaning of the lessons we are passing through. I explain in the way I do, so you can learn how better to understand your own messages that filter through. Why we see, hear and experience in the way we do. This is our inner compass showing us the way. We are not lost in the wilderness unless, we “choose” to venture into ignorance. The moments of ignorance will be less and less if we remember to shine the light upon the experience and light the way. The moments of pain will be less and less. Does it mean we do not have hard times, hard experiences? Does it mean we do not experience heart ache and heart break? No, it means we do not experience it to the degree, the depth or the pain that we would if we did not protect our light and stay up in our truth. The Truth is in wisdom and true wisdom is in the energy. If we protect our energy, we protect our light. If we protect our light, we protect our wisdom, if we protect our wisdom, do not experience the pain and conflict within to the same degree ever again. We find our way back Home, to the heart where everything is wondrous!

Transmission 148 becomes a 13.

This is coming home. The thirteenth dimension is called the Godzone, the Now moment, a place where there is no past, no future, only NOW. In the now moment we do not suffer needlessly. We experience and we surrender and we move forward.

The Light Codes of coming Home are available on

Are you ready to come Home to you, to Oneness and see the wonder in everything?

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