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Twin Flames and Egypt

Updated: Apr 11

twin flames walking toward an ascension temple
Twin Flames on the Journey of Ascension

Ignite Your Soul Connection

Read this! This is a run-down on a Retreat I'm running, but it is also a blog with some dot connecting that has not been connected before, or not that I'm aware of anyway. Open your mind and read on, the dots may trigger some awakening in you.....

Are you ready to embark on a soulful journey that transcends time and space? Look no further than our mystical Twin Flame Retreat in Egypt. Whether you’re seeking union with your divine counterpart or simply yearning for inner harmony, this retreat promises transformation, connection, and awakening.

You don't have to be with your twin flame to attend this retreat. You don't even have to be a twin flame, but what you do need to be is on a conscious ascension path. The ascension path and the twin flame journey travel side by side like twin flames themselves. In reality the journey is the same, whether you are a twin flame or whether you are wanting to ascend in this lifetime. Through gaining an understanding about the inner masculine and feminine we already have a grasp on the journey of the twin flame, they are interconnected.

The purpose of this retreat is to help you understand the ascension journey and that of a twin flame and to gain greater union and harmony within yourself first. If you are on the twin flame journey, it is paramount you understand this and learn how to navigate your way to Union.

When twin flames come together, and I mean a group of individuals who are twin flames, the energy is fast, and the awakening is powerful. The energies that transfer between individuals that are twin flames is amazing. Twin Flames are Wisdom carriers and when they unite in groups, there is a unique transference of wisdom that passes between them, words unspoken.

Join us on this unique experience looking at Twin Flames and Egypt in a different way.

Why Egypt?

Egypt, with its ancient temples, sacred sites, and powerful energy, has long been a beacon for spiritual seekers. Here, the veil between dimensions is thin, allowing us to delve into the depths of our souls. As the sun rises over the Nile, you’ll feel the whispers of ancient wisdom guiding you toward reunion with the Beloved.

The Twin Flame Retreat in Egypt Experience

Ai generated image of meditators in egyptian temple
Meditating into Union

This retreat is designed specifically for twin flames that are not in union or for those in union but struggling to find harmony. This retreat is about learning the importance of finding inner union and learning how to achieve that, and how that plays the significant role in you finding reunion with your twin flame. It is better done alone without your counterpart, so don't bring them!

Through guided deep healing meditations, energy work and sacred site visits focused on the energies of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, you will strengthen your connection with your twin flame, and you will see real results achieving greater inner union and understand how that also affects your twin flame. You will learn about the importance of focusing on your own journey and on working towards your spiritual purpose rather than on romantic connections. This retreat is for serious ascension candidates who place their spiritual growth at the top of their list of priorities.

Masculine and Feminine Balance

We will explore the dance of masculine and feminine energies within and learn how to harmonise these aspects, paving the way for unity consciousness. As you balance your inner chakras, you will align with the cosmic dance of twin flames.

You will receive healing from twin flames in Union and on Mission and learn about what unconditional love really means.

Sacred Sites

You will be visiting Luxor, the City of Temples, where ancient pharaohs communed with the gods.

Karnak Temple and Twin Flames

Ankhs at 7 gates of Osiris
7 Ankhs at the 7 Gates of Osiris, Karnak Temple

We will visit the awe-inspiring Karnak Temple beside the serene waters of the Nile, where over a period of more than 1500 years, different pharaohs and rulers contributed to its construction and expansion. The Karnak complex covers an area of over 100 hectares, making it one of the largest religious complexes in the world. It is dedicated to the Theban Triad of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. Amun and Mut could be said to be Twin Flames and Khonsu their third energy. Connecting with the Egyptian Triads can help us to heal the rifts within us caused from the original wound, helping us to find inner union and bring through our third energy ready to magnetise the twins flame back into reunioin and then create the third energy as mission with the twin flame dynamic.

Just as twin flames share an eternal bond, Karnak’s longevity of over 2,000 years, reflects the ongoing devotion of generations. Twin flames seek reunion, and Karnak’s dedication to gods symbolises the union of earthly and divine realms. A visit to Karnak when combined with the right intentions and preparations can trigger great spiritual transformation. Both twin flames and Karnak represent profound spiritual journeys, growth, and enlightenment.

Karnak is a Sacred Space, igniting the sacred space within us. Karnak’s construction involved many skilled builders over centuries. Similarly, twin flames’ journey impacts not only themselves but also the collective consciousness. In essence, both twin flames and Karnak Temple evoke themes of eternity, union, transformation, and devotion.

Luxor Temple and Twin Flames

Temple of Luxor
Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple can play a strong role in the reunion of Twin Flames through the powerful role the temple plays related to ascension.

Luxor Temple Was built around 1400 BCE, it has stood for over 3,000 years. Unlike most other Egyptian temples, Luxor Temple has a north-south orientation, facing Karnak Temple. The north - south facing axis of the temple had a powerful meaning in ancient Egyptian spirituality. In Egyptian mythology, the temple was associated with divine ascension, spiritual enlightenment, and the realm of the gods. It represented the eternal and the celestial, while also symbolising the material world and our earthly existence, and the journey of the soul. It represented the earthly and the mortal.

Twin Flames originate from the same divine source and their reunion symbolises a profound spiritual journey. I've been looking at how the temples could relate to and help give us the alignments needed for twin flame reunion. I've also noticed over the years of being here, that Luxor in particular seems to draw twin flames. Most are unaware of the concept of twin flames and most again, are not walking the conscious path of ascension that is required of twin flames, but maybe their reunion is purely to awaken them. Some will, some won't, it's the same everywhere, but it seems to be more prolific here. There are many signs of twin flame connections with the individuals that gravitate here. The chaos that reigns within many of these connections is very much in alignment with the twin flame path, the path of ascension. Maybe these individuals while not awakened have still answered the call to try reuniting with their twin flame. This made me look deeper at how Luxor could be playing a role in the reunion of twin flames. After all, Luxor is the home of the Etheric Ascension Temple and the portal to higher consciousness through the ascension "flame".

The North South Axis of Luxor Temple

The north-south alignment of Luxor Temple mirrors the twin flame path....

North and South

The northern entrance of Luxor Temple represents the ascension of the soul’s journey toward higher realms, enlightenment, and reunion with the divine, and the southern end of the temple symbolises the descent and the soul’s embodiment, earthly experiences, and the challenges faced during its human existence.

Union and Balance

papyrus of open procession
Procession of the Opet Festival

Just as twin flames seek union, Luxor Temple’s layout emphasises the balance between the spiritual and the material. The procession of Amun from Karnak Temple in the north, to Luxor Temple in the south during the annual Feast of Opet reflects this sacred journey. Amun’s union with his wife, the goddess Mut, results in the birth of their son, Khonsu (god of the moon). This divine union echoes the twin flame reunion with the merging of complementary energies.

The Ascension both Personal and Collective

Twin flames, like Luxor Temple, navigate both inner and outer realms. Their journey involves personal ascension and the upliftment of collective consciousness. As twin flames ascend, they harmonise their energies, balancing the spiritual and earthly aspects within themselves.

The twin flame dance is eternal. It's a constant dance between ascending and descending, spiritual and physical forever seeking greater degrees of enlightenment. When Amun entered Luxor Temple from the North he brought down the light and the gifts or energies required to reunite with his Beloved Mut, so they were able to create the third energy and ignite the threefold flame also known as the divine spark, that resides within our heart chakra. The threefold flame is the seed of the divine, representing the Inner Christ and the

Inner Buddha. This sacred flame embodies three essential qualities:

threefold flame of love
Threefold Flame
  1. Love - The pink flame symbolises love and compassion, the very nature of God. It differentiates between sympathy and empathy. Unconditional love is a balance of all three flames, benefitting all of humanity.

  2. Wisdom - The yellow flame represents the right use of knowledge. It embodies wisdom and discrimination. It’s a love of learning and a desire to share knowledge with others.

  3. Power: The blue flame embodies the soul’s desire to do the will of God. It represents inner resolve, leadership, and the ability to take charge of oneself and others.

Balancing these flames help us to align with our Higher Self, allowing us to express our divine qualities. During the first golden ages, the threefold flame enveloped man’s form, but after the Fall, it was reduced to a tiny spark. We have to expand the threefold flame within our heart to envelop our entire being as we continue on our path to ascension.

The threefold flame within each twin flame contributes to their journey of self-discovery, healing, and eventual reunion. The third energy emerges from their harmonious union, propelling them toward spiritual wholeness and divine purpose.

Ascension Retreat and Temple at Luxor

temple in the etheric
Imagine an etheric temple

Within the spiritual field of Luxor, there is an etheric retreat known as the Ascension Temple overseen by Ascended Master Serapis Bey. Archangel Gabriel and Hope also serve here. The Etheric Ascension Retreat is superimposed upon the physical Temple of Luxor and is extremely important for those on the path of ascension.

Just as twin flames seek reunion and ascension, the Ascension Temple of Luxor represents the journey toward higher realms. It symbolises the soul’s ascension from the material world to the spiritual world. According to many teachings from teachers of the past, it is said that there is a flame room in the etheric temple that is superimposed over the temple of Luxor, and this is where initiations of transfiguration and resurrection occur. Ascension candidates stand in the center of the flame and their cosmic tone resonates, and the flame from Alpha descends while the flame from Omega rises. This resonates with the journey of the twin flame as their energies merge assisting the collective awakening of humanity.

The Relationship between Karnak and Luxor Temple

I wanted to consider the relationship between Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple when we think about the concept of twin flames. Twin flames are celestial counterparts entwined by cosmic threads; they are divine complements of each other. One embodies the masculine polarity and the other embodies the feminine polarity. Together they form a harmonious whole as they balance each other's energies. On the twin flame journey, twin flames shed what no longer serves them through the dance of integration as they move beyond duality, transforming polarity and merging into a unified force. Twin flames tend to mirror each other's strengths and weakness but at the core of their being they are One, sharing a united purpose to bring forth unconditional love to assist in the mission of healing and awakening humanity.

The twin flame journey is both mystical and practical as a dance of love, growth, and eternal companionship. It's important to remember that the description "companionship" is more correct than "relationship". The twin flame connection transcends romantic or platonic relationships, as a deeper, more profound connection. Companionship suggests a soul-level partnership, where two souls walk side by side, supporting, challenging, and uplifting each other. While relationships often involve roles, beliefs, and social expectations, twin flames exist beyond these concepts. Companionship emphasises authenticity, acceptance, and unconditional love on a shared journey of growth, healing, and spiritual evolution. Companionship aligns more accurately with the purpose of twin flames to awaken, transform, and heal. Their union serves a higher calling, contributing to raising the collective consciousness. Rather than seeking fulfillment from external factors, twin flames find completeness within their companionship. They are not like a typical relationship; they are cosmic companions, dancing through lifetimes, echoing each other’s essence, and igniting the eternal flame within.

So now when we consider the purpose of both Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple and their interconnectedness, sharing a divine compliment role, connected by the avenue of sphinxes, we can see the symbolic parallels. The temples can help us through their energies and the codes on our journey as we heal, develop, unify and harmonise our own inner masculine and feminine aspects within our own inner temple and inner world. And something that keeps coming to me as I write, is the east west axis of Karnak and the north south axis of Luxor temple. I keep seeing them overlay each other. While I'm sure they do not overlay exactly, the idea of the two crossing each other if drawn together would create an equilateral cross symbolising as above, so below.

An ankh standing in desert sands within temple ruins
The Ankh of Eternal Life

The equilateral cross represents balance and equilibrium, with its four arms symbolising the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, creating inner balance. The central point where the cross meets represent the spiritual center of existence, connecting the earthly and divine realms. This point is where the material and the spiritual connect, the cosmic axis that connects heaven, earth, and the underworld. It’s the point around which the universe revolves, bridging different dimensions. It can also represent the heart chakra, the bridge between worlds. In ancient Egyptian symbolism, the central meeting point of the equilateral cross, also known as the Ankh, represented both mortal existence and the afterlife. Egyptians believed that earthly life was just a part of an eternal existence and the Ankh symbolised continuity beyond mortality. The Ankh was linked to the cult of Amun Ra and is a powerful symbol of life and the eternal cycle of existence bridging earthly life and the afterlife.

According to my vision, the horizontal arm would represent Luxor temple, and the vertical arm with the loop would represent Karnak temple. The loop symbolising Amun Ra. Amun Ra was the sun god, and his name reflects this duality. “Amun” represents the hidden aspect of the sun, while “Ra” signifies the visible, radiant sun. And then I realised that the main temple of Amun-Ra had two axis, one extending north - south and the other east - west. The southern axis connected to the temple of Luxor via the avenue of ram-headed sphinxes.

The two temples, still standing today like a reminder of the eternal connection joined at the heart of the divine masculine (Karnak) and the divine feminine (Luxor Temple). The temples themselves connecting us to the celestial realms and Universal Consciousness.

Twin Flame Unity

Just as the Karnak and Luxor Temples were once connected by the Avenue of the Sphinxes, twin flame connections are said to be unbreakable, even if physically separated. The two temples also share a dual existence, each with their unique purpose, mirroring the concept of twin flames embodying complementary energies. One temple represents the masculine (active) energy, while the other embodies the feminine (receptive) energy. Now in my most recent post , where I talked about the chakras of Egypt, I mentioned that Luxor Temple was masculine in energy and that is related to the solar plexus qualities of Luxor Temple, but Luxor Temple also has a connection to the Heart chakra which is more feminine in energy.

When we look at the nature of the two temples, Karnak Temple definitely embodies more masculine energy, with its grandness reflecting the power of creation, while Luxor Temple embodies a more feminine energy symbolising grace, elegance, and a quieter presence. Together, these twin temples each with their unique energy, create a harmonious balance, much like the interplay of twin flames seeking reunion and oneness. When you next visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor, feel the energies. You can feel the masculinity of Karnak temple, and you can feel the femininity of Luxor Temple. The masculine aspect of Luxor Temple is held in the Sun Court and the feeling is very different to that of Karnak. It is more an energy of joy, upliftment and direction.

Why is Karnak Temple Divine Masculine Energy?

Karnak Temple holds more of a God connection and is dedicated mainly to the god Amun-Ra, who embodies solar power, creation, and cosmic energy. Amun-Ra represents the divine masculine force. The temple’s east-west alignment highlights its connection to the rising sun symbolising rebirth, vitality, and the active force of creation, and Karnak’s colossal columns, huge courtyards, and rituals evoke a sense of strength, purpose, and dynamism, qualities often associated with the divine masculine energy.

Why is Luxor Temple Divine Feminine Energy?

I considered how Luxor Temple could relate more to the feminine energy and was guided by the design of the temple. According to the book the Temple of Man, Luxor Temple was built according to the body of the Pharaoh / man. When you enter Luxor temple, you enter at feet and go up through the chakras as you wander through the temple to the Holy of Holies. This is the path of the kundalini. While Kundalini is not an ancient Egyptian concept, we can see the parallels. Shakti energy resides within Kundalini energy. Shakti is a Sanskrit term representing the divine feminine energy in Hinduism. It embodies creativity, transformation and leads to spiritual awakening as it rises activating the higher chakras. This is the process of ascension. Shakti is often associated with the goddesses, especially Devi, who manifests in various forms. In this case it would be associated with Mut as the Mother Goddess of Luxor Temple. Mut was a lion headed goddess and the etheric Temple of Luxor is a portal to Sirius and the higher frequencies of ascension and Sirius A is home to the Lion Beings that are highly evolved beings. Is it a coincidence or could there be a connection? Sirius is of course associated with the Goddess Isis, the Great Mother of All. So, if Luxor Temple is a portal to Sirius bringing through the energies of Sirius, these are indeed the divine feminine energies. Divine feminine energy "rises" or ascends. Ascension involves inner alchemy, transmuting dense energies into higher frequencies. Shakti or Divine Feminine energy facilitates this alchemical process.

Luxor Temple and Sacred Union

Shakti (Mut) and Shiva (Amun Ra) (the masculine counterpart) unite within us, symbolising the divine union necessary for ascension. When we enter the Luxor Temple, we step into a timeless portal. The temple’s architecture, alignments, and hieroglyphs activate dormant energies within and opens inner portals, connecting us to ancient wisdom and cosmic forces. Cellular memories from past incarnations may awaken, revealing hidden truths as you activate the Wisdom Codes of Thoth, held within the temple.

As you approach Luxor Temple, stand at the avenue of the Sphinxes facing Karnak. Acknowledge the Divine Masculine and turn to Luxor Temple and ask permission before you enter the temple. As you explore Luxor Temple, allow energy to flow through you, meditating as you walk. Use conscious breathing and attune to the sacredness of the space and you might just feel the ascension flame energies igniting your inner fire.

The Luxor Temple awakens both divine feminine energy and the transformational energies of ascension.

Karnak and Luxor Temples as Reflections of each other

Karnak Temple, with its colossal pylons, sacred lake, and many chambers, embodies the earthly attempt to reach the divine. Its stones rise toward the heavens, mirroring the cosmic ascension of the soul. The rituals performed there connected the earthly world with the spiritual world. While in contrast, Luxor Temple stands as a celestial mirror, with its north-south alignment, well balanced design, and the avenue of sphinxes, it gives rise to cosmic harmony. It's Luxor Temple where the gods descend to meet mortals, bridging the gap between realms.

Healing Duality

The temples, side by side, symbolise the dance of duality with the materiality of Karnak's stone against the heavenly light of Luxor Temple. They are like day and night, with Luxor's illuminated sanctuaries and Karnak's shadowed halls. And the (human and divine) Priests and pharaohs invoking gods and the gods descending to bless humanity. So, in their union, the two temples heal the perceived rift between opposites, and the earthly city represented by Karnak and the divine sanctuary represented by Luxor temple become one. Here as we glimpse at unity the sacred purpose of duality is resolved.

Finding Harmony

Maybe these temples, like the dual serpents of the caduceus, spiral around a central truth, reminding us that healing lies not in denying duality but in weaving it into a harmony. As above, so below; as within, so without. The temples call us to find balance, to reconcile opposites, and to discover wholeness within just like the twin flame journey.

In the sacred precincts of Karnak and Luxor, we can glimpse eternity, touch the stars, and find peace in the dance of duality. Here within the connectedness of these two temples we can begin to connect with the ancients in understanding the interaction of masculine (active energy) and feminine (receptive energy) as essential for cosmic harmony.

Reunion and Balance

Twin flames seek reunion and balance just like the temples’ being so close to each other suggest they need their energies to be in harmony to coexist together. And again, while the temples themselves aren’t twin flames, their interwoven history and symbolism can awaken within us a deep sense of connection and unity, similar to the twin flame journey.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene in front of God
Sacred union

Back in 2004 the year I birthed the frequency we call LUXOR Light through my body; I developed an ascension program and a healing modality. While teaching the healing modality for the first time, I lay on the healing table allowing one of my students to work on me. As I discuss in my book "Birthing a New Reality", I saw the name writing above me "Amun Ra" followed by the vision of an ancient Egyptian Temple. I had never been to Egypt, nor did I know anything about ancient Egypt. I described the entire experience as I walked through the temple sharing what I saw through my third eye. In the area known as the Roman Sanctuary that resonates with the Heart Chakra, I saw a vision of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. They were standing together facing the left. In front of them was a ginormous god-like being, who I presumed was the god Serapis. It felt like a marriage ceremony, sacred union within the heart centre. You can read more in my book "Birthing a New Reality". Indeed, Jesus and Mary Madalene are twin flames.

The Sacred Lake of Queen Tiye

In the 12th year of Amenhotep III’s reign, he built a sacred lake as a gift for his beloved Queen Tiye. This serene lake was situated in Deir el-Shelwit, located on the west bank of Luxor. Amenhotep III adored his Queen and dedicated many shrines across Egypt to her. The Sacred Lake is located close to the little temple dedicated to Isis near Deir el Shelwit and is a testament to Amenhotep III 's love and devotion to his Queen reflecting their shared power and influence during Egypt’s golden age.

Stautues of Amenhotep III and his Queen Tiye
Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye, like twin flames, shared a profound and harmonious connection that transcended the ordinary. Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye embodied the concept of Twin flames. Twin flames are two souls originating from the same energetic essence, split into masculine and feminine aspects. Their reunion represents a divine union. Amenhotepp III and Queen Tiye's partnership was more than mere earthly companionship; it resonated on a spiritual level. Twin flames possess complementary energies with one embodying the sun (masculine), while the other embodying the moon (feminine). Amenhotep III, as the pharaoh, symbolised the sun, powerful, radiant, and authoritative. Queen Tiye, with her wisdom, grace, and influence, represented the moon, nurturing, intuitive, and mysterious. They balanced each other out just like twin flames balance each other. Twin flame union harmonises opposing energies, creating equilibrium. Amenhotep III’s strength was complemented by Queen Tiye’s wisdom. Together, they ruled Egypt during a golden age marked by prosperity and artistic expression.

Soul Recognition

Twin flames recognise each other instantly as their souls resonate, transcending time and space. Similarly, Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye shared a soul recognition, an unspoken knowing that they were destined to walk this path together.

Challenges and Growth

Twin flame relationships are intense and transformative. They trigger growth, healing, and self-awareness. Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye faced many challenges, political intrigues, religious shifts, and the weight of ruling an empire, yet, their love endured, shaping their souls.

Eternal Connection

Twin flames are bound across lifetimes. Even physical separation cannot sever their energetic link. Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye’s love also transcended their mortal existence, forever intertwined, dancing in the sands of ancient Egypt, a celestial duo still illuminating our world with their light.

Temple of Hathor at Denderah

Hathor the cow goddess
Hathor Goddess of Love

Hathor was the goddess of love, music, dance, and joy. She was depicted as a cow or as a woman with cow horns, symbolising fertility and nurturing. When it comes to twin flames, we can see the benefit of visiting the Temple of Hathor as an opportunity to experience the energies of sacred union and balance as the harmonious merging of these dual energies, the union of opposites and calling in divine love and connection. Hathor was associated with motherhood and protection and her temple served as a place of worship, healing, and celebration.

Twin Flames share an intense spiritual connection, a love that transcends time and space and their reunion initiates the merging of their souls. Just as worshippers sought Hathor’s blessings in her temple, twin flames seek divine love and connection beyond the physical realm, and here in the temple’s sanatorium the ancients would come for healing and manifestation of healing dreams. The sacred waters at Dendera were used to bless inscriptions on statues and were believed to cure diseases. The eternal flame burned within the temple, representing the eternal nature of divine love and cosmic energy. Similarly, twin flames carry an eternal flame within, their souls forever connected, even across lifetimes. Hathor temple’s flame could serve as a metaphor for the eternal bond between twin flames and as the Temple of Hathor, embodies themes of love, union, healing, and eternal connection, concepts that resonate with the mystical journey of twin flames. I

t's a must to visit here to experience the energy of divine love helping us toward reunion and enlightenment.

The Temple of Edfu

Horus and Hathor Relief
Horus and Hathor Reunited

Symbolising Divine Union and Sacred Space, the Temple of Edfu, dedicated to the god Horus, is a great reminder of ancient Egyptian spirituality. In relation to twin flames and the divine masculine and the divine feminine, I have given the temple of Edfu the name, "the temple of the Sacred Marriage", because of Hathor’s annual pilgrimage to Edfu resonates with the reunion of twin flames.

Every year, as the lotus bloomed along the banks of the Nile, Hathor embarked on her sacred pilgrimage from her temple at Denderah to the temple of Edfu where her beloved Horus awaited their reunion. Hathor moved beyond the earthly veil as she sailed toward the divine union with her beloved Horus, the falcon-headed god, both fierce and gentle. Their union is symbolic of twin flames, reuniting and separating, reuniting and separating again, year after year. Hathor, with her nurturing grace, held the universe in her womb. Horus, with his warrior spirit, protected the cosmic balance. Together, they danced, the eternal dance of opposites.

The temple of Edfu can initiate a deep awakening, because like Twin Flames, Hathor and Horus, mirror the cosmic dance, two souls seeking wholeness, and when they meet, there is a recognition of an ancient memory awakening you to a deeper inner knowing of your true self.

Hathor's journey symbolises the path of the seeker, crossing deserts, climbing celestial ladders, and facing inner storms. Her love for Horus fueled her mission just like that of the twin flames traveling through lifetimes, shedding illusions until their reunion ignites an alchemical fire through the merging of ego and soul. And they burn away all the dross, transmuting pain into something far more precious.

Hathor would return to Denderah, but her heart would always remain with Horus. Their separation was an illusion, a veil drawn over eternity. Twin flames also part and reunite as they dance between dimensions. During separation, they learn, while in union, they remember.

Hathor's journey echoes within all of us. Twin flames, like celestial lovers, await their sacred reunion, a cosmic dance that transcends time and space always seeking reunion and harmonising their energies with the Beloved, just like Horus and Hathor.

The temple rituals would have involved maintaining an eternal flame because each temple holds a significant energy and purpose. The eternal flame is a symbol of continuity, divine presence and cosmic energy. Twin flames also carry an eternal flame within, their souls forever connected, even across lifetimes. So, the temple’s flame becomes a symbol for the eternal bond between twin flames, transcending time and space.

Conflict and Resolution

The temple walls show the battle between Horus and Seth. This conflict mirrors the challenges twin flames often face as they face obstacles, ego clashes, and inner battles. Yet, like Horus overcoming Seth, they strive for resolution and unity. In this case Horus can be seen as the higher self and Seth as the ego. The temple’s stories remind us that even amidst conflict, the path of reunion is transformational. We can even see on the wall the symbolism of finding mastery over our lower self, which is paramount of course on our ascension paths.

We can see, the Temple of Edfu and twin flames do indeed share themes of divine union, balance, conflict, and eternal connection.

Accommodation and Location

accommodation over looking theban Mountains
Mystical Habu Domes Villa

Our Retreat will be interspersed with other activities like healing, meditation, receiving the light codes, sailing on the Nile, gazing at the magnificent expanse of stars in the evening, visiting the temples mentioned, wandering through the Bazaar, walking into the desert to watch the sunset and dining at quaint Egyptian restaurants.

We will be staying in a beautiful Villa in the quiet village of Habu, overlooking the Theban mountains just a stone's throw to Habu and Thoth Temples, so you can also visit those temples in your spare time. You can relax in the pool at the end of the day.

You will receive one awakening phone session prior to leaving for Egypt, to prepare you for the energies and to be aligned with the purpose unfolding.

Retreat Dates and Options

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Ascension 7 Night Retreat (dates opt):

  • Explore your inner and outer realms. Temples, meditation, enlightening discussions, healing, light codes and local experiences.

  • AUD $1888 per person - this retreat is available for individuals or couples contact me for availability.

11:11 Twin Flames in Egypt 7 Night Retreat (Nov 9 - 16, 2024)

  • Dive deep into twin flame wisdom at Luxor, visiting temples, receiving powerful healing and awakening light codes activations, interspersed with local experiences.

  • AUD $1888 per person

Contact +61430026133 on WhatsApp or email me at

to apply.

Book Your Twin Flame Vison Quest

This is More Than a Retreat: I've been living and working in Egypt for 8 years and for 18 years I've been bringing groups. Egypt and Luxor in particular, is in my heart, the people, the land, the temples, the Nile, the experiences. In Luxor we are all one big family, and everyone wants to see you have a magical time.

You will also receive a free 90 minute phone session with light codes activation valued at $188AUD and one pre-recorded Light Codes of the Temples of your choice

If you wish to stay on after the 7 days, to do further temples you will need to book accommodation early.

Note: Retreat details and prices are subject to change. Book early to secure your sacred space. For these particular retreats I cannot take more than 5 people, making this an intimate and powerful opportunity.

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