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The Threefold Flame and your Divine Spark

Updated: Apr 13

three flames, pink, blue, yellow
Three Fold-Flame of Love

What is the Threefold Flame?

The concept of the Threefold Flame is connected to teachings related to the Ascended Masters. It represents the divine spark within each of us and is said to be placed in our heart at birth, sustaining our physical life. As we evolve spiritually, our focus should be on balancing and expanding this flame, aiming for perfect balance of the three flames, as an empowering and wise compassion that expresses God’s essence.

The Three Qualities of the Threefold Flame

  • The pink flame of the threefold flame represents love. It is the essence of the Inner Christ and the Inner Buddha.

  • The yellow flame symbolises wisdom. It corresponds to the Son aspect of the heavenly Trinity. Within our own being, it provides the illumination and right use of knowledge.

  • The blue flame embodies power and corresponds to the Father aspect. It supplies the energy needed to run our physical body. It represents faith, goodwill, and the divine intent.

The Threefold Flame and the Monad

the threefold flame inside the monad
The Threefold Flame, a Spark of the Monad

The Threefold Flame, representing love, wisdom, and power within our hearts, is connected to the concept of the Monad. The Threefold Flame resides within our heart chakra, symbolising our divine essence and the qualities we express as spiritual beings. Each flame represents an aspect of our soul's journey. The Monad is a higher spiritual concept, associated with the Higher Self or the I AM Presence. It represents our individualised divine spark, which is a fragment of the Universal God Source.

The Monad is beyond the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our being because it exists in higher dimensions and the Threefold Flame is a microcosmic reflection of the Monad. When we talk about the Monad, we are referring to our eternal, immortal self, the part of us that transcends earthly experiences. The Monad contains the I AM consciousness, representing our true identity beyond the limitations of time and space.

As we spiritually evolve, our Threefold Flame aligns more closely with our Monad, allowing us to express divine qualities in our daily lives. Our spiritual growth involves integrating the Threefold Flame with our Monad and this integration leads to self-realisation, where we recognise our divine nature and consciously express love, wisdom, and power. The Monad acting as the divine template that shapes our soul's journey, leads us toward oneness with the Universal Source. So, the Threefold Flame is a steppingstone, a bridge connecting our human experience to the eternal Monad. It is an extension of the Monad, a spark off the old block so to speak. As we nurture the threefold flame within, we move closer to our divine essence, the Monad, which is the original spark of God.

Qualities of the Threefold Flame

pink blue and yellow flame
The Threefold Flame

The Threefold Flame is a spiritual concept that holds qualities that guide us toward a balanced and harmonious life. It has three flames, and each flame expresses the divine qualities that lie within each of us.

  1. The Blue flame symbolises divine power, will and protection.

  2. The Yellow Flame symbolises divine wisdom, illumination, and understanding.

  3. The Pink Flame symbolises divine love, compassion and creativity.

When we activate and balance these three flames within ourselves, it can lead to spiritual purification with the purposes as follows.

  • Blue Flame: Helps us align with our higher purpose, giving us the strength to overcome challenges and make choices in alignment with our soul’s path.

  • Yellow Flame: Illuminates our consciousness, allowing us to see beyond illusions and gain deeper insights. It helps us make wise decisions.

  • Pink Flame: Opens our hearts to unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. It purifies our emotions and relationships.

By irradiating these flames within, we can experience inner transformation and purification, leading to greater spiritual growth and alignment with our true selves.

The Mother Flame

 the flame of purity
The Mother Flame

The Threefold Flame originates within the Mother Flame, which is the essence of God blazing within our physicality, a tiny sphere of white light. From this sphere, the three other flames rise, each representing an aspect of our soul’s journey, and this is the Threefold Flame.

The Mother Flame, the White Flame, can be called the Divine Mother Flame, the Ascension Flame, or the Flame of Purity, it's all the same illuminating our path toward spiritual awakening and self-realisation.

The White Flame of Ascension

White Flame of Purity
The White Flame of Ascension

The White Flame of Ascension, located at the base of the spine chakra is associated with purity, clarity, truth, integrity, and love, it the Universal Christ Consciousness and has deep connections to the Divine Feminine. It carries the Keys and Codes of higher wisdom, sacred geometries, and pyramid energy. You might know it as associated with Serapis Bey, the Ascended Master of the White Fire Ray of Purity who oversees the Ascension Temple at Luxor and is known as the Great Disciplinarian. Serapis Bey embodies the fourth ray, which is associated with the base-of-the-spine chakra and the ascension flame. His mission is to reawaken the sacred fire within humanity guiding us to ascension and mastery.

The base of the spine chakra serves as the cradle of the Mother Flame, she is the essence of God blazing within our physical form. As the Mother Flame rises, it splits into three within our heart chakra. We need to keep all three flames in balance, so we have a perfect blend of power, wisdom, and compassion. By balancing and expanding the threefold flame, our aim should be that we expand it to encompass our entire being. While the Mother Flame is the essence of God within us, the Threefold Flame represents our inner divine qualities. Both flames are essential on our spiritual journey.

Irradiating the Threefold Flame

White Fire flame of purity
Merging back into the White Flame of Purity

If we place our awareness on the Threefold Flame within our heart, we can irradiate the flame, activate its purpose and expand upon the qualities within ourselves. We can use it to transmute the darkness by directing the Threefold Flame toward any fears that may arise it and let its light transmute darkness into clarity and love. The more you nurture the flames, the brighter they grow. Eventually, they merge again into a single white flame, symbolising oneness and ascension.

Irradiate your Threefold Flame now

Light Codes Transmission

During today's Light Codes Transmission, I was given visions to show me that we were being offered the wisdom of the Threefold Flame. I saw a masculine and a feminine holding a large basin representing the energies of the Divine Mother Flame. This was followed by a vision of three streams of light, one blue, one pink, one yellow and after this I saw the threefold flame. The mantra that was constant was "Eshta, Eshta Eshta" meaning purify, purify purify. I then saw as a Great Being although I could not see them completely, it was just a perception of them, looking down upon the Earth. I knew this to be a sign of readiness for the collective to expand the threefold flame. There was a constant mantra of "Ma Ru Ha Tae" and "Etu Ra". This is to do with embodying and expanding the great Light of the Mother. I also saw someone with a great angel standing behind them in protective support, which I was guided to know was a symbolic representation of the Angel of the Presence. The Angel of the Presence is a messenger, bringing guidance. The final vision for this transmission was of someone driving a car, which corresponds to the meaning of the threefold flame each holding different aspects of our soul's journey here on Earth, the car symbolising us on that journey. I feel the transmission was not so much about healing, but about sharing the Wisdom Codes of the threefold flame in a way that we would be able to embody that teaching and expand and irradiate our flames, so we are totally encompassed by the flame expressing all qualities in balance and harmony. As we irradiate our threefold flame, we allow their brilliance to transform us and the world.

The Christ Flame

three flames and a heart
The Threefold flame resides within the Heart Chakra

The threefold flame residing within the heart chakra represents a divine spark, a trinity of love, wisdom, and power also known as the flame of Christ or the flame of life. It is the essence of God shining within us. The ideal state is balance, where power is strengthened with love, and love is infused with wisdom. Our individual threefold flames vary depending on qualities we have developed in this and past lives. Most people carry a tiny threefold flame, but it is God’s desire for us to expand and balance this flame until it envelops our entire being, as it does in the great ascended masters. The threefold flame is your passport to immortality, a divine spark that connects you to the heart of the Almighty.

Wisdom of the Threefold Flame

Through the Light Codes Transmission, you can receive the wisdom codes passed through from the Divine that speaks directly to your Soul. It bypasses the ego and purifies you through all levels, so you are a clear channel for expansion of your Threefold Flame. Irradiate your Threefold Flame, by working with the Light Codes Transmission. Use them like a meditation. Prepare your sacred space, close your eyes, and visualise the threefold flame while entering into meditation listening to the "Irradiating your Threefold Flame" Light Codes Transmission.

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