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Grounding and Embodying Soul

embodying the soul
Alignment with the Soul

As we enter the month of April the Universal Light Codes are showing us that Soul Pathways are opening up. For that to happen, we have to be grounded and have grounded our soul

energies. When we talk about grounding, we usually mean we are connecting our inner essence with the Earth’s energy. We anchor our spiritual energies to help us to find stability, and this helps us to nurture our inner light.

  • Walking barefoot on the grass, or sand, helps us have contact with the Earth and helps us to come into balance.

  • Hugging a tree or wrapping our arms around its trunk can help us to absorb the energy of the tree and this helps us have more stability.

  • Bringing awareness to your breath helps us to become more present while focusing on the sensations within the body and being aware of your environment.

  • You can use crystals and gemstones such as hematite, black tourmaline, or jasper, to help you ground. Just carry them in your pocket or keep them around, hold them in your hand and use them to meditate with gently massaging the stone to keep you present.

  • A simple visualisation technique for grounding is to imagine you have roots extending from your feet into the Earth, anchoring you into the Earth's core. Feel your energies flowing down deep into the Earth through the roots.

Bridge between spiritual and physical worlds
Bridge between Worlds

There are lots of ways to ground, so you can explore that, but make it something that brings you into the present, not something that makes you drift off.

When we ground our soul, we create a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world, balancing us between the two worlds.

Without being grounded, we are not able to make our soul's purpose and missions manifest.

Embodying the Soul

Embodying the soul is different. Embodying the soul is when we fully integrate our soul essence into our body, mind, and heart. We are then able to open to divine expression, shining love and wisdom out into the world giving us a greater sense purpose.

When we have embodied our soul, we have fully integrated the masculine and feminine energies within our chakras and have become androgynous; equally expressing both masculine and feminine energies.

Masculine Energy

The Divine Masculine represents active, direction-oriented energy encompassing strength, logic, action, and protection. It governs our Soul purpose and our Soul mission. These qualities become natural for us.

Feminine Energy

The Divine Feminine embodies receptive, nurturing energy with qualities like intuition, abundance, reflection, and compassion. It helps us to anchor our gifts into the Earth's grid and opens us to our soul's pathway.

We must be in harmony with both masculine and feminine energies and have brought them into union so we can fully anchor and express the purpose of our Soul incarnate on Earth.

Soul's Mission

Once we have fully integrated the masculine and feminine within, we are ready to birth our Soul’s mission and ground it in the world.

Expression of Harmony
Masculine and Feminine energies in Harmony

As we come into harmony with the divine masculine and divine feminine within, we have come into inner union. We are balanced, in union and are now a powerful force that can transcend duality.

Our Soul's mission is our reason for incarnating, it is our way of expressing our unique essence. Now as the fully integrated masculine and feminine we receive clearer guidance from our soul, we are aligned with our inner Truth and are able to shine our inner light and bring that into the world.

Birthing our Mission

To birth our Soul's Mission, we have to have fully unified our masculine and feminine. It makes sense. Mum and Dad come into union and have a baby. It's the same deal. We fully merge our masculine and feminine and we are able to birth our soul's mission. It is an act of Creation itself. We conceive it within, nurturing it with love and intention and then we give birth by grounding it.

Grounding and Embodying your Soul and Mission

Fully embodying our soul means to come into inner union, to expand in consciousness, to heal both inner and out realities at an accelerated rate and to be ready to awaken to your Soul's mission.

Grounding our mission means fully embodying it. As we live it and breathe it, we make it manifest impacting the world around us, sharing our light everywhere we go. It's a sacred purpose, a sacred journey and it takes both our divine masculine and divine feminine to bring it into being.

Birthing Twin Flame Missions

Birthing the twin flame mission
Twin Flames birthing the Third Energy

We can upscale this and see the same or similar process with Twin Flame missions. It's basically the same pathway, except you are doing it twice. Firstly, you must have fully embodied the masculine and feminine self within and have birthed your own unique frequency / light and then when you have met and come into harmony and union with your twin flame, you embark upon the journey to birth the third energy, which is the twin flame mission. It's the same process again, to bring forth the next level, the twin flame mission in Service to Humanity.

The Universal Light Codes

merging divine feminine and divine masculine
Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Lights of the Soul

While bringing through the first Light Codes Transmission for April, on the first of April, a 13/4 day, a day of alchemical transformations, they showed me this very same process. I saw the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as two divine beings with wings of light meeting at the heart centre.

Throughout the transmission the light language was bringing through mantras for grounding and embodying the light of the Soul. It began with Tae Ra - anchoring the Light of God

and completed with Rhu Tae embodying the Soul.

The Light of the Soul

two hands in clouds toward sphere of light
Reaching for the Light of your Soul

As we came into the Spiritual Body, I saw a vision of two hands reaching up through the clouds ready to cup a great sphere of light: the Light of the Soul. Are you ready for embodying the Soul.

The month of April is the fourth month, and everything is about the Heart, the bridge between worlds, the centre where Heaven and Earth meet and where union takes place. We are ready and the Universal Light Codes are showering us with this Light. The Light Codes transmission takes us there so we can fully ground and embody the Soul and activate our Soul's missions.

In some cases, for those readying for Twin Flame union, it will bring forth reunion and enable third energies to be created and missions to be embarked upon.

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