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11 Nights Egyptian Initiation Retreat

We have an awesome Egypt Spiritual Retreat this year working with the Codes of Thoth, the Codes of the Ancient Egyptian Temples and the Sacred sounds that awaken us to deeper parts of ourselves. We will be connecting and aligning with the Spirit of the desert, the Spirit of Luxor, the Spirit of the Nile and aligning with true nature and your connections to Ancient Egypt, remembering and awakening to your past wisdom and activating your sleeping codes.

Prior to arriving in Luxor, we will begin to make the connections together online, to familiarise with the energies of the Ascension frequencies of LUXOR Light and the Ascension Temple of Luxor. We begin our work knowing we are gathering with souls we have known before, flame carriers, ready to ignite the flames of wisdom again.

The temples we will be visiting are Temple of Thoth, Temple of Habu, Temple of Isis (deir el Sherwit), Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, The Chapel of Anubis and the Chapel of Hathor, The Colossi of Memnon the standing statues of the Mortuary temple of Amenhotep III who was an incarnation of the Ascended Master Serapis Bey who resides in the Ascension Temple of Luxor. We will be visiting Temple of Luxor, Temple of Karnak, Temple of Sekhmet, Temple of Khonsu, Temple of Khnum, Temple of Horus, Temple of Kom Ombo, Temple of Isis (Philae), Temple of Hathor, Temple of Osiris and more where opportunity arises.

We visit the Tombs of The Valley of the Kings and Queens and my favourite, the Tomb of Ay where the most powerful source of energy is sure to activate you.

We will have Light codes activations every morning during meditation, sailing on the Nile for a magical sunset, riding camels, connecting with the energies of Yuya and Tuya, Queen Tiye, Amenhotep III, Akhenation, Ramses II. We will be discussing things like healing polarity, Moses as Akhenaton, Yuya as Joseph, Thutmosis III as Lord Kuthumi, Osiris as Serapis, the spiritual significance of the sacred marriage and Horus and Hathor, Rameses II as Kuthumi and as much more as we can fit in. We will discuss the sacredness of numbers and the ability awaken the hieroglyphics within you. … so much more….

You will experience healing, and the powerful process of LUXOR Light and Ametron Truth.

Most importantly is that you will be part of this whole process. We will work with the energies of the group, as a group in unity, one that works with the elements, with the flow of the energies of the group. This is a powerful opportunity for spiritual growth and expansion…..

You will receive the itinerary when you register.

Begins February 22 - March 4

Cost of the Retreat is $3333AUD

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