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Divine Feminine and New Energies

divine feminine in universe bringing through new energy
AI generated Divine Feminine New Energies

It's Monday and every Monday I prepare for receiving the latest Light Codes Transmission that shows us where we are at on the ascension path and explains the new energies coming through. This is in relation to those walking a conscious path, both ascension candidates and twin flames.

It appears we are readying for birthing something new within us or maybe even through us.

While in transmission today I was shown the divine feminine offering bread to the divine masculine. Bread, as a symbol, suggests nourishment, sustenance and life. It often symbolises a gift from the earth and has a lot to do with abundance and generosity of nature.

The divine feminine is also about abundance, nurturing and providing for others. In my vision she is offering bread to the divine masculine, so this would suggest she is in the role of nurturing and providing for the divine masculine. She is supporting him, helping him to fulfil his purpose. I saw the vision in the Alpha chakra which is the divine masculine chakra, and it is about purpose, mission and direction. So, this is basically saying it is the role of the divine feminine to support her masculine at this stage of their journey. This is an energetic support so don't go out and think you have to do everything for your masculine.

Bread is also about sharing with others as it is often broken and shared among people, representing the importance of connection and unity.

The sharing of the bread could be seen as a coming together of these two energies to create a harmonious balance on their shared journey towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Because I write a lot for twin flames, I want to emphasise the importance of understanding this as an energetic sharing. Let's say you are in separation right now. Separation is a vital part of the twin flame journey. it is in separation you can go to the next energetic phase in your journey. In the presence of each other there are too many distractions. By being in separation, you are will indeed energetically support your divine masculine, so make sure you are balanced and harmonised yourself. This is all you need to do. Support him by making space for yourself and for him to heal and grow.

Put your big girl pants on!

While bringing the transmission through the Divine Feminine Chakra, the Omega Chakra, sometimes called the Earth Star, there were a lot of Enochian Keys and Codes including a lot of unlocking codes. This tells me that the Divine Feminine is already activating at the levels required to birth something new.

I had a vision of a divine feminine and a divine masculine dressed in white garments and wearing yellow plumes on their heads like a yellow crested cockatoo. They were facing each other and standing very close to each other.

The yellow plumes, especially as seen on a cockatoo, symbolise joy, happiness, optimism and intellectual energy. They are warm like the sun; they symbolise life and the pursuit of wisdom and understanding.

Seeing the yellow plumes on the head of a masculine and feminine figures, dressed in white, the yellow plumes could represent a balance of energies. White symbolises purity, peace, and new beginnings, while yellow adds an element of joy, light and mental clarity bringing harmonious union of two different qualities bringing together clarity and purity with joyful and optimistic qualities.

Yellow is connected to the solar plexus chakra which is the seat of personal power and will. It governs self-confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to assert oneself in the world. The yellow plumes have an emphasis on intellectual prowess and clarity of thought suggesting a connection to a higher purpose. They could be seen as a beacon of enlightenment, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual empowerment.

Still in Omega, I saw a white flame, suggesting the white flame of purity, the ascension flame.

We were a long time in Omega, the Divine Feminine as she prepared herself before we entered the heart chakra as the divine masculine and divine feminine came into union. What I saw in here was a birdhouse.

The spiritual symbolism of a birdhouse symbolises a sanctuary providing a safe haven for birds to nest, lay eggs, and raise their young. This has to do with us creating a safe place for ourselves and our loved ones, but in this respect, I feel it is to do with creating a space so you can bring forth the third energy whatever that is. It could be a new purpose, mission or project of some kind.

Sometimes we need to create the space, so we are not interrupted or invaded by outside influences that could distract us from our true purpose so we can fulfil our mission.

The birdhouse is the safe place for the bird who also symbolises the spiritual messenger. The spiritual message has come to tell you it is time to get on with birthing and let all distractions go for a while.

The birdhouse is symbolic of fertility and the cyclical process of birth, growth, death and regeneration showing us the interconnectedness of all things.

It's time to create personal space because we are ready for new energies, and you can't do it unless you have your sacred space uninterrupted!

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