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Yay to the Twin Flame Collective

twin flame collective sharing wisdom
Bing AI image of the Twin Flame Collective

Last night I was dreaming about paintings.

I googled the meaning and came across an article that suggested seeing a finished painting in a dream, especially your own painting, meant that you were going through inner transformation and evolution. If you finished the painting it means you're either manifesting a goal or arriving at a resolution.

It was one of those straw paintings. The ones that you blow through a straw onto canvas.

I do remember seeing one black bit dripping down.

I feel that is the part within me that is still healing, the part that I’m still bringing through from the subconscious and into the conscious. It’s the bit that I just couldn’t get out. But now this recent eruption into separation with my twin flame is dredging it out.

I contemplated the fact that it’s a straw painting and what it means when you blow through the straw.

For me this suggests blowing the breath of life into the artwork. My artwork, my canvas, my new beginnings.

I was looking at the finished artwork.

It was not on the easel but held in my hands as I contemplated the piece, the dripping black bit amongst the colours of life.

That black bit has a story, it’s talking to me, because that’s the bit I’m noticing.

There’s some wisdom in there for me.

And it’s all in my hands, I’m the one who can bring that wisdom through. Me, and my inner knowing.

I know what to do, how to heal this deep wound just dripping to get out.

The dream suggests using my creativity to heal my deepest wounds, the ones hidden deep down in my psyche.

The twin flame does that for us. They are like the brush, the straw or whatever other tool you might use to do your artwork.

They help you go deep and dredge out those remaining shiny black mysterious wounds that just won’t rise to the surface on their own.

I’m big on the theory that twin flames, not just your personal twin flame, but the twin flame collective, when they come together, spark wisdom and healing for each other.

I work with twin flames, and I meet twin flames. It might seem like, yeah right, why are there so many twin flames all of a sudden?

Well, here’s the tip.

We get what we are.

So, if you are a twin flame and you are on the ascension journey, you are going to meet more twin flames. You are going to get more of what you are and there is a reason for that.

Twin flames when they come together, and I mean twin flames from the twin flame collective help each other.

Have you noticed, when you meet another twin flame, the energy between you is fast.

You talk fast, you think fast.

That’s because when twin flames from the twin flame collective come together, they pass wisdom between each other as a continual energetic stream of wisdom.

I write for Medium and there are a lot of twin flame writers on Medium. I’ve only been there a few days and I’ve already read a trillion articles from different twin flames. Because Medium is a paid subscription, I will post some articles here for free, but if you are on Medium, please follow me.

In the writings, it’s just like sitting with a twin flame and having a conversation. They write about what you have been experiencing and often it’s almost identical and it’s like, “but hey, I was going to write that article, and I was going to write it just like that!”

That’s what I’m talking about. It’s all there in the collective and we, as twin flames all have access to that wisdom that comes through.

But hey, that’s not all.

When you share that wisdom, you spark another to write some more, to pull out that something else to add to the wisdom that twin flames are here to bring to the world.

Twin flames are like the straw painting in my dream. They are the straw, or maybe they are the breath that blows the paint upon the canvas.

Each colour being blown upon the canvas is a piece of wisdom brought through from the twin flame collective, bringing through from the great subconscious and into the consciousness of all, bringing wounds to the surface to be seen.

When a wound is seen, it has come to light. It has no more power over us.

It becomes the key to greater wisdom.

The breath as you blow upon your canvas with the colour you choose, is like the breath of the Christ breathing the Holy Spirit deep into you, helping you rise and become more Christ-like.

That’s what ascension is.

That’s what twin flames are all about.

Twin flames are an ascension pathway, a pathway to mastery.

Twin flames are not about setting up house and living happily ever after. Where’s the growth in that?

Twin flames are hard task masters.

Twin flames are not just the schoolteacher, they are the headmaster with his cane (that’s how old I am), whipping you into action.

Thanks to all the twin flame collective writers out there, we are pulling through wisdom from the All of Creation so all of humanity can rise and live in a new way, a more healed and unconditionally loving way.

Thanks to all twin flames walking this journey with me, reminding me through your snippets of wisdom, brought forth from your experience.

Twin Flames heal twin flames.

Twin flames you make me more of who I Am and for that I Am eternally grateful!

Yay to the Twin Flame Collective!

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