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Get outside: meditation by the sea

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

You feel like crap, you've been working inside all day, every day and you feel sluggish and stagnated, so much so you can't be bothered getting outside.

This is the first sign that you need to get outside! You need the fresh air on your face, in your hair and in your #aura / energy field. Just being at the beach is enough to help blow the cobwebs away with all the negative ions. I don't know why they call them negative, because they create an absolutely positive effect on our aura! They brighten our mood and stimulate our senses. They improve our appetite and sex drive and relieve us from many allergic sufferings. They help our body to better absorb oxygen into the blood cells and trigger our seratonin levels so we feel soo relaxed. Now, that is just by visiting the beach. So, imagine what meditating at the beach can do!

Meditating at the beach can help to heal the emotions and declutter our mind.

Healing the emotions is best done using the element of water, therefore being near water, and better still swimming in it can help to clear, calm and heal the emotions.

Crazy mind, you know the monkey mind, the too many thoughts, the negative chitter chatter is helped to heal by using the element of air. So, getting outside and letting the breeze blow through our hair and on our faces is the perfect way to help blow away negativity.

The Intuitive Mind or the Higher Mental Body requires sound to help it heal. The waves crashing, the wind whistling enables us to listen more intently to our own energy field where we can hear the high pitched cricket-like sounds. It brings us into the now and enables pure thought to drop in.

Healing the Spirit

So, how do we heal at the higher levels? By meditating we tap into the fifth element of Akasha / Ether and here we go into the zone that allows us to be in the absolute where true and everlasting healing of the spirit can take place.

So, next time you are feeling tired, emotional, stir crazy, or even wanting to connect with your own true nature, get down to the beach or lake or river and find a quiet place to create your sacred healing moment.

Sunrise or Sunset

There is no excuse, you are either an early riser or a late starter, either way we have the sun rising or setting and therefore we can harness the element of fire which we need to awaken our drudge and spark some new inspiration. Or, go to a lonely beach and light a fire and meditate around the fire! I want to go!

Healing with the 5 Elements

Last but not least and maybe it should have been first, but we have a physical body that also need movement to heal. So it needs the element of Earth. You can make your meditation a walking meditation as you walk along the beach and take in all 5 elements of earth, air, water, fire and Akasha.

I feel a trip to the beach coming on!

Would you like to learn to meditate at a deep level for true and lasting healing?

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