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Shifting Timelines

a woman choosing between timelines
Shifting Timelines

Understanding Timelines

Shifting timelines is a fascinating topic because we shift every single day, depending on our thoughts, decisions and our actions, but most of us don't give enough conscious thought to how we are the ones who determine how our timelines shift. Stretch it out or pull it in!

Imagine your life is like a cosmic tapestry, woven from threads of all your past, present and future experiences. Each thread represents a moment passing through time like a slide from a movie as we seek to find the bigger picture.

Shifting timelines criss crossing
Threads of time

These threads crisscross each other, creating a continuous flow, like slides in a movie reel.  Beyond this continual flow, there is a hidden realm, another existence where the fabric of reality comes into being. The infinite threads of those realities separate and then come together again, forming elaborate patterns, each thread representing different timelines, all glowing with potential. Every choice we make is like a cosmic weaver, threading the loom. With every decision, we pull a thread, changing the pattern. Sometimes, we choose the path that is most familiar to us, and other times, we grab hold of a strand that stands out the most, and we choose new unfamiliar territory.  The loom buzzes with excited energy as we weave, and we begin to shift into different versions of ourselves, as we explore parallel realities. The mundane and the miraculous existing together just waiting for our unique touch.  This is why we need to choose consciously, choosing the threads of joy, courage, and love, because we are shaping not just our own realities, but the very fabric of existence itself.


Natural Timeline Shift

man as angel and businessman shifting timelines
Every thought and every emotion shifts our timeline

We are always shifting between timelines with every choice we make and with every emotion we experience, this is a natural course of life because our emotions tend to anchor us to certain vibrations.  Positive emotions align us with positive timelines and negative emotions point us to other directions that are not necessarily harmonious.  Every decision, every feeling pushes us toward a different pathway. That’s why we need to be conscious of the choices we make. 


Conscious Timeline Shifting

Imagine choosing a different timeline altogether.  Pause, rewind or fast-forward it's all possible.  If you focus on conscious awareness, you can become fully empowered by the choices you make as they shift you into a higher timeline. 

person standing on car moving through timelines
Create Positive Timelines

Higher timeline meaning one that aligns with your Higher Self, one that is filled with Soul, love, joy, bliss, abundance and opportunity.


Remember that every decision we make alters the path we are on, and our vibration has a big part to play in this.  If we raise our vibrational frequency through positivity, gratitude and love we align with higher timelines.  


Every action we take aligns us with the reality we are creating.  So, think before you act!  This is why if you already act as if you are abundant, you will shift your reality and your timeline to that of one of abundance.  If you think in accordance with lack, that is the timeline you will travel along. Trust your intuition and your inner guidance because it will never steer you in the wrong direction.  To be in tune with your inner guidance means you need to be in alignment with your Higher Self


Quantum Leaping

leaping from one reality to another reality
Making a Quantum Leap

We can leap from one reality to another reality instantaneously because we have infinite versions of ourselves all existing at the same time.  When we shift timelines consciously, we quantum leap as we step into a different reality.  The quantum field responds to our beliefs, intentions, and emotions and activates specific timelines.  When weird things happen that can’t be explained, they could just be timeline shifts, so be conscious of your thoughts because where you place your focus is what you create. 


We are not stuck to a single path; we are constantly travelling across different timelines. Every shift is a new adventure, embrace it while focusing on keeping your vibration high and welcome the amazing journeys unfolding ahead of you!

Some Ways to Raise your Spiritual Vibration

Be conscious of what you consume. As a vibrational being, everything you consume affects your energy. Bring awareness to....

  • Your Body

    • Choose organic whole foods and fresh fruit and veg where possible and avoid processed foods.

    • Use natural skincare and cleaning products also where possible.

    • Practice yoga, exercise, or dancing because movement releases stagnant energy.

  • Your Emotions

    • Drink lots of water to purify and process emotions.

    • Swim and spend time by the sea, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water.

    • Use Alchemy Waters such as Flower Essences, Crystal or Shell Essences. These help to purify the emotional body.

  • Your Mind

    • Choose uplifting books.

    • Listen to inspiring music and sounds like crystal or Tibetan bowls because these clear the mind plane.

    • Watch only positive movies and documentaries.

    • Work with affirmations, mantras, Light Codes and the power of prayer.

man meditating
Meditate to raise your vibration
  • Your Spirit

    • Practice Gratitude because it raises your vibration and attracts positivity.

    • Spend time in Nature to rejuvenate the spirit.

    • Use crystals to help connect with your intuition.

    • Wear positive colours and work with Colour Therapy.

    • Meditate regularly because this helps you tune into higher frequencies, calms the mind, reduces stress and aligns you with your inner world and Higher Self.

Creating a Higher Vibrational Timeline

Are you aware of having shifted timelines because you were on a higher vibration?

Being on a higher vibrational timeline refers to a path in life that aligns with positive energy and spiritual growth. When we raise our vibration through conscious awareness, we encourage positive emotions and that shifts our timeline to a higher one.

A natural ability to manifest easily, have heightened intuition, and being aligned and having a purpose are all signs of higher vibrational timelines. When we consciously choose our thoughts, actions, and experiences we raise our vibration, we shift our timeline, and the natural result is to have a more rewarding life and possibly arrive at our desired destination sooner than we thought! 

Back in January 2004 I was experiencing a dark night of the soul. I didn't want to keep teaching Colour Therapy, I wanted to move forward into something new and felt stuck. I went into an inner retreat for some six weeks; it was a conscious choice to make change in my life even though I didn't know what change would even work for me. During that six week I realised, that the only time I was feeling on top of the world was when I was teaching Colour Therapy and focusing on my spiritual practices. So, I decided to commit to another year of teaching. On the very first day of the very first class for the year on

Shifting timelines
Racing toward a new timeline

3.3.2004, I went into a deep energetic sleep that took hold of me for almost 24 hours. I came out the other end birthing a new frequency and I shifted my timeline into my Soul Purpose which became a powerful meditation system that enables others to raise their frequency and shift their timelines! I've been committed to that purpose ever since!

Come and experience the wonder and work with me and shift your timeline!

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