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The Importance of the Higher Self in Healing

man walking the path into cosmic consciousness
Journeying to the Higher Self

Let's look at what the Higher Self is.

The Higher Self is that part of us that transcends the physical. It is a state of consciousness where we are connected to the divine. Our Higher Self has access to Universal wisdom that can guide us through life's challenges and helps us to come into alignment with our soul's path.

When we are in full alignment with our Higher Self, we are able to access the answers we need through universal / collective consciousness. It is our most authentic self, our True Self and is beyond the limitations of the ego.

Our Higher Self can be seen as that part of us that resonates with unconditional love, wisdom and our connection to Universal Source. It is our future self or our future consciousness that exists beyond time and space.

Our Higher Self is our "Realised" self.

When we align and connect with our Higher Self, through meditation or some kind of spiritual practice, we have access to a deeper understanding of our life purpose, and greater access to higher wisdom. Our intuition is finely tuned, and we are able to live life with greater clarity. This of course gives us a greater sense of inner peace.

The Importance of Aligning with your Higher Self for Healing

Now that we know what our Higher Self is, we can then more easily understand why it is so important to us when it comes to healing.

The Higher Self is the wisest part of ourselves, so that means we make better decisions and act in accordance with our higher guidance. I believe we should all connect with our Higher Self every morning before we start our day.

You can say something like this -

"I am fully connected to my Higher Self, the purest part of my being.

With every breath I invite the wisdom, love and guidance of my Higher Self into my life.

I trust the wisdom of my Higher Self to lead me through my day and towards healing, spiritual growth, success and happiness.

I am at One with my Higher Self and today and every day we walk together with ease and Grace".

You can say any or all of the above.

The wisdom of our Higher Self can help us to heal karma and trauma from this life and past lives. It is our source of unconditional love and compassion helping us to align and embody the same to help us heal our emotional wounds and lead us toward Self-Love. This in turn gives us a greater sense of inner peace and a sense of calm, reducing stress and anxiety which is the cause of many health issues.

Aligning with your Higher Self helps you to speed up your spiritual growth, helping you to let go of your limiting beliefs and patterns. It helps us to raise our consciousness and increases our frequency.

Dis-ease cannot live in a high frequency environment.

We become more empowered and make choices that are in alignment with our soul's pathway transforming our lives for the better.

Being in alignment and connection with our Higher Self enhances our intuition and this means we make better choices when it come to our healing journey. Our intuition is our inner guide that steers us onto the right path and helps us to discern who and what is right for us in our lives. All too often we do not listen to our intuition and by ignoring our intuition we can make ourselves very sick.

For Healing on all levels, through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual we simply must be in alignment with our Higher Self!

You can purchase "Journey to the Higher Self, a Guided Meditation" with Light Codes, Sacred Sound, Light Language and Power Mantras here, to help you heal on all levels.

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