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Healing the Wound of the Sacred Feminine

Healing the Wound of the Sacred Feminine

In my visions today, I saw the sacred feminine. She looked like Isis with her wings open and up, touching at the tips. Her head was turned and tilted to the left as she wiped her tears on her wings. She was lifting up and out of her self. She rose up in stages. As she rose, her wings were no longer visible, but she became aglow as if she was lighting a fire within her. She was aglow with an internal flame. Her arms and shoulders were back and her heart was open as she surrendered to the internal flame of purification within her. She was surrendering her wounds, the wound of the sacred feminine. All grief, fear, sadness, distrust, all pain and suffering. She surrendered her wound.

The Sacred Masculine Supporting the Sacred Feminine

Then came into my vision, Amenhotep III sitting on his throne, solid and of stone. In his lap he held an open book. There is a clue in the words "open book". He sits solid, firm and of the earth, a powerful anchor. The sacred feminine is now again in the vision, suspended above the ground, more in the ethers. She is totally surrendering the wound which allows her to rise and in the rising she is ignited by this internal flame, she appears to be receiving a charge. She is being powered, she is receiving a powerful charge through her heart. It appears to be an exchange between the power of the wound and the power of surrender. The sacred masculine sits ever still with the book appearing to be the instruction that offers a knowing. In some way there is an exchange happening. The power of the word. There is something happening between the sacred masculine energy and the sacred feminine energy; a balance of power. The masculine is earthed and the feminine is suspended by the power of the energy. They are working together. I understand this message, but for each of us, we must surrender our wounds, surrender the power of the sacred feminine and trust and the strength of the sacred masculine. This is not gender focused, this is the sacred masculine and sacred feminine within all of us. It may be reflected to us in our external world, therefore we should be awake to our own personal experience now. What is your wound and where or who is the charge coming from?

The Power of the Word activating the Energy

Amenhotep with his book on his knee comes into my awareness again and it reminds me of the power of the word. It's as if he is using incantations that awaken the power of the wound in the feminine.

This is for all of us....allow your wound to awaken you

Light Codes of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine

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