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Masculine and Feminine Returning to Love

Make a Wish

This was week 141 of transmissions and it fell on a 55 numerological day.

141 suggests we make a wish. How significant when this is the day of new beginnings and wishes coming true.


55 brings in the change.

I had no sleep overnight prior to receiving the visionary messages, just a meditative state though the hours. Just after 3am I decided to get up. The energy was metallic, I could taste it in every cell of my body, especially my tongue. This signifies the high frequencies being showered upon us.

Masculine and Feminine in Perfect Balance

I sat up to consciously meditate and saw ice skaters, gracefully and acrobatically dancing across the ice. I slipped deeper into meditation and then appeared the feminine with the energy of the bride, dressed in white body hugging pants and top. I realised she was the ice skater and she jumped down to be caught by the masculine. The energy was of the bride and groom in their going away outfits ready for the honeymoon.

The ice skaters symbolise masculine and feminine now gracefully and pleasantly dancing into the new life ahead as symbolised by the honeymoon.

Solstice 2020

At sunrise on Solstice 2020, I visited Karnak temple to witness the magnificent arrival of the new light through the Sanctuary of Amun. In the evening I ran a meditation to capture the energies and the next morning I brought forth the Light Codes of the New Light. These Light Codes do not have a use by date, but rather they are available for those who wish to activate the Light Codes that are now waiting in their energy field to be sound activated.

Watch the following video all the way to receive the card message it is right for you right here, right now... the right time is when it comes to you...

Thank you for checking in again and see you next week!

Infinite blessings to you


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