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Horus and Sobek at Kom Ombo

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Temple of Sobek and Horus at Kom Ombo
Temple of Kom Ombo

Temple Codes of Horus and Sobek at Kom Ombo

I was excited for about a week before heading to Kom Ombo, I don't know why, it's not the first time I've been, having visited this temple some 14 times previously, although I had always approached by dahabieh (traditional Egyptian yacht). This was my first time to visit by road, so I don't know if that was the reason, or if it was because I was visiting on my own, without taking a group with me. In any case, I was excited and my driver Sayed picked me up at 5.30am and we watched the sun rise over the Nile and Luxor temple as we set off to get falafel for breakfast and hit the road. Sayed has been my main driver for more than 16 years now and we always have fun when we travel together. Because we were travelling alone without a group, Sayed did his usual trick and we bypassed Govt permission slips as this would mean he could make a little extra money, we also didn't take the tourist route. His intention was to take the desert road, which is not allowed for tourists, but we actually took another road because he had not travelled that way before and so we both had a new adventure. I had to lay down in the back seat of the car and pretend to be asleep when passing through check points to avoid being turned back, me being classed as a tourist, even though I've been living here for over 6 years and coming on average two times a year for more than 16 years! Sayed always gives me an adventure, so it's all worth it for the crazy antics and back tracks we take sometimes, it makes life a little more exciting! Anyway, we went via dirt roads through farmlands and a little bit of desert all the way and it was really a very beautiful drive. I did sleep some of it though as it took us about 4 hours.

On arrival, I was surprised because I hadn't even contemplated the approach to the temple, having been there so many times before, but we approached from the opposite side than we do when we come by boat. I like that! It means, I have approached both sides, just like this temple has two sides to it. The right side of the temple is dedicated to Horus and the left side is dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek. I was now in balance on that aspect!

Signs in a dream

Earlier in the week, I'd had an interesting dream. In the dream there was a white haired man who seemed to be following me around, or at least he just kept popping up trying to get my notice. He kept trying to show me some notes. In the dream, I was confused as to what he wanted and I remember my thoughts were in that direction. I was preoccuppied with something or someone else and he just kept turning up with his hands out showing me these hand written notes. He had a lovely energy and was not very tall, but taller than me. Later that day, I was walking along the Nile coffee strip in our local area of Ramlah going to meet a friend for a coffee at sunset, when a man approached me looking a little lost. I asked if I could help because I live here and he said no he would just wander around a little, but that he couldn't remember which street he was staying in. I wandered off to meet my friend, not thinking any more about the man, didn't connect the dots, however, I remember talking to my friend about my dream as it had really made an impression on me and I felt it had an important meaning, to which I could not figure out! The following morning I went to meet 2 gentlemen from visiting Canada to discuss the possiblily of arranging yoga classes with one of them. On my way home I was strolling in the street that approaches mine and a man rode up on a bicycle. It was the same man as the day before. He said this must be a sign as we meet again. He was staying in an apartment almost opposite my street and we chatted. He was an interesting man who has visited Egypt for 40 years, was a Waldolf Steiner teacher, Egyptology enthusiast, reader of hieroglyphs, philosopher, artist and cartoonist and probably much more. As we were chatting I noticed a white energy glowing from his hands which made me notice that while he had grey hair, not white hair, it was kind of the same length as the man in my dream and he was not very tall but taller than me. And, he had lovely energy! His hair may not have been white, but his aura was. He was French, lives in Switzerland and many stories to tell. I told him about my dream and said I believed he was the man in my dream and was interested to see what it all meant. He pulled his bicycle in behind his gate and entered his building and I walked off to my house. That evening, I was having dinner on the Nile (yes, I do a lot of that) with another friend who I had spent the afternoon with looking at a beautiful property I had been offered with full Nile frontage in an area called Djorf, to turn into a "Holy Place" as the owner of te property called it, or as I woiuld say, a retreat centre. I get offered a lot of opportunities here and I see it as the Divine showing me that I will always have an abundance of opportunity to keep my life exciting and all I have to do is choose how I want my life to move forward. Anyway, we had been to spend a couple of hours there watching the blood full moon rise across the Nile and I showed her around and we chatted and I told her about my dream and how I believed I had met the man from my dream and wondered what it all meant. Later, back on the coffee strip, in Ramlah ordering dinner in the restaurant and who should come bicycling by but the man! He saw me and came over to chat. We invited him to join us and he showed me the cartoon project he is working on and some of his artwork he had in a folder with him. Interesting conversations sparked up, then my friend left and we continued. I was still wondering why I had met this man and still I had no idea. I mentioned I was going to Kom Ombo on Friday (it was Wednesday evening) and then he started to talk about the temple.

Talking about the Temple

He asked if I had been to the back of the temple, of which of course I have and then he started to explain the dual purpose of the temple in a different way than I have heard before. I'm not going to go into the detail fo the temple, but this temple is a very healing temple. At the back of the temple you can see for yourself the healing focus, but he was saying

This is at the back of the Temple of Kom Ombo he temple of Horus and Sobek
Kom Ombo Temple

We have

1. two eyes but only one focus and this is a problem for humanity at the moment

2. two ears but one tongue

3. two nostrils but one nose

4. two lungs but one heart

5. two kidneys but one bladder

6. two sexual organs but one appendage (depending on your sex)

He didn't mention two eyes but one pineal, but I presume he meant that the problem for humanity at present is that in general, humanity is not using the pineal gland, therefore they have only one fixed vision, but in any case I got the gist of what he was saying. Of all these paired organs, we have one organ to balance them out and this helps us to heal. I understood what he was trying to tell me and when morning came, I understood that was the message he kept popping up to tell me. And, I needed to "get it", before I went to the temple.

Of couse I knew the temple was a dual temple for healing duality and polarity and coming into a state of neutrality. I knew the right side of the temple is dedicated to Sobek and therefore our ego or earthly self and that the left side is dedicated to Horus representing our Higher , Heavenly Self. It helps us to anchor our Heaven on Earth / merge Higher Self with our Ego. So the temple represents the light and the dark, the ego and the higher self, the yin and the yang, the spiritual and the physical and so on. The temple is about healing duality or polarity. He gave me six examples which was not complete, but was perfect for the message I needed. I had 12 participants for this temple or 6 pairs and me as the third energy in each case that brings the balance. I had my aha moment and a direction for the work I was to do at the temple. The temples always speak to me, to guide me on what direction I am to take with each temple. Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying any other purpose for these temples or this temple is wrong, I am saying what our purpose is for the mission of the temple is right here, right now.

And the temple did speak to me as I wandered taking photos, being drawn to certain areas and sitting in meditation here and there. The temple showed me the chakras and the symbolism of the rising kundalini through the central core and the healing of polarity through the chakras and in so doing the health of the physcial body and all those physical organs receive healing because the organs all belong within a specific chakra.

And back to the man in my dream that maifest into reality who gave me the message that for Humanity at present, it is our eyes that not in balance. That is the power of the message from the temple. You see, literally "you see" when you work with this temple. Our eyes are not a problem, our eyes are evolving to that third eye, that one that one that was awakened and activated and protected by the Ureaus with the Pharaoh. We had 12 participants and all of them "saw" clearly through their third eye. All experienced the pineal activations brought forward with this temple. All experienced the healing brought about by neauralising the polarities of each chakra. You too can experience this.

This temple was such a healing journey, an initiation temple of a higher order, still active today. The journey through the temple each day for 13 days was clearly shown to me and how we were coming to the neautral point in each chakra culminating at the seat of neautrality igniting and awakening the pineal gland to receive higher divine guidance.

The Initiation

When you purchase this package, it includes 13 powerful Light Codes Meditation activations that lead you through the temple of Kom Ombo.

Kom Ombo is a dual temple, dedicated to the Ancient Egyptian Gods Horus and Sobek. The left side of the temple is dedicated to the Horus Triad - Horus the Elder (Heru-ur or Haroeris), Tasenetnofret (“the good sister”), and their child Panebtawy (the Lord of the Two Lands).

Horus is representing our Higher Self or our Heavenly Self.

Horus and goddess Tasenetnofret at Kom Ombo
Horus and goddess Tasenetnofret

With his consort Tasenetnofret and their child Panebtawy, they become the Spiritual aspects of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that in Union brings forth the third energy, the Lord of Two Lands. "Panebtawy, the Child, Lord of Ombos, Child of Love, He Who gives life to everyone".

"He who gives life to everyone".

As the divine child of the god Horus and goddess Tasenetnofret he represents the concept that the Pharaoh is the son of god therefore a rightful ruler over Egypt. A Pharaoh is a spiritual degree rather than the name for a king. Only those who had attained spiritual union were truly a pharaoh. This too is our mission to attain union with the divine through our ascension and receive the ankh of eternal life and assist others to do the same. The ankh symbolises having attained union with the masculine and feminine within having ascended to spiritual union with the divine masculine and feminine. The power and importance of the initiation temple of Kom Ombo is out of this world! The Key to the temples is to listen to what they are telling you, never mind what you read, or what the guides tell you, listen to your Highest Self, your ultimate Guide. The Temple Codes of Kom Ombo, when used correctly can take you there.

Image of Sobek on the pillar at Kom Ombo
Sobek at Kom Ombo

And the left side of the temple is dedicated to Sobek and his triad. Sobek is the crocodile god. He represents more of our Earthly self, or our ego self, that part of us that must bring forth the mission on earth. Sobek and his wife Hathor and their child Khonsu complete what could be called the opposing side, although what appears to be opposite is in fact all part of the same. The two sides helping us to heal polarity and to come to a state of neutrality where there is no opposite and the two energies merge as one. One cannot exist without the other and our purpose is to master the ability to be at the point of God. Hathor, the goddess of Love, Divine Mother and goddess of the sky, and Khonsu god of the moon. Here we see the Divine masculine and divine feminine the light that shines in the darkness, the third energy purpose to illumine our ego so we can use it in a positive way to fulfill our divine purpose on Earth.

The Power of 13

The 13 initiations in this journey through the temple were not decided by me, they were divinely given to us. I did not know there would be 13 initiations until the final initiation at the completion of the temple. 13 symbolises initiation. 13 is the dimension of the God Zone, that place where there is no past, no future, there is only the eternal NOW. The 13 suggests spiritual tests, suffering and death to the matter or to oneself, death of the ego and the birth to the spiritual Higher Self. The 13 initiations as the number itself suggests is the passage to a higher level of existence.

Enter into Initiation with these powerful Light Codes and Sacred Sounds of Light

Infinite Gratitude

I want to thank the Temple and the participants who took their place as Flame carriers on this journey. I loved reading about everyones experiences as they opened and awakened their brow chakra a little more on each step of the journey. Day by day we shared as a group and day by day we gained greater knowingness through the remembrance of the Ancient Egyptian wisdoms held within us.

Our next temple is Luxor Temple, but all places have beeen secured. You can contact me to go on a waiting list if you like, otherwise you can register for Karnak Temple coming up on 21 December - Solstice. If you want to know more about how to take part in these sacred etheric journeys please connect with me, their just migh be a space waiting for you!

Meanwhile you can purchase the 13 Light Codes Initiation of Sobek and Horus on my Soul Awakenings Etsy Shop Here...

Please join my website and never miss an exciting update of Temple Codes from not just Egypt, but soon India too! You can also register with me for my next Temple Initian Tour in Egypt

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