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Egyptian Temple Codes of God Khnum

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Esna Temple of Khnum
Egyptia temple Cods

Egyptian Temples Awakening the Sacred in You

What a journey we have been on with these Sacred Site missions. They are awakening an even greater degree of vision in me personally and far greater connection to the Ancient Egytpian gods. My vision seems to be amped up and the group that travels etherically with me are soaking up all they can get. We are having an amazing journey together.

I haven't taken a group physically to Egypt since 2019, but these journeys are equally powerful in a different way. In some instances they are more powerful. The temples are leading me out of Egypt and into India, so I don't know when I'll be back to Egypt, I just know I have to follow my Soul's calling. I've been 16 years on this part of my mission, and I love Egypt. I love Luxor in particular and I certainly love living here. I've been through my ups and downs here as everyone does that takes the leap of faith to live here, but in essence, I really can't imagine myself anywhere else and yet I am called to wander to sacred sites elsewhere for a while.

Many people come to Luxor to heal karma and karmic connections and many people have soul mates or soul family here, which only makes sense because Egypt is the part of the Mother land and everyone has been here at some point in their many existenses. Once you heal your karma or complete your contracts, you will move on to new lands, just like any relationship. I don't think I will ever be complely away from Egypt, because it really is my Soul Home and I do love it, things just happen easily for me here. But it's time for further growth and expansion to my mission, so 2023 will see me in India where there are millions of temples to call me! Whoa! That will be an interesting journey! I hope you follow along with my travels and take part in some of the sacred site work I do. And, I do hope to start my physical tours to Egypt and other Sacred Places again, so follow along and let me know if you are intrested to travel with me.

Temple Codes of Ancient Egyptian God Khnum

This program can be considered an intensive ascension program. You are not guaranteed full ascension on completion, but these transmissions assist you in healing and awakening the sleeping talents long forgotten.

For best results listen to the Egyptian Temple Codes transmissions every day for 8 days and treat your 8 days as sacred. Eat clean, refrain from smoking and drinking, no mind altering substances including marijuana or psychedelics. Do not use when driving! Listen during meditation or on sleeping.

Khnum, Heket and Thoth

These transmissions include the Temple Codes from Khnum, the final 5 Emerald Tables of Thoth and transmissions that correspond to them and two final light codes meditations from Khnum guiding you toward your mission and purpose and his divine counterpart Heqet, guiding you on your Soul’s path and helping to integrate the gifts received from this temple in relation to your purpose and the creation codes of the merger of divine masculine Khnum and Heqet . This visit to The Temple of Khnum at Esna took place on 22.10.2022 in Upper Egypt. Khnum Temple is beside the Nile. This became a 56/11 day in the way I do numerology. 56/11 is a very high vibration and is the sacred destiny of LUXOR Light and the sacred destiny of Ametron Truth. 56/11 is a vibration of change, spiritual transformation and spiritual growth and is connected to the ascended masters, gods and goddesses, your Higher Self and the Universe. Working under the influence of this sacred number assists you to awaken the power of your intuition. This is a perfect vibration for working with the Light Codes of the Temples because the Light Codes assist us to raise the kundalini energy and awaken to the gifts of the brow chakra. The day number 22 holds the power of master builder and architect of higher wisdom, hence the connection with the ancient Egyptian god Thoth; god of wisdom, magic, the moon and writing.

Khnum was known as the potter god who was thought to have created man from clay on the potter’s wheel. He was assisted in bringing man into being by his consort Hqt or Heqet (Heket).

Khnum, was connected with water and with procreation and in some of the meditations you will feel the energy of water, as if you are floating blissfully on or in the water. The Codes of the Temple of Khnum can encourage fertility, couples to reproduce through normal sexual activity. A problem with any of these steps can cause infertility. These temple codes can assist therefore with the ability to fall pregnant.

Goddess Heqet, the wife or divine counterpart of Khnum is also an Egyptian goddess of fertility and therefore connected to pregnancy and childbirth.

These light codes are for strengthening your “ka” body. The Ka body is the body of the spirit or your etheric body. First you are conceived in spirit and your body is created by Khnum as he dreams you into being on the potters wheel. Just like the divine Soul Star or the Alpha / divine masculine chakra purpose to bring your soul purpose into being, you reside in the higher bodies waiting to be “birthed”. This is where Heqet comes in. She is the divine feminine principle represented by the Earth Star or Omega / divine feminine chakra that grounds or anchors the gifts of the divine masculine. When they come together in Union, they create the third energy which can be a baby, a purpose/mission, or literally an energy signature/frequency. She births this energy into creation.

Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Included in these transmission are the final 5 Emerald Tablets of Thoth. (You can get the first 10 here)

In this program are

Tablet XI: The Key to Above and Below

Tablet XII: The Law of Cause and Effect and The Key of Prophecy

Tablet XIII: The Keys of Life and Death

Supplementary Tablet XV: Secret of Secrets

Your Light Codes Transmissions are at the close of this document.

You Receive the Following Light Codes Transmissions

1. Temple Codes of Khnum

2. Final Five Emerald Tablets

3. Meditation with Khnum the Divine masculine awakening purpose

4. Meditation with Heket the Divine Feminine Principle

In total 8 Light Codes Transmissions.

The Visit to the Temple of Esna

Esna is where the Temple of Khnum is, just a stones throw from the Nile and is one of my favourite temples, especially now because it is being restored to it's former beauty! But energetically, I have always love Khnum temple in Esna. Once again this visit was blessed with Temple Guards that let us sit in meditation. Since the time of the Revolution, finding quiet space to meditate in the temples has often been difficult, with Temple Guards saying it was not allowed, or hassling for some "baksheesh", but every visit this time has been blessed with Temple Guards that have allowed me to be in my own space to meditate and receive. It's been about receiving and not "giving". Now that's nice!

This temple was a hive of activity with archeologists cleaning the walls that were once covered with black soot due to a time when the people set up living in the temples and lighting fires. The archeologists have now cleaned the walls and the colours are magnificent. The Temple has come to life and the energy was magnificent!

Let’s begin with the unfoldment of this mission to the Temple of Khnum at Esna south of Thebes (Luxor). Your participation is more than just listening to the codes and is paramount in bringing these codes to the world, to reactivate those codes that have lain dormant for 1000’s of years. Now is the time for the Priests and Priestesses, the Code Carriers and Flame Carriers to come forth and reactivate the wisdoms within themselves so that all those you come into contact with and even all those who simply pass you by, can be touched energetically by the wisdom held active within you.

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Thank you for choosing to take part in this Sacred Work


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