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How to Psychically Protect your Home

Why do I need to psychically protect my home

Remember the article I wrote on how to use psychic protection? After noticing some clients having issues with negativity affecting themselves and their homes, I had insight pop in from my Higher Guidance to use the same technique I shared for personal protection, with a few adaptations and use it for the home. The key is in deflecting the negative energies, so they can't affect you. You might have a neighbour or someone around you that is jealous of your luck or your success and if they have negative thoughts or project anger in your direction this can be enough to place a negative energy around your home. Remember, I mentioned that everything is just energy; negative or positive, but you have to know how to use and master energy.

People don't necessarily mean to cause you harm, but from their own unhealed parts of themselves they can project negative energy toward you or even on you. This is called psychic attack. "Jealousy is a curse", have you ever heard that saying? I'm sure you have, and it is true, jealousy is a curse. Here in Egypt where I live, they call it "bad eye". Someone has something someone else wants, or something they wish they had. If they could be happy for that person and wish blessings upon them for their luck or success, they would attract the same blessings toward themselves, but instead the wounding of many of our human brothers and sisters, leads them to feeling jealous and because they cannot control their thoughts, they often unconsciously project "bad eye" or a curse upon their neighbour, friend or colleague. This holds a great power and if any of that jealousy is acted out in anger and vocalised, the negative energy becomes even greater. The receiver of this negative energy, should forgive their neighbour, friend or colleague because, remembering another saying "forgive them, for they know not what they do", becomes an important energy exchange here. We get back what we give out, tenfold or more, so make sure you are giving blessings, not curses! Then of course you take action, not revenge.

Taking Action, not Revenge

The right action to take is to protect yourself and your home. I've already given you a technique for protecting yourself, and now I want to make a few tiny adjustments to that, so you can use the same technique to protect your home. There are people who can help you to clear your home of negative energy, dark lingering and naughty spirits, but these services of are always expensive and it is far better if you can nip it in the bud before you need to do an exorcism on your home!

How to put psychic protection on my home

Do this exercise as a meditation and do the same meditation every day for 3 days, repeat it again after 7 days, do it again for 3 days and then again after another 7 days. This will cover a 23 day period. By this time you should have a very secure protection around your home.

  • Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down.

  • Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath.

  • Imagine you are breathing in a pure white light and that light travels down from Source and enters in through your crown chakra, then travels down through your central core of your body. Breathe it out through your base chakra and see it travel all the way down to the core of the Earth. Do this 3 x

  • Then relax into your breath.

  • When you feel ready, bring your home into your minds eye. If you like you can include your whole property. Visualise your home and connect with that vision.

  • Next, begin to breathe white light into your home and as you do so, see your home lifting up above the ground.

  • Keep breathing this white light into your home and with every breath your home lifts up higher and higher, until you have filled the entire home or property and surrounded it with a perfect ball of white light.

  • Now focus and visualise this perfect ball of white light, with your home in the centre of it, and when you have it firmly in your minds eye,

  • Begin to place mirrored tiles facing outward all over the entire ball of white light. Start at the top and complete at the bottom. Spend some time making sure you totally cover this ball of white light that houses your home.

  • When you have completed the mirrored tiles, gently lower your home down again and place it back on the earth.

  • Sit quietly in your newly protected home and

Recite the following

Christ light above my home

Christ light below my home

Christ light in front of my home

Christ light behind my home

Christ light to the left of my home

Christ light to the right of my home

Christ light within my home

Christ light all around my home, always protecting and purifying my home.


Your home is now fully protected and if any negative energy approaches, it will be reflected and away.

You might also like to place a mirrored ball like the one in the image above, in your garden.

I will bring you more tips soon,

May you have a happy, blessed and joyful home environment!


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