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How to use Psychic Protection

Have you been trying to figure out how you can stop being influenced by negative energies? Negative energies are everywhere, we can't avoid them, but we can learn how to protect ourselves from them.

What are Negative Energies?

Negative energies can be anything from negative thoughts creating negative thoughtforms in our environment, to toxic people projecting their wounding onto others, feelings of depression, to negative entities, jealousy or what is called bad eye, and much more. It's like living in a minefield if you are an empath and energetically sensitive. But basically all it is, is energy; negative energy and we can protect ourselves from it with a regular protection exercise.

How to Protect your Energy

You might already have your own special protection method which could be placing a protective indigo cloak around you, or using crystals or something else, but today I want to share one particular exercise for protecting your aura.

Use this every day and see how much better it makes you feel; it's simple and very effective!

  • Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down.

  • Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath.

  • Imagine you are breathing in a pure white light and that light travels down from Source an enters in through your crown chakra, then travels down through your central core of your body. Breathe it out through your base chakra and see it travel all the way down to the core of the Earth. Do this 3 x

  • Next breathe in from the core of the Earth and let the white light enter your body through the base chakra and focus on the white light travelling all the way up the centre of the body and breathe it out all the way up to Source.

  • Now alternate the breathing sequence 3 x (in through the crown and out through the base, in through the base and out through the crown, in through the crown and out through the base)

  • the focus on your normal state of breathing 3 x while bringing your awareness into your heart chakra and relax

  • Now imagine you are breathing in from Source and the core of the Earth at the same time and the light meets at your heart chakra and hesitate for a moment as you watch the light begin to expand to encompass your entire body. Do this 3 x

  • Next expand that breath when it meets at the heart to encompass the second layer of the aura which is an oval shape around your body. This is your emotional body. Do this breath 3 x

  • Then expand the light with the breath again out to the next layer of the aura, also an oval shape around your emotional body to the lower mental body and do this 3 x

  • Continue to expand the white light with the breath to the fourth oval layer of the aura to the causal body or your intuitive body/higher mental body and do this breath 3 x

  • And finally expand the light out to a perfect circle all the way around you, encompassing all layers of your aura to your spiritual body and do this 3 x

  • Now you will see you have a very strong and perfect ball of white light all around you.

  • Next imagine you are placing tiny little mirrors all the way around the outside of your ball of white light. The mirrors face outward. Start at the top of your ball of white light and lay these tiny mirrors all the way around the ball until every part of your protective ball of white light is covered.

  • Sit in this space and feel the beautiful protective space you are sitting in.

Now, no negativity can touch you. As the negative energy approaches you, it will be reflected and away from you. It works like a feng shui mirror. Use this exercise every morning and every night, so you days and your nights are fully protected. You can easily do this quickly by visualising this mirrored ball of light throughout the day to maintain our protective field around your aura.

This is just one simple way of protecting your aura and deflecting negative energies away from you. Of course the best way is to raise your frequency, so no negativity can affect you, you literally become the mirror of light. You can do this with the LUXOR Light Ascension Program.

And, if you still can't shake it you can get an expert to help you Here.

See you next blog post!

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