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Mantra for Clearing the mind

Eshta Mana means purity of mind. It belongs to the language of light that comes through me and is from an ancient language that came to Earth with the Angels at the beginning of time. All Souls know this language and it holds light within the sound, so it must be pronounced accurately.

Eshta means pure and mana is of the mind.

Eshta mana can help you to clear away the cobwebs of your mind. When you feel bogged down with too many thoughts and you just can't clear the mind enough to allow you to be in touch with your own intuition, use Eshta Mana. Say it at least 9 times to help you clear the chitter chatter of the monkey mind. Close your eyes for greater connection, drop your mind into your heart and chant Eshta mana, Eshta mana, Eshta mana..... once you have connection, within seconds you will be receiving divine messages....

For instance, I did this now, to connect, I dropped my mind into my heart as I chanted with my eyes closed. I saw a book with with light codes pouring into it. I know what that message is for me. I must write my mantra book!

I awakened to my gift of receiving mantras and the language of light and sacred sound keys and codes after receiving the Light Frequencies we call LUXOR Light. Now, my students also awaken, you can too. It cannot be taught, it can only be awakened to....

Have fun and please comment below to let me know how you go...

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