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Clearing Negative Energy from your Home

Sometimes things just don’t feel right in our home. If you are energy sensitive you might feel that even though you have just done a spring clean, something just isn’t feeling right, the energy is heavy, gluggy or you feel like someone is watching you, you feel constantly angry and irritable with no apparent reason, you find things in strange places you didn’t put them, or doors open and close or any other number of strange things, like feeling a cold gush of wind when the windows and doors are closed.

This can happen in any house, particularly old houses or if there is a negative past with the land the house is built on. New homes are usually ok when you first move in unless there is a land issue. But then you need to keep your space energy clean!

Negative energy can be caused by a whole range of things. Maybe the people or family living in the home have experienced trauma such as a murder, death, suicide or domestic violence, or simply negative people throwing a lot of anger around. If the people are negative and are going to continue with their negative and argumentative behavior, then clearing the house is going to have to be a constant thing. Being argumentative all the time will create negative thoughtforms and apologies won’t clear it and bringing in an energy clearer would also be a waste of time and money because it will just build up again.

When we have negative thought patterns, we create thoughtforms. These thought forms hang around like an entity and will just keep coming back if you don’t change your own behavior. Constant arguing will create negative energy and thoughtforms. This could be what is causing your negative energy environment, or it could cause you to act in this way, in any case, it becomes a double edged sword!

So, if you are the cause of the negative energy in the home, then you need to clear up your own energy and your own emotional and mental state, because energy clearers do not come cheap!

I recently had a situation like this. I was away and got someone to look after my cat and my plants. When I came home the house was heavy and felt unclean. I felt angry and irritable. The person that I had paid to look after my cat and plants made me feel sick and so I knew that the person had an attachment and had left it behind in my flat. I had to get to doing some immediate clearing to bring my home back to my sacred space.

What is a thoughtform?

A thoughtform is exactly that, it is formed by our thoughts. If we have negative thoughts, we create negative thoughtforms. If we have loving thoughts, we create loving thoughtforms. Both have an energy attached to them. Filling our home with loving thoughtforms creates a loving energy, filling our home with negative thoughtforms creates negative energies.

You can see thoughtforms. Sometimes you might see flash of someone passing by a particular area of the home and they are always in the same place and doing the same thing. You see them from the corner of your eye. These are not ghosts, they are thoughtforms. They won’t leave until you clear them.

You can also see thoughtforms as blotches of coloured energy when you are staring at the ceiling. You can try this. Lay on your bed or the couch. Relax, take a few deep breaths and relax deeper into your body. Soften your eyes and stare at the ceiling. Do you see puffs of colour? What colours do you see? These are your thoughtforms. Different colours mean different things. Vibrant colours are positive, murky colours are negative.

Negative Spirit attached to your House

You might have a more serious situation where there is a negative spirit attached to the house, or even one that has followed you from a previous house as it has now gotten attached to you. This is important to clear because it can affect your health and your luck!

If you seem to have constant bad luck, or always getting sick, have headaches, or electrical problems there is most likely a bad spirit lurking in your home. They are electrical in nature! Stay off the phone and computer, don’t be a slave to them, that will also weaken your attempts to rid them. These are a perfect portals for negative energies.

How to Get Rid of Negative Energies around the Home

Sometimes you just need to rearrange your furniture, open the windows, and do a spring clean, and all is good. But sometimes people seem to have constant issues with the negative vibes around the home. You might need to do a daily cleanse, or at least a weekly cleanse on your home and other people might not seem to ever need to even think about it. Of course, it does depend on how sensitive to energies you are, to whether you feel it or not. If you are not sensitive to energies, then there are other signs like I mentioned earlier with the doors suddenly opening or a run of bad luck and so forth.

Why should I do a spiritual cleansing on my home?

For lots of reasons. Not all reasons are for negative energies. You might be moving into a new home and want to be sure all previous energies are removed so you can create your personal new sacred space. Or you sense a negative energy and want it removed. After all, this is your space, why share it with a negative energy!

13 Ways to Spiritually Cleanse Negative Energy in your Home

  1. I have a cute little brass bell and I walk around the house ringing that. I also play my crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls. Tibetan Tingsha are also good for clearing negative thoughtforms and stagnant energy and windchimes. Sound vibrations are a powerful way to clear negative thoughtforms and rise the vibration of an environment as it breaks apart heavy dense energy that lowers the energy of your home.

  2. Burn White sage, Oud and Sandalwood. They are all excellent for clearing, and in fact burning incense of any sweet smell will deter negative spirits because they do not like sweet smells, but angels do!

  3. Cut lemons in half and put them on salt and place them in the middle of the room.

  4. Spray Rose water around your home

  5. 7 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle of water and spray it around your home and around you.

  6. Play high vibrational music

  7. Place bowls of salt in the corners of your home and leave for 3 days before you dispose and repeat.

  8. Use prayer and mantra as a daily

  9. If your white wax candles burn high or flicker heavily, it is likely you have an energy present. The white candle is showing you and helps to clear the energies away. Burn white candles.

  10. Clap your hands as you walk around your house. Your hands will clap harder and faster in certain areas. This can help to move the negative energy on. Open the windows and doors too.

  11. Burn frankincense resin. This also clears viruses from the home and helps you to heighten your spiritual senses. It’s sacred!

  12. Declutter. Unused objects or broken things have old stuck energies which are negative. Get rid of them! They block you being able to bring new fresh energies to your home!

  13. Place black tourmaline crystal at the entrance of your house and in your bedroom. Black tourmaline will absorb negative energy from people and things. Place them in the corner of each room for protection and it will also absorb electromagnetic energy as well. You can also place a piece near your computer, phone, wifi router, tv, and other electronic devices. It helps to protect your from harmful energies and helps to ease anxiety and depression.

These methods won’t clear away earth bound entities or jinn energies, but they will help to shift the softer negatives and keep you home clear.

4 Chants for Purification and protection

1. “Hundara Miy Nah Hiyahtah Ekonanah”. You can listen to the video below to get the pronunciation right.

2. “Light above me, Light below me, Light in front of me, Light behind me, Light to my left, Light to my right, Light within me, Light all around me”. You can replace the word Light, with other things like God, Violet Flame, Archangel Michael and so on. Use what works for you.

3. “I invoke the Light of Christ within my home, I am a clear and perfect channel, the Light is my guide”.

4. “I am the silver violet fire, I am the purity, I am the Unity of God’s desire” and see the violet fire consuming your entire home.

All those methods are good for general clearing and keeping your home in a clear and pure state. But if you have done all that and you still have negative energies, anger, bad luck, and or constant sickness, then you may need someone who can go in deep and do an exorcism. You may have energies attached to yourself as well.

Where do I find someone who knows how to clear negative energy from my home?

If you need a house clearing, Badawy is our go to for this. Like I said earlier, serious house clearing for negative energies does not come cheap. To get someone like Badawy to do it, will cost you, because there is a lot of work involved and it often takes a week or so.

Badawy’s services are for 15 days of straight healing on your home at the same price as you would find someone else working for a week or less. You could be dealing with an earth-bound spirit that needs help to cross over and that takes time. Or you might be dealing with a jinni which is a dark spirit that has set up home in your home. These energies do coexist with us, and we just don’t see them, but if they decide they don’t want you in their home, they will cause havoc. You need someone who knows what they are dealing with.

This is a cultural thing for Badawy, so he knows what he is doing and is very powerful at going in and fighting the good fight to get rid of dark energies.

Who are the Jinn?

The jinn are beings of a lower density than us. They live for thousands of years, so they can also be the cause of an an ancestral curse. If for instance an ancestor has been cursed, it usually put on by someone who works with the jinn. The curse does not die with the person when they die but carries on with someone else or all the family until someone finally does the exorcism to remove the jinn and stop the curse. So, therefore we can see that sometimes if attached to the land, it is very hard to get rid of.

Badawy works remotely with powerful prayer that is used in his Egyptian Culture along with his own God given gifts of healing to bring your space back to a Sacred Space. From here you can manage it and keep on top of it, but remember, watch your thoughts. These energies can hear everything you think and say, so if you are in a negative state of mind, you are only feeding the negative energies to play with you.

Badawy’s house clearing services if needed for 15 days straight are $700AUD. He does three sessions a day until the energy is gone. Morning, noon and night to create a wall of protection while he works.

Purification Mantra

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