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Restore your Aura after Covid19 Vaccine

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Effects of the Vaccine on the Aura

I’ve written about this before but as time goes on I am learning so much as I watch the effects of the vaccine on the energy field. I’m not a scientist, I purely watch what is happening to the energy field via my psychic senses. I also measure vibrational levels which has a direct relationship to consciousness.

I know a little about covid directly because I’ve had it, but covid like any disease to the physical body is a low vibration. When our body moves into a low vibration it directly affects our consciousness and vice versa. If we slip into a low vibrational consciousness it can create dis-ease in the physical body.

These days, most of us are aware that we create our own dis-ease through disturbances in our consciousness. Maybe we are over emotional and that drags us down. Maybe we have too many low vibrational dense thoughts and that drags us down. If we have fearful thoughts, and let’s face it, since covid19 started there has been a lot of fear spreading around the globe, that will drag you down.

This fear begins in the mind, then creates an emotional imbalance, which if we don’t heal it quickly, it will move closer to our physical body and create a physical disease. There is usually a trigger. This trigger could be an old emotional wound that brings up all the old fears and the mind takes over; this becomes an around and around the mulberry bush type thing where the thoughts have really gotten hold of you and so they create the emotions that create the thoughts that create the emotions and so it goes on. Basically, we are allowing our negativity to open a pathway to negative energies to enter our energy field. Negative entities feed on fear and if you are holding any fear in your energy field, they will find a way in and latch on. When this happens, you have another issue. If the negative entity stays attached to your energy field for too long, it will inevitably cause you to get sick. Your negative or fearful thoughts are not necessarily yours! They might be created by the negative attachment you are carrying around.

So, what am I seeing?

I’m seeing all of this. I’m seeing clients that normally carry a high vibrational consciousness, suddenly drop into a lower vibration. I don’t know anyone personally that has had covid19, but I may have had it myself. I never actually got tested for covid19, but I had all the symptoms after coming back from Israel in 2020. I was sick for about 3 weeks with severe headaches, hot and cold, cough, sneezing and extreme tiredness. Then last year in 2021 around March one year later, I had another episode. The same sort of thing but it didn’t last as long and not as severe. And just recently, again. This time, not as severe as the previous times. In fact, I thought it was just a cold and it may have been, but the headaches are what make me consider it may have been covid related. The headaches were excruciating for over 24 hours then faded out and a few days later came back and lasted another week until I got Ivermectin which is available where I live. One dose of that and by morning I was fine! Headaches were gone and just the cold to run it's course. My eyes were constantly watering, hurting, and my head was aching non-stop, cough was constant, sneezing like a power hose and very stuffed up.

In 2020, I most likely caught the virus at Tel Aviv airport, in 2021, I think I caught it directly off someone close to me who also had same type of symptoms and most likely had a mild dose of the virus, but this time I feel it was shedding from being around others that were vaccinated in a closed room on New Year’s Eve. But they say shedding only lasts a day or so, who knows. In any case I decided to write about it. I don't normally get colds and flu, so I am observing.

Back to what I am seeing. I am also seeing and “feeling” attachments. Many people now are affected by attachments.

What are attachments?

Attachments are negative energies or what we call entities. There are many theories about what is in the vaccine, but like I said, I am not a scientist and I do not want to go into that side of it. I purely want to share what I am energetically seeing.

Entities can negatively affect us. There are always negative entities around, they coexist with us, just on a lower dimension and we can’t see them. Many cultures talk about them in different ways or call them by different names, but they are all the same thing and they feed on fear.

Because everyone is vulnerable now with so much fear creating so much dis-ease and covid or the vaccine weakening immune systems the lesser denser entity energies are having a field day! I wouldn’t have written about this before, but I’ve noticed that now many people are starting to notice also and are writing or talking about it, so I decided that people must be ready to understand.

You can catch attachments from other people. They can transfer from one person to another. If you are energetically sensitive like me, you will feel them. I can feel them on my clients, and I can feel them when they are trying to attach to me. I am having to find ways to say, “sorry I can’t talk now”, in order to protect my own energy field.

9 signs that you have an Entity

1. The most obvious is pain on the back that appears when talking to someone. It feels like a big claw trying to get a hold on the area between and slightly above the shoulder blades. You know when your cat thinks she can lovingly pat you, but it would be nice to stick a claw in at the same time? Yeah like that only more painful and it doesn’t make you want to laugh, it really “hurts”.

2. Another sign is feeling angry and irritable at people for no reason. You don’t know why you feel angry, you just do. It’s most likely not you but the angry attachment you have on you.

3. And you know when you have a bad day, only it’s worse like a series of bad events one after the other. Yes, that is also a possibility. I’m not saying it’s definite, but it is a sign, bad luck after bad luck.

4. Your cat starts behaving weird around you and biting you all the time. She knows.

5. You keep getting sick.

6. You feel “heavy” and depressed.

7. You have thoughts that you know are not your normal thoughts. They might be perverted or extremely negative suggesting you do very negative things. Big red flag!

8. You keep getting bouts of depression.

9. You begin to suffer sleep paralysis.

What happens when you have an attachment or entity?

Apart from all the things listed about, the entity gnaws away are your vibration and drags you down. You are no longer able to hold the high frequencies and many of the above things occur dragging you down all the more and you lose touch with your soul.

What do you mean I lose touch with my soul?

What I mean by that is that in the third dimension we are not in touch with our soul, we are literally governed by our ego. This is the perfect environment for entities. In the fourth dimension, it’s different. In the fourth dimension, you are then receiving guidance from your soul. In the fifth dimension, you gain connection to your higher self and soul, so you are receiving “higher guidance”. And in higher vibrations you have a strong connection and even anchor your Higher Self into the physical, so you are not just receiving guidance, but you are your Heavenly self on Earth.

If we go through a weak phase which can happen from either being sick, or from being overly stressed and taking on too much or being in direct line of too many entities and low vibrational frequencies, which is not hard to do these days, we can be affected by entities. Don’t beat yourself up, recognise it as a test. We are all living in the testing grounds here. There is no holier than thou person down here, we are all living through the greatest testing of all time. What we need to do is learn to recognise it and act. We need to affirm what we want, it’s choice point.

What is choice point?

Choice point comes up a lot when you have embarked upon the ascension. Choice point is where you are given an opportunity to decide how far you wish to climb on your ascension ladder. Do you want to stay stuck on the wheel of rebirth and keep experiencing karma? Of course, we are all going to say no. but the reality is, we must go through the tests to really prove we want to step into unity consciousness. You can intend as much as you like that you want to be in the higher realms, but what are you doing to get there? Are you making the required efforts and sacrifices to prove to your Higher Self that you really are choosing the Higher Path?

It’s all about choice and we all get opportunities to choose over and over and over, just to make sure. If we fail, get up and try again, and again and again. I love the saying “a saint is a sinner who never gave up”. I don’t know who said it, but I’ve known it a long time. I was reminded about that recently when someone said to me, “all saints have a past, and all sinners have a future”. We are reminded to keep going and never give up.

How do I heal the damage to my energy field?

This is my standard line of work. I help people get to know their energy field. Through my distant visionary sessions I can see the health of the energetic field which is usually shown to me in a couple of ways. I can feel/intuit damage and I can also see through visions that are given to me to help understand what it is happening spiritually for the client. When damage is done to the energy field, which it is, when you take the Covid19 injections, you need to rebuild and strengthen the energetic field again to protect and ward off further damage. Entities is one of the most common things I am seeing from people who have the Covid injection. This, coupled with a weakening of the auric field that needs help to rebuild. You need help to repair the damage to your aura/energy field, so you can lift back up and rise in consciousness again, then that is my specialty.

Falling in Consciousness

What I have found, is that with every client after the jab, there has been a fall in consciousness. Some have had a strong connection to spirit and it has taken up to 6 months before their energy field has shown signs of the fall, but everyone without fail has fallen. Some have fallen almost immediately and others that have been doing a lot of spiritual strengthening work have taken longer, around 6 months.

Also thus far, many of my clients that have had the Covid19 vaccine has also been affect by entities.

Virus' require the need to change the way we think about something. In this way we can see that this virus that is attacking the world, is asking us to change the way we think about things. In other words, change our consciousness. If we raise our consciousness, we move beyond the virus, but if we allow the virus to lower our consciousness, we attract all the lower density energies to take over. This feeds the fear and sickness will continue and entities will continue to attach and affect our consciousness even more. We must rise in consciousness. It is not enough to take an injection to rid the world of fear and darkness, it requires a change in thinking and Be-ing.

If we don't do something we will experience The Great Fall all over again, it's choice point!

6 Ways to help heal your Energy Field

  1. Call in the Divine daily

  2. Use prayer and mantras daily

  3. Listen to Light Codes daily

  4. Ascension Healing Meditation

  5. Take salt baths or swim in the ocean

  6. Have energy restorative healing

I'm watching all my clients closely so that I can learn as much as I can so I can help you understand and heal. I am very lucky to have clients who are willing to share their experience so that I can learn and of course they too learn about their energy bodies and their spiritual progress. Together we are all working in service to humanity at a time when humanity really needs us to all pull together so we can move through these times and so we can remember it as The Great Change, not the great fall!

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