• Christina Ritchie

Indigo Ray and Covid Injection

Inspiration from the Indigo and Blue Ray

Today I was meditating on answers for a young man who had to have the Covid 19 inoculation. I had previously looked at his energies. He is a natural born indigo, thinking differently, a bit rebellious and maybe even a little confused at times as to his role within his community. After he had the injection, his consciousness dropped down to the third dimension, just like all my other clients who have been jabbed. I was concerned about this from the beginning when jabs were being introduced, but didn’t know if my concerns would be warranted. However, every client I have that took the jab lost their higher frequency measurements. Measuring consciousness is something I do. Maybe that is why I do it, for this time, but I have done it for over 20 years, it’s some kind of “remembrance” of how I used to work in previous lifetimes.

Indigos are born fifth dimensional, it’s not something they have to attain, but it is something they need to activate as they awaken into their six-dimensional consciousness. This happens in due course after working through mastery tests to attain the same level of mastery that was gained in their previous lifetime. However, you can drop below the fifth dimension if you get caught up in the 3d world of fear and greed, anger, scarcity and all those lower-level vibes. We are all vulnerable to that.

What is six-dimensional consciousness?

As brief as I can possibly be, the six dimension is the 7th initiation, which is the resurrection into the ascended self. This is what all indigos are born for, to ascend with the physical body on Earth.

Some months ago, I was guided to bring through a Light Codes transmission to help to override the harmful effects of the so called “vaccine”. What I noticed was that it seems to decode something, and the consciousness levels rise again. I need time to observe this more to see how permanent the shift is. To do that, I need willing candidates to report in, to me for that. If you are interested in that check in with me and volunteer to be a consciousness guinea pig!

So far I can see that the decoder which I have posted below, needs to be used regularly but whether that means forever, or just until the complete decoding has taken place, I don't yet know. I have clients who use it every day even though they are not jabbed. They use it because they say it seems to help them remove any harm to their energy field from the media and other fearful and false narratives being thrown at us out there.

Working with the Indigo Colour Ray

So today I checked my young friend’s energy field and asked to be guided as to what we could do to help override this in other ways. I was shifted to the awareness of colour. Colour Therapy is where I began my spiritual evolution through the ascension. I had Colour Therapy School teaching a two-year diploma affiliated with the International Colour Therapy Association in the UK. This work was the work that elevated me to awaken to my Spiritual gifts. Even as I type this I want to cry as the emotion of the return to the colour rays touches me at a soul level. I “know” when I am touched by the divine and when truth comes through me, and this is one of those times.

The Indigos are part of the Blue Ray mission. The Blue Ray beings are what I call the old Indigos, such as myself and those in the 50’s and 60’s and some even older. Blue Ray beings are here to help the planet and humanity with the ascension and most have a natural affinity to being able to bring through Light Language and Light Codes. These are gifts of the brow chakra, which as we know is an indigo ray gift. If we awaken to the gifts of the indigo ray we will be able to transform consciousness on planet earth at lightening speed. This is what touched me to tears and brought up such an emotion, because it did not come from my thinking mind. My feeling is such that the damage caused by the jab by whatever programable objects are being injected into the bloodstream (emotion again) interferes with the mission of the Blue and Indigo Rays. I am not the only one who is seeing this detrimental spiritual effect taking place on clients. Just yesterday I watched a video by some very passionate Doctors who were talking about the fact that the jab needs to be immediately stopped, one even mentioned that it is detrimental to our spiritual growth. God Bless our Awakened Doctors!

Language of Light

The language of light as I said is a gift of the brow chakra and one of those gifts is awakening to the language of light, healing, the immaculate concept (holding pure thought on behalf of another), the gift of vision and so forth. You can see, that if Indigos and Blue Ray beings are all awakened and activated to their full spiritual potential, the world will indeed shift into a higher more evolved place and Heaven will be on Earth.

Atlantis Returns

Back in the times of Atlantis we all know that misuse of energy took place, and we lost our higher consciousness and only now are we receiving that back again. This is history replaying itself and this agenda with the jab appears to be part of this replay of times past. It appears to be doing exactly what happened back then. Back in Atlantis they somehow manipulated the pineal gland to shrink to the size of a pea and we lost our full powers. That is what appears to be happening again. The Indigos and Blue Rays have arrived to fulfill their mission of bringing ascension to the planet. There are many of now. We know not all have awakened to their gifts, but the time is near that there will be a mass activation and our world will indeed change. Some other agendas do not want this to happen and so something appears to have been created that can manipulate the pineal gland again and… .

here comes the emotion again….

the ability to rise in consciousness is being blocked. We cannot let that happen again. We all have our part to play, and I am just trying to fulfil mine and would love your support with this. We need to stand together, there is no time to waste.

What Colour Purifies the Blood

Back to my young friend. I asked what colour to use, and every time I asked or type that I have a huge emotion of Truth well up within me.

The colour my friends, is Indigo.

We must blast ourselves with the Indigo Ray to help undo the damage and awaken to your own gifts. Once you awaken to them, you will be able to assist others to heal also.

I will be running a program to help you awaken your Brow chakra to the language of light and to bringing forth the light codes you hold. Connect with me now.

Transformers and Alchemists

Indigos are transformers and alchemists that can help others to shift in consciousness. This is what the LUXOR Light Ascension Program is here for, to help activate these qualities after healing through all levels, all bodies, and all lifetimes and of all realities of time and space helping you to remember who you are and awaken to your mission to transmute lower energies.

This is something else that I have noticed. When someone takes the jab, I am seeing entities and attachments on my clients. This is not something I was seeing before. At first I thought it was because when my twin flame awakened to his mission clearing the darkness of these heavy dense energies and entities. I take the bookings, so I thought it was just a part of that, being in the firing line and all. But it continued even seeing it with my own clients. This started when the jab started. Only on further research have I found that many Indigos and Blue ray beings are beacons or magnets for entities, spirit attachments and negative thought forms and other dense energies. These rays show them the light so they too can transform and transmute and hopefully leave to go to the light. I wondered why so many people were showing up with big entity problems and started putting two and two together. Once the consciousness has fallen, the entities are becoming angry and for want of a better word “activated”. They are being noticed more and more by individuals who are being asked to shift these beings out and away from us for all time. The light is dimmed, and the entities are then having a feast on the energy fields. I don’t really know how better to explain it, I’m trying from the experience of what I am seeing. It appears many Indigos and Blue Rays may have had a few hitch-hikers for a while.

Many people want to deny the fact they have entities, but the truth is they should not be denying it, they should be welcoming the fact that they have the ability if they lift their light to assist these dense energies to transform and leave. Once you are free of them, you may be able to do this kind of work. I prefer not to do it, because some of them are hard and heavy of the body, so I pass it on to my twin because my focus is ascension. He takes the darkness away and I help people lift into awakening their gifts of ascension.

But I digress and I want to come back to the Indigo Ray Healing frequency and how to use it. I want to make this as simple as possible. It’s easy for me to activate the Indigo Ray and you can see me doing it on a client on my LUXOR Light Ascension page. I activated this remotely for my friend today and he shifted directly from third dimensional consciousness to the sixth dimensional consciousness.

The Indigo Ray and the Gatekeeper

The Indigo Ray is a sixth dimensional consciousness ray. Just yesterday I brought through a Light Codes Transmission that activates this Indigo Ray and you can feel it activating by a pain to the back of the head as it opens and clears the spiritual energies around the awakening gift of inner sight. But not everyone is going to use the light codes, so I asked for another way, a simple way, that is slower, but when used constantly will have a beautiful healing and activating effect.

Indigos are the Gatekeepers and need to be awakened and something outside of ourselves is trying to block this from taking place, just like back in the times of Atlantis. Yesterday we were given Keys to Atlantis and if you are interested you can purchase on my shop here. And other than that, I want to give you a breathing technique that you can use that is simple and can be used daily anywhere and at any time.

Indigos are also the Great Purifiers

Indigo is a great purifier for the bloodstream and so helps to purify all impurities from the bloodstream which is what we need to do. It also stimulates the brow chakra (third eye) and controls the pineal gland, which means it is helping to activate and maintain the awakening of the brow to support awakening to our Spiritual gifts. It helps to purify and balance the mind relieving stress and helps to heal all on the mental plane.

Can you see the connection here? Indigos are purifiers, clearing away the impurities from lower density interference, be that entities, negative thought forms, or undoing the damage forced upon the expanded pineal gland that was done back in Atlantis and is being done again now. Indigos are here to make sure this does not happen again.

Indigo Purification for the Bloodstream

Do this standing bare feet on the Earth if you can, but it is not a requirement, just a suggestion to help the Earth and send the activation into the Earth Grid to help Gaia and others who tread upon her soil.

Close your eyes and breath in from Source and bring down a pure white light to flush down through your energy field and see it move all the way down and into the core of Mother Earth. Do this 3 times to cleanse and clear your energy field of all impurities.

Now shift your focus and breathe in from Source. Breathe in the frequency of Indigo and allow it to come down through your crown chakra and into your brow chakra. Spend some time filling the third eye chakra with the indigo frequency until you feel you can take no more. When you feel you have had enough, allow the frequency of Indigo to filter into your blood stream. See it flow through your veins, taking it all over your body. Totally saturate your whole body making sure it goes into every cell and every organ. Indigo is also good for healing scare tissue, so any scars can be healed at the same time. Imagine impurities with your mind’s eye leave your body through your feet and be taken into the Earth for healing and transmutation. Use this intent and always remember to give thanks to the Beloved Alpha and Omega, the Father/Mother God/Goddess for helping you with this purification.

Affirmation to help you with this…

“My bloodstream is filled with the powerful awakening frequency of Indigo. It flows throughout my body, purifying and awakening every cell to a higher frequency of a fully transformed healthy body. This Indigo frequency awakens my body, mind and spirit. And So It Is…. Ameen….”

Awakening the Sirian Gatekeeper

The Indigo and Blue Ray awakens the Sirian Frequencies that activate the Gatekeeper energy within allowing us to open the Infinity Gateway for ourselves and others. Indigos are those who stand up and rebel against the system and we can see people activating the indigo energy as we see so many protesting the crimes against Humanity right now. The Indigo frequency will activate the Indigos so they can take their rightful place in helping humanity awaken and lead us into the New Earth.

If you have received the Covid shot and would like help in purifying your energy field and lifting into higher frequencies, please connect with me by email luxorlight@yahoo.com.au to find out more.

I want to give my thanks to my young Egyptian friend, who was the inspiration for me to write this article. I do hope everyone who reads this gains some wisdom from it and please leave me a comment in the comment box below. If you have questions, I would love to be inspired some more.

Awaken your Indigo through the

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