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Healing with Badawy the Egyptian

Updated: Jan 8

Badawy is a natural born healer. His gifts are so strong because he grew up mostly alone from a pre school age and was not influenced by control like most of us. He never lost his pure power that is often lost when children go to school or have controlling parents. He began working at the age of 7 taking tourists up the Thebes mountain at the between of the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor Egypt. Badawy walked that mountain every day, several times a day until the age of 22. That's a lot of mountain energy, a lot of power and a lot of time to be fully present with the power of what lies deep within the mountain called Meretseger.

Who is Meretseger

Meretseger is the divine guardian of the Valleys of the Kings and Queens in the western Valley of Thebes. She lived on top of the snake-infested pyramid desert mountain that was once one of the entrances to the Egyptian underworld. Her name means ‘she who loves silence’. I find that interesting because Badawy also loves silence, or rather to be in the silence of his own mind. He is not a talker, but very much present in the moment.

When you think about the meaning of the name of Meretseger it is so fitting for the goddess who lived in this secluded region guarding the dead. Although the Theban hills were the perfect place for the burial location of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt because if it's isolation and located near the underworld, there were many snakes and scorpions posing threats to the well-being of the workers who lived and worked there on the building of the tombs to the pharaohs. There were no cures for stings and bites that didn't involve magic and divine intervention, so Meretseger became the choice of worship to bring about protection from such dangers.

The Egyptians believed that she would strike down those who desecrated the sacred tombs, poisoning them with her snakebites or scorpion stings, or striking them blind. These same fates were reserved for those who committed crimes, or who did not tell the truth. But she was merciful to those who repented and cured them of her anger.

Meretseger struck fear into the hearts of the people of Waset, but she was also forgiving. The Egyptians followed ma'at, and any deviation from this was chaos and not thought of as sin. Yet Meretseger had the Egyptians naming their wrongdoings, and asking her for forgiveness. This was unusual in ancient Egypt. She protected and healed those who admitted their sins, and asked for her mercy. At the peak of one mountain, she watched over the people who worked in the necropolis of Waset. But she was forgotten when the people left there and started burying the dead elsewhere in Egypt. There was no longer any need for her protections and she faded out.

So interestingly, Badawy being born just opposite the mountain facing Hatshepsut temple and growing up wandering the mountain for 15 years, has this same ability to be able to heal people of their demons. He doesn't talk about it, he just does it. He sees, but prefers not to share believing sometimes it's better not to know. But if you twist his arm he will tell you. Clients have given amazing feedback and lives have been changed.

What does Badawy specialise in?

In the Egyptian culture they call it black magic, bad eye or evil eye and being affected by the jinn (demons beings). But we would probably call black magic curses, bad eye jealousy and the jinn, we would categorise in the entities bundle. There is a vast array of things that come under all of this, but basically he clears away negative and dark energies and entities of all kinds.

Unlike other healers of this type of thing, Badawy does not work with spells or magic of any kind. However, he can clear all of that from you. All magic is manipulation of energy and is not of the Highest order. Badawy works with prayer and his own innate powerful connection to Source energies, meaning he works with integrity with your soul. His sessions are mostly over three days and does not stop until he has finished. Only if your situation is severe will he recommend you have a second round of healing. Badawy, works to clear the energies, send purification energies and protect your energy field so you don't have a recurrence. This can be dangerous work for Badawy and must not be taken lightly. Generally people see results immediately and often feel the healing taking place. He is the real deal, not someone using a spell to remove a spell, that type of removal is a double edged sword that does not have lasting results. Badawy gives you clear guidance on what to do during the process of healing and after to maintain a sparkling energy field free of encumbrances.

Paranormal studies have shown that more than 90% of people have some dark energy around them that prevents them from reaching their full potential and living peacefully and happily.

In a time when we would think we don't have to worry about these things, it appears that many people are still suffering from old world activities and this makes it very difficult for them to enter the new Earth and the fifth dimension. Some of these attachments could be remnant of past lives still affecting you today.

These types of negative energies such as black magic, curses, evil eye, negative entities and magic spells can keep you earthbound or stuck in the third dimension unable to raise in consciousness, even if your awareness is there. Even white magic is not good for us. Any spell that manipulates the laws of the universe are causing us harm. It is of the old ways and we need to clear ourselves of this harm and enter safely into the New Earth.

Are you affected?

Magic spells, curses and entities can affect different areas of a person's life. If you are experiencing any of the following, you may be affected by negative influences. Badawy can help you with ....

  • Excessive unexplained bad luck

  • Ruined marriage or other relationships

  • Not able to maintain a happy relationship

  • Nothing seems to work out

  • Financial loss or constant financial difficulties

  • Accident prone

  • Something seems to be destroying your career

  • Sexual addiction or perversion

  • Constant bad health

  • Always unhappy

  • Confused and unable to make decisions

  • Never appear to succeed in anything

  • Always in trouble

  • Constant bad luck

  • Feeling "heavy".

  • sleep paralysis

  • nightmares

  • entities: negative ET, discarnate, jinn, other worldly

  • implants

If you feel any of these symptoms Badawy can help you clear them and help you to move forward in a more positive way so you can embark upon your spiritual journey and ascend into the fifth dimension.

Don't worry, you are not left floundering and not knowing what to do. Once you are free from the blocks and burdens, ChristinA (me) can help you with your journey forward on the ascension. We work as a team. Badawy removes the darkness, this is something I do not do. This is our twin flame mission. Badawy takes care of this side of things, and I keep the ascension frequencies pure so when you are ready to begin to step into the fifth dimension and beyond, you can do so without always falling back down into the lower densities. This is how we can support you.

You are not alone

You will be surprised how many people are being held back by black magic and curses. Badawy's expertise is for those who are already awake, already aware of what it feels like to access the higher densities. He is not here to work on those who play with magic or spells. If this is you, you will be wasting your time because it will just come back. That is the old world and the world that he is trying to clean up so it does not exist for us any more. Badawy works with those who are serious about their spiritual journey, helping those who want to ascend and twin flames to remove the blocks that hold you back.

With each package you will be given Light Codes Sacred Sound recording to help you lift up and into the Light filling the void after the darkness has been removed.

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What happens when you book a healing with Badawy

When you register for healing with Badawy, you are required to send a photo with a clear shot of your eyes. Badawy will assess your issue.

You receive

  • Free photo assessment

  • A document to explain what you need to do to support the healing and a full explanation of how black magic, entities and evil eye can affect you.

  • Free light codes recordings to help protect your light

  • Free guidance for post healing process and with ChristinA.

Often one round is not enough if the entity/jinn/black magic has been with you for some time. It is often a client will need 3, 4 or 5 rounds depending on the severity. If this is the case, Badawy can usually tell at the first analysis from your photo, sometimes it is not until he starts the healing. So, we tell you this so you are prepared that it may take longer than one round. Badawy's fees are extremely reasonable for this type of work. Every round is 3 days of healing to remove the entity, black magic and or jinn. Some people are affected by all three have more than one attachment and this means it is a more complicated process.

But when you are finished your consciousness will rise and you will feel lighter, brighter and more free and your life will begin to improve.

And last but certainly not least, if you have had a healing with Badawy, please leave feedback to so others can feel confident to go ahead and make a positive change in their lives.

Thank you and may you be blessed infinitely

on behalf of Badawy

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